July 23, 2011

I’m Back!

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meta_logo1b.png  I know most of you subscribed to this blog have wondered where in the world I went!  Well, I had to stop writing here for a while in order to clear up some unfinished business, but that is done now and you will see me posting again.  I hope you will stay with me here, but also join me on my other website, www.meta-et.com, as well.  I have “Meta Moments” listed there, which is also a blog site.  There is a forum for questions and information, as well.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.  I look forward to getting back into writing–my true love–once again.

Love and Light…

I AM….Jodi McDonald

www.godisaverb.com and www.meta-etc.om 

The World Is Singing Our Song

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QUESTION: “How do I understand what the people, circumstances and events
around me are telling me? How can his/her stuff be mine?”

The world that appears outside the self is really nothing but the reflection
of the inner self. The missing element is we don’t understand who/what this
inner self is. We think it is who we are today, but primarily, it is who we
were in kindergarten. Unbeknownst to us…the inner voice in the head is
still operating from a child’s perspective! Until we clear things up with
the child within, this outer world is going to consistently show us things
we don’t like. While you are telling the child that vegetables are great
and cookies are bad, the little boy/girl within is throwing a tantrum!
Disagreement between the adult self and the inner child causes discordant
events, people and circumstances to appear in the world outside us. We
search our human brains to find our answers…but they aren’t there. The
ego is cleverly hiding this information from us in order to keep us locked
in its control. Divine Mind, on the other hand, has arranged a brilliant
way to show us everything we need to know. We are surrounded by the
answers….they are in the world and in our bodies. Look again!

As an ego being, we tend to see separation between us and them, so we often
miss this critical understanding. But as you work with a Meta-ET (TM)
practitioner, you will continuously be taken back to this realization: the
world is for you, not against you. That’s right, ours is a no tantrums
tolerated zone. Let’s start from the basics.

Everything is energy….vibrational frequency or sound. It helps to think
of it like musical notes, which are truly just different vibrations creating
different sounds. When we put certain notes together, there is a beautiful
harmony created; and, on the flip side, there are discordant combinations
that disturb us. Because we are unique in which notes we choose, we find
ourselves attracted to the songs (people, events and circumstances) that
vibrate on our particular frequency. “I’m on the right track, baby, I was
born this way, hey.” (This is actually true literally, as well! The songs
you like are those that vibrate in your own frequency range–which is why
one person enjoys country music while another person adores hard rock.) So
far, so good? However…

The people, events and circumstances that disturb us are those which are
vibrating in a frequency range we find very uncomfortable–kinda like
scratching fingernails on a blackboard. What is surprising to learn is that
WE are attracting these discordant frequencies into our experience. I know
you don’t want to hear that, but if you haven’t deleted this yet, just stay
with me for a while. It gets better.

Now, when I first mention this to my clients, they are shocked. They
immediately deny it and wonder why we would ever bring anything bad into our
experiences. I, on the other hand, am practically elated, declaring this is
a wonderful gift from the Higher Self. You see, the unfortunate truth is we
cannot see these things in ourselves. Thus, the outer world reflects it
back to us so we can then recognize what needs healing. Throwing a tantrum
yet? Well, that’s my point! It isn’t you, today, bringing this into your
experience. It is that darn kindergartner’s fault! There is a message for
you in each discordant event…something you’ve missed! In order to
understand the message, you have to pause long enough to look at it…call
it to you…own it. When you are experiencing an unpleasant feeling, you
must ask yourself those tough questions. The questions are:

“Why does this bother me?”

“What am I trying to learn here?”

“Why don’t I want to own this?”

“What am I feeling inside?”

“What does this remind me of from my childhood?”

“When I was a little boy/girl, what bad happened that is similar to this?”

“Who did this to me when I was little?”

“What did I learn from that as a child?”

“How can I make this experience work for me today?”

And breathe….

Dr. Bruce Lipton explains this when he shares a story like this. You have a
good friend, Joe. You’ve known him and his family for a long time. One day
you make the horrible mistake of casually saying, “Oh Joe, you are just like
your dad.” At that point, you should probably start running! Joe’s eyes
narrow and fury flies out of his mouth as he says, “How can you say that? I
am NOTHING like my dad!” While you and others can see it clearly, he simply
does not want to be like his father because he has judged his father in a
negative way and his denial is what keeps him feeling good about himself.
He cannot see what the rest of the world sees. Why? He doesn’t want to!

Now come in close…can you hear me now? I’m going to give you the golden
ticket to emotional freedom in this next sentence.

We are ALL products of the programming from our childhood.

We cannot help but be. Our parents or guardians, along with siblings,
teachers, friends, and many other adults, are the ones who programmed us
with our childhood beliefs (up until about age 7). There is absolutely no
way we weren’t affected by early beliefs we learned from others. Some of
the beliefs were good. Some were bad. But if you think these programs are
gone, I will point right back to the discordant situations, people, and
events of your life and show you how they followed you right into adulthood.
When you take on new beliefs today, and they are incongruent with what you
learned in childhood…BINGO…discordant vibrations abound!! Suddenly, you
are surrounded by people, events and circumstances that cause you problems.
Sometimes they are in the outer world, and sometimes they are in your body
as illness. Either way…they are only there because you are trying to
forcefully believe something which the inner child within you (the
programmed one) does NOT agree with! Tantrum time! While you are denying
that you feel angry, sad, frustrated, in lack, etc., I will ask, “Yeah, but
what about that child within you? What is he/she feeling?” If you stop
long enough to allow yourself to go there, you will discover the child is
either angry, sad, frustrated, in lack, etc. Ahhhhh….so you are
attracting into your experience what you feel, aren’t you? De-Nial is a
river running against the flow of good, and you are swimming upstream to get
away from what you don’t want to see. Stop…let it carry you where you
need to go. Only then can you move back into the flow of all good. Am I
singing your song now?

In Meta-ET (TM), we introduce our clients to the child within. We show them
what it is they have not yet seen. In facing the monsters in the closet,
the child is set free! Once the child is singing the same song as the
adult, all is well. Harmonic people, events and circumstances abound.
Aligned with God’s good, we even begin to realize that all that bad stuff
wasn’t really out to get us. It was a blessing from The One who created the
world in such a manner as to show us what we cannot see. How brilliant is
The Mind who designed a world of vibrational attraction!! When we asked for
something good, the world held up the beliefs we hold that are keeping us
from that good. Why? Because God has already given us everything. If we
haven’t received it, it is because we don’t believe it is ours. We have
programs running from our childhood that have pushed it away from today’s
experience. These discordant events, people and experiences kept showing up
in order to get our attention. God says, “If you will clear this away, you
will find the good you seek.” We cannot fill hands already full. We must
drop the hand of the ego in order to reach for that of Divine Love. Only
empty hands can receive, so we MUST clear out those beliefs that keep our
good from us. It is not that God didn’t give it to us, it is that we have
resisted it due to early programs that caused us to take on beliefs that say
we can’t, don’t, shouldn’t or won’t have it. Once we see the problem within
ourselves (not them)–and we clear out the non-serving beliefs, the outer
world reflects the positive change back to us. In the end, we finally
understand there is no us and them. They are notes in our own symphony, and
we have been writing the song since the beginning. We are One, Being. We
float in The Field, free to attract into our experience whatever we choose.
It is all about vibrational frequencies. The world around us IS the product
of our own beliefs/feelings. It shows us our own vibrations…harmonic and
discordant. It can do nothing else.

Come. Step out of the river of denial. Instead, float in the ocean of

And you thought the world was AGAINST you?

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”

Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

February 9, 2011

Meta-ET Second Saturday is February 12th!

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WHEN: Second Saturday, February 12, 2011
FROM: 1:30 until 5:30 p.m.
WHERE: Landa Park Rec Center, 164 Landa Park Dr.
New Braunfels, TX. 78130  (next to putt-putt course)
COST: $35.00 per person…or bring 3 guests and get in
FREE! Have a child, 12 and under, join you for FREE
after 4:00 p.m.

The children of the world are the best teachers. They know exactly how to live life…with laughter, open hearts, trust and love. Future generations will learn how to heal themselves and others, early on, and they will be able to grow up into healthy, well-adjusted adults. Meta-ET ™ will be on the leading edge, teaching them how to use metaphysical energy psychology to clear out problems, long before they become repetitious patterns of their adult lives.

If you have a child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or if you know a child outside of your family who is struggling with bullying, divorce, low self-esteem, or just the basic worries of childhood, let us teach you how to teach them Meta-ET ™. Imagine a world of leaders—free of the past—leading from the heart. Tomorrow’s generation is on a path to do exactly that. Will you join us? The children need you.

Let us introduce you to “Marsi” and “Murri” our Meta-Mate ™ friends , as you play with us, revisiting your own childhood, seeing through the eyes of innocence. We will teach you our Meta-Magic ™ Song—children sing along as they learn how to tap—and, consequently, how to heal themselves and others. If one of your life goals is working with children, if you want to help some of the children in your own life or if you want to learn a simple, basic way of understanding exactly what we do in our Meta-ET ™ sessions, then you will NOT want to miss this Second Saturday workshop in February! If you work with children already, this is a must attend event!! You are welcome to bring your favorite stuffed animal to play with and you can have a child (12 and under) join you after 4:00 p.m. at no charge.

Join Meta-ET ™ Practitioners, Jodi McDonald and Jaclyn Gorr for FUN, refreshments, prizes and education. Can YOU come out and play? Come on…your inner child hasn’t played for much too long now!

We will see you on the playground!  Call for details…830-629-0060! Visit us at www.meta-et.com to learn more and to pay with credit card today!

January 27, 2011

A Disobedient God

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step.jpg   God doesn’t obey very well.

As well-intentioned children of a powerful Creator, we put out our requests
and we make our lists and plans.  Our days are filled with fantasies of how
we see it all unfolding.  We visualize the other people acting in ways that
serve us well.  Lost in our imaginary world, we pretend everything goes just
as we wanted.  As we emerge back into conscious awareness, here and there,
we request that our dreams come true.  We explain to God what we want and
how it should all go.  We believe, with every fiber of our BEing, that we
know exactly how it will play out.  We are in excited expectation, smiling
and laughing and trusting God will comply with our requests.  And then, God
turns around and does things in some weird way we NEVER would have even

“Excuse me, God, this isn’t what I asked for!  You got it all wrong!”

Our quest to be #1 has superseded any desire to follow.  We truly believe we
must lead or things won’t be done right.  Time and time again, we are
disappointed in the gifts we receive, and we return it to Sender, address
unknown.  Do you ever wonder what might have happened had you accepted?

I often tell the story about being in the movie, “Try It On Everything.”  I
had just finished teaching a series of classes on the movie, “The Secret,”
and I was putting my knowledge into practice.  I would spend every morning
in meditation, holding that I would finally have a book written for
publication.  I wasn’t sure exactly why I couldn’t finish writing a book,
but I was overlooking that aspect.  I was simply imagining that I would be
successful, earning money as people flocked to read my words.  Very slowly,
I was writing the first few chapters of a book, but it was all done in
struggle.  Nonetheless, I continued holding the belief that God would
provide the means so long as I stayed in high vibration.

And then it happened.  One day, just as I was coming out of a meditation, up
popped the email about applying to be in a movie about EFT ®.  I knew very
little about tapping, but I touched on it during the teaching of “The
Secret.”  I remember laughing as I read through the application.  I thought
tapping looked ridiculous and I had no desire to learn more about it.  I was
pretty darn sure my life’s goal was to be a famous author.
HOWEVER….despite my doubts and confusion as to what this had to do with
anything I wanted….I complied!  I filled out the application and instantly
knew I would be accepted.  My heart was filled with anticipation and
excitement, although I had no idea of what was to come.  A few weeks later,
I learned I was one of the 10 participants chosen.  Confused and unsure of
what was happening, I packed my suitcase and headed off to the airport.  The
last words I said to my husband were, “I have no idea what THIS is about,
but I’m doing it anyway!”  That was 3 1/2 years ago…and looking back, I’m
in awe of how things unfolded through my trust.  No, this wasn’t MY plan.
It was God’s plan.

In allowing God to move through me—guiding me—I am now living a life I could
never have imagined.  This certainly isn’t where I thought I would be!  It
isn’t what I envisioned…no, it is MORE than I envisioned.  My trust
rewarded me immeasurably.

The main problem the ego self has is it is unwilling to follow.  It always
wants to lead—to know what to do.  It prides itself on figuring things out
before God does and it boasts about how clever it is.  It orders God around
and insists on its own way, expecting God will comply with its demands.  It
is unwilling to own up to the laundry list of failures it has
accumulated—always believing that this time it will get it right.  It
acquires what it wants through great struggle, and berates itself when
things don’t go well.  Nevertheless, it plods on, endlessly “trying” to find
some measure of success to brag about.

I implore you…if things are not happening as you envisioned, and yet are
effortlessly unfolding before you in a different way… then follow!  Give
up your need to know the future and allow God to take you to your perfect
place.  This requires a silent ego and an open heart.  You must trust!  You
must remember that your very limited perspective of the bigger picture does
not allow you to understand why things are happening as they are.  On the up
side, God knows.  And more importantly, God adores you and wants to give you
the kingdom of heaven.  All that is required is for you to follow in eager
anticipation and gratitude.  “Thank you, God, for guiding me to all that
serves me best!”

Begin this day in absolute surrender.  Do not require understanding prior to
packing your bags.  You will never understand, anyway, because your focus
does not allow you to see infinite possibilities.  Let God BE God in your
life by releasing your need to control.  Move into unknown territory with
profound trust and excitement, knowing God is showing you the way.  Perhaps
it doesn’t look anything like what you had imagined—follow anyway!  You are
BEing led back to Eden and once you arrive, you will stand in awe as you
rejoice at the brilliance of the journey.  I always tell clients, “Be sure
to expect God will take the scenic route.  God is in no hurry!”  You will
find yourSelf robustly laughing and saying, “I could never have imagined
THIS is where I was going!”  God has a great sense of humor and an absolute
knowing of what is right for you.  Oh child of Love…I urge you to follow.

Tapping on the Karate Chop, begin your daily clearing exercise with these 3
setup statements:

“Even though my Creator leads me into unknown territory, causing me to feel
fear and worry, I release my need to know where I’m going and how I’ll get
there.  As I feel this insecurity about my future, I let go of my desire to
control how things should be by trusting that Love is clearing the path
before me.”

“Even though I believe I know what is best for me, I let go of my ego’s
childish insistence of having its own way as I allow God to BE God in me.”

“Even though I have attempted to get God to obey my commands, I admit this
has never worked and never will.  Today, I choose to allow God to
effortlessly unfold my path in front of me as I comply, instead.  I do this
because I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.”

Continue tapping through the remaining 8 tapping points as you tell the
stories of how your fantasies have not manifested.  Feel the feelings of
disappointment, abandonment, rejection and powerlessness.  Do not stop
tapping until you have released all the negative feelings around the
countless failures you remember surrounding your inability to control your
destiny.  Cry, yell, scream…allow the feelings to surface as you admit
that your attempts to control God have failed.  Once you have released all
the non-serving energy invested in your inability to master BEing God,
surrender!  Fully SURRENDER your ego self into the hands of the Almighty.
Get out of God’s way and ALLOW the All-Knowing Mind to take charge of how
your life is experienced.  Step into the positive statements that align you
with the desire to FOLLOW God’s lead as you find your way back to Eden.

Now, watch to see what miracles manifest right in front of your eyes!  Yes,
my child, it was always that easy.

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”

Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

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December 1, 2010


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FROM 1:30-5:30 P.M.
Landa Park Rec Center
New Braunfels, TX. 78130
COST: $35.00 per person

When something is missing in your life, it usually turns out to be someone. ~Robert Brault
How are the relationships in your life working out? Have you been seeking a new
partner, a more meaningful married life, better and closer friendships or more
joyful family bonds? If so, then this workshop is designed just for you!
Relationships are one of the primary reasons—if not “the” primary
reason we live as separate Beings. When we experience “others,” we
can learn all about ourselves as they mirror back to us our own
beliefs. In seeing those outside ourselves, we have the opportunity to
embrace All That Is in the guise of BEings outside ourselves.
Join Master Meta-ET ™ Practitioner and Founder, Jodi
McDonald, and Honors Meta-ET ™ Practitioner and
Certification Director, Jaclyn Gorr, as we stroll with you
down Lover’s Lane to find the hidden meaning of LOVE
and why it seems to elude so many.
COME ON! Join us for FUN, refreshments,
prizes and education!! Invest in yourSelf and
watch the world mirror it back to you. New and
improved relationships will soon wrap you in the
nurturing arms of love, compassion, companionship and joy!
Contact jaclyn@meta-et.com or jodi@meta-et.com for details.
Visit us at www.meta-et.com to learn more today!

November 8, 2010

Upcoming Meta-ET Workshop on PROSPERITY!!

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      How to Flow with the GO!!



Just in time for the HOLIDAY SEASON…

Join us for a Meta-ET ™ Demonstration of how to participate in the manifestation of MONEY!

WHAT:    Meta-ET ™ MONEY workshop

WHEN:    Sunday, November 21, 2010 from 1:30-5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Landa Park Recreation Center, 164 Landa Park Dr., New Braunfels, TX.

COST:       $35.00

Everyone can use more of the green $tuff, right? Especially during the holidays when our desire to share the wealth with family and loved ones moves us to give!

Some people may feel like they have been sitting at a stop sign, while others are cruising through yellow lights, but we stand in the knowing that all possibilities await in the fast lane of allowance. We simply need to wake up and remember how to connect with The Source of all funding. We warn you in advance…it isn’t really about MONEY at all..but is DEFINITELY all about the color GREEN!

Join Master Meta-ET ™ Practitioner and Founder, Jodi McDonald, and Honors Meta-ET ™ Practitioner and Certification Director, Jaclyn Gorr, as they walk you through the steps that will unfold the path to unlimited prosperity!

COME ON! Join us for FUN, refreshments, prizes and education!! Invest in yourSelf and watch the world mirror it back to you.

The road to PROSPERITY starts HERE!

Visit us at www.meta-et.com to learn more today!

October 27, 2010

In Loving Memory of…Adidas Francois Gyrbaud

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I’ve always said that the most difficult issue we face in physical form is separation. Being introduced to love and then having it taken away is such a painful task of the human experience. Unfortunately, everyone in our home felt that pain today as we had to put down our beloved 15-year-old Shih Tzu, Adidas Francois Gyrbaud, aka “Bo.”

Bo was more than just a pet to us—he was a family member. When a pet comes with the gift of unconditional love, it just makes it all the more painful to say goodbye. Our pets don’t ask much of us. They mostly give to us. They always meet us with joy and acceptance, trusting us to return the same. We can, at the very least, know that we gave our sweet Bo the most love we knew how to give. My devoted companion stood fast by my side most every day of his life, and I returned his loyalty through daily biscuits and lots of scratching behind the ears. Even in the act of releasing his spirit from the weary, withered body that hosted his gracious BEingness, we did so with love.

I could not bear to be the one to witness his death, so my husband, Billy, agreed to take on one of the most difficult tasks he’s known to date. With several starts and stops throughout the week, he made the decision to allow today be the day Bo gained freedom from this earthly realm. He shared with me that Bo’s last moments were spent with the two of them together, while Billy read the beautiful poem:


The Rainbow Bridge

inspired by a Norse legend

By the edge of a woods, at the foot of a hill,

Is a lush, green meadow where time stands still.

Where the friends of man and woman do run,

When their time on earth is over and done.

For here, between this world and the next,

Is a place where each beloved creature finds rest.

On this golden land, they wait and they play,

Till the Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.

No more do they suffer, in pain or in sadness,

For here they are whole, their lives filled with gladness.

Their limbs are restored, their health renewed,

Their bodies have healed, with strength imbued.

They romp through the grass, without even a care,

Until one day they start, and sniff at the air.

All ears prick forward, eyes dart front and back,

Then all of a sudden, one breaks from the pack.

For just at that instant, their eyes have met;

Together again, both person and pet.

So they run to each other, these friends from long past,

The time of their parting is over at last.

The sadness they felt while they were apart,

Has turned into joy once more in each heart.

They embrace with a love that will last forever,

And then, side-by-side, they cross over… together.

Very quickly, he said, Bo left his body behind and it was done. The vet, the nurse and Billy all had tears in their eyes as the difficult task of letting go was completed. Somehow, Billy made it out of the office maintaining his composure, but took the rest of the day off to grieve and accept. I had already spent the morning holding Bo in my arms while singing “100,000 Angels” to him. I asked my family members who’ve crossed over to walk with him to Rainbow Bridge, and I told him we had other pets that would greet him there. I imagined his body young, once again—his vision and hearing returned. I saw angels standing all around us, and I knew he would be running and chasing with friends soon. “Be sure he gets his daily biscuit,” I requested.

Once Dayna came home from school, she and I went and bought flowers and a stuffed dog that looked like Bo, and we placed them on the grave Billy had crafted for our little angel. Gatlyn, who was also very close to Bo, let us bury him on the back corner of the driving range property, just past the two ponds and under the shade of a nearby tree. Cattle roam in the pastures just past the graveside, which makes me smile. When Bo was healthier, we would say, “Bo, there’s some moo cows in the back yard,” and he would run to greet them with his rowdiest barks. We often lived in the countryside, when he was younger, and he pranced around as though he was the protector of a grand kingdom. His kingdom grew larger today.

Bo was born in May of 1995…the exact same time that Dayna was born. I’ll always remember how we used to lay Dayna on a blanket in the floor of the living room and how Bo would stand guard with the ferocity of a Rottweiler, daring anyone to come near. I also remember the first boisterous belly-laugh that came out of Dayna was due to Bo. I was holding this tiny baby on my lap, and Bo came racing up and jumped up to sniff Dayna. He then ran and ran in circles, as fast as his tiny legs would carry him, only to bolt back to the hearth to sniff her face again. Dayna thought it was hysterical! She laughed so hard, everyone came in to see what was going on. Although she had a healthy respect for him, they grew to be close friends and it was Dayna that changed his name from Gyrbaud (pronounced jer bo) to Bo Bo…and then Bo.

Bo was special to all of us in different ways. Gatlyn was much like his sibling—the one who rough-housed with him and revved up his playtime. Billy would sneak him bits of sausage when he thought I wasn’t looking, and Ryder was another one of his “brothers.”

But Bo, for whatever reason, chose to be my shadow. Always at my side, I know many reading this will remember him well. Wherever I was, Bo was. He was my tireless companion—so devoted to me that when I would leave, he would sit at the door and wait for my return. We even had to give him anti-depressants when he was boarded, because his separation anxiety was so intense. When I worked with clients, he sat at my feet, “helping” those who were suffering. Yes, we had a unique bond, and I am going to feel a bit empty without him at my heels. Sitting here, typing this, feels so incomplete, because I keep looking down, expecting to see him there. Walking through the room, I glance around, thinking I see him prancing by…but then remembering. At just at this moment, a piece of his white fur fell from out of nowhere onto the keyboard. Yes, Bo, I know you will always be nearby. I see you.

Only a year ago, Bo was full of life. He was running after the deer and dragging out all his toys for his 8:00 evening playtime. He loved his squeaky toys best and he especially liked to retrieve and then run away with his favorites.

But then came the pesticide incident of July 2009. It took a huge toll on our furry friend. He was simply too old to understand why we were constantly moving, and with each move, he became sicker and sicker. Within months, he was completely blind and totally deaf. He withdrew more and more. Our vet felt the stress was too much for an older dog. He stopped playing at night, and slept most of the time. The only thing that could bring a wag to his tail was that daily biscuit. By the time we moved into this rent house, he could no longer walk to go outside. We had to carry him up and down the stairs. Looking back, I’m grateful for that…at least I had the opportunity to cradle him in my arms many times. In his final week, he could barely stand, and was refusing to eat much of anything. His once muscular frame was a frail bony structure and his legs would shake as he stood to drink water. It became clear that our “puppy” was no longer here. All that was left was for us to let go. One by one, we all came into the back room and said our goodbyes. Everyone knew the end was near. And then, the day came. For the love of the one who loved us so dearly…we surrendered our friend into the arms of the angels.

For all those who have loved and been loved in such a Divine manner as this…you know where my heart is tonight. I know the pain will subside, in time, but I also know Bo’s place in our hearts is a permanent one. No other will ever replace him…no other can.

Tonight, we say goodbye to our little Bo, but we will meet again one day at Rainbow Bridge.

Until then, little friend, keep a watchful eye for our return. We’ll be together again. I’ll bring your Squeaky.

In loving memory…  Adidas Francois Gyrbaud (Bo), May 1, 1995 – October 27, 2010


September 20, 2010

Is Meta-ET Different from other Tapping Techniques?

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meta-et.png   Recently I attended a workshop where tapping was used, and this prompted me to write this blog explaining exactly how our Meta-ET ™ system is so much different than anything else I know.  In fact, when compared to traditional tapping techniques like EFT ®, the only common ground I find is the 9-gamut tapping points.  Please allow me to explain.

As implied in the name, Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™, our system incorporates a metaphysical twist in this method of healing/manifestation.  We also, of course, work with emotions as a part of the process.  

After becoming a Level I and Level II EFT ® practitioner, I started taking in clients.  However, with decades of metaphysical understanding under my belt, it was next to impossible for me not to include some of that understanding when working through the discovery process of questioning.  My questioning could not—absolutely could not—be completed in less than an hour.  I knew all sessions would be no less than two hours in length…and many went far, far longer than that! There was simply too much information available that would be missed if the client was not allowed to converse at length.  Nothing said went unnoticed…everything said was leading us right to the issue that needed healing.  I found myself circling repetitive words…seeing patterns and hearing things many would have missed.  Symbols were everywhere, and I soon grew to understand this was the language of Pure Consciousness.

I noticed that when I added a bit of quantum physics to the mix, people sat up and started to realize that the world around them wasn’t as they once believed.  Without my conscious knowledge, I had begun to access information from the surrounding circumstances and it would lead me to a symbolic unfolding of what had happened to that person. Some say this is accessing the Akashic records. I cannot verify that nor do I know if there is such a thing for certain, but I do know it is something beyond human understanding.  

It became clear that the world around us is best understood as a metaphor, and when “read” in that manner, every problem/illness could be seen in a new light. I was shocked to learn that everything, and I do mean EVERYthing that happens to us is significant. To understand the experience of life, one has to be a diligent Observer.  The more one looks at the world, the more one sees! People would share dreams, stories, past history and past lives. They brought in journals, gifts, food, and books. It all mattered!

I started explaining the mirror effect concept and the idea of others being aspects of the Self.  Soon, forgiveness of others no longer was needed, because we understood that the outer world is a reflection of our own beliefs.  Fractal patterns emerged, and it often felt like the “Twilight Zone” theme song was playing in the background!

Once I started my monthly Borrowing Benefits classes, things kicked up a notch.  I was now studying the works of many of the top-rated energy teachers, and one of my favorties quickly became Dr. Bruce Lipton.  It took hours of pouring over his work and listening to his interviews, but I finally realized I was going to have to include his understanding of conscious and subconscious mind characteristics in the work I was doing.  I rarely tapped on current events, after that. I went straight back to childhood and connected today’s problems to similar events of youth.  It was startling to see the immediate improvement in my clients.  My clients couldn’t understand how I could so clearly see what they couldn’t, but I knew this wasn’t something only I could do.  Everyone could do this!  I began a quest to understand what was happening, so I could teach others to do as I was doing.

Without my awareness, I, too, was changing.  I somehow seemed guided to know what else needed to be included in this work. It was as if information was being channeled into me…through me.  I soon realized the importance of non-stop tapping…surpassing the EFT ® tradition of checking intensity after a few rounds. I would sometimes have the client tapping for an hour, without pause. I noticed when people tapped for lengthy amounts of time, the state of mind was far more receptive and open.  In this state, the subconsious mind would reveal a great deal more than normal. Many asked if I was hynotizing them, and I later came to know that the Theta brain wave patterns we were accessing are exactly that!  I also knew, somehow, that no client should EVER only work on removing negative beliefs.  While in that open and receptive state, it was imperative to tap in new, better-serving beliefs.  Understanding when to move from negative to positive became an art, but both aspects had to be given equal time. I also was “told” about the importance of closing the crown chakra on those who longed to permanently detach from the physical realm.  Not on my watch!

In time, I came to know that the constant tapping I was doing was what was opening my own level of consciousness, providing me with the information I needed to help each client.  I began encouraging my clients to tap…a lot!  Those who tapped often and for long periods of time were healing at enormously fast rates.  They were walking around in a blissful state of BEing that some could have mistaken for a drug high!  However, this was a natural high…and the side effects were phenomenal!  

Just as things started to really take off…the Ego emerged!  I was knocked back a few notches as I witnessed a massive outplaying of this taking place in my own life.  I started taking on the illnesses of my clients, and didn’t know what to do!  In a moment of surrender, I cried out, “What do you want from me?”  The answer came like a bolt of lightning, “GET OUT OF MY WAY!”  In utter shock, I realized I was the one blocking the miracles that would soon manifest.  As all true avatars know, WE, as humans, do nothing.  It is the Divine Consciousness that heals.  I humbly gave over my body, my mind and my spirit, and I never got sick again. That act, alone, changed everything.  It was now my Creator doing the work, as I stood in the background, observing.  Never again would I take credit for the work being done. Work became effortless. Answers knocked and doors opened.

With me out of the way, Meta-ET ™ emerged!  All the aspects began to come together into one system, as clients came for sessions.  One by one, they all left in a state of bliss and transformation no matter how “damaged” they were at the beginning of the session.  Every day another miracle would unfold, and I watched, breathlessly.  There was no problem too great…nothing that shocked me.  Whatever presented itself came face-to-face with a Divine Presence that could not be bullied.  Ego tried…oh yes, it really, really tried!  But with every challenge it presented, this Presence commanded the universe, “Be still and know that I AM God.”

I finally could see that the only real problem any human being has is the feeling of separation from Source BEing.  Once clients could experience that connection, healing happened.  It didn’t matter what religious beliefs the clients held today…every one of us has that longing to be unified with All That Is.  Using Meta-ET ™, people from all walks of life were changing, right before my eyes. Every bit of information used during a session was a direct download from the Unified Field. I felt so humbled and awed to be a vessel for such Love to pour into these lives.

So…if you have believed Meta-ET ™ to be nothing more than another tapping technique, I hope this helps you understand there is far more going on here than traditional anxiety relief!  This is a life-changing system that reveals your True Identity…that unifies you with All That Is.  Healing and manifestation are effortless from this state of BEing.  From that empowered and Divine state of BEing, you, too, will be the Master of your universe!!

I AM…Jodi

Where traditional therapy ends…Meta-ET BEgins!

August 28, 2010


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                           CERTIFIED META-ET ™ PRACTITIONER?

· Are you looking for a new business where YOU are in control of your hours, your income and your journey?

· Just want the “how-to” behind one of the most effective methods of removing blocks/healing?

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Then, this message is for YOU!!

Join us from October 8-October 17, 2010 in New Braunfels, TX. as we pioneer our way into making Meta-ET ™ a household word! During our certification classes, you will come to understand:

· How to locate deep, inner blocks.

· How to translate the symbols of the outer world into meaningful ways of resolving underlying conflicts that have been sabotaging your growth and acceleration for years.

· How to discover your True Identity

· How to empower yourSelf and others against the challenges life offers.

By the end of the training session, you will not only be able to heal your own issues, but you will become a beacon for thousands of others seeking answers to their prayers. If you have ever thought about starting your own business as a spiritual coach or energy healer…this is the moment! We will never again offer this certification class at this bargain price, so if you are considering becoming certified, NOW is the moment to choose.

Choose for yourself. Choose for the hundreds of people who will heal through your guidance and understanding.

Candidates will be accepted through the end of September only, so don’t delay. Look again…compare our prices…you will soon understand this is the offer of a lifetime! There is simply NOTHING that compares to what Meta-ET ™ offers. And as a Meta-ET ™ practitioner, you will receive first-rate support and promotion from the founder, Jodi McDonald…guaranteed!

WHAT: Energy Psych Level I (Foundational) Meta-ET ™ Certification and Energy Psych Level II (Intermediate) Meta-ET ™ Candidacy…TWO LEVELS IN ONE TRAINING SESSION!!!

WHERE: TBA (New Braunfels, TX.)

WHEN: Friday, October 8 through Sunday, October 17, 2010 (Friday, October 8 from 7:00-9:00 p.m., 9:00-5:00 on both Saturdays/Sundays and 6:30-9:30 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

COST: On sale for inaugural class only!!! Only $300.00 for Level I Certification and Level II Candidate Training – this is a two-for-one bargain!! You can click here to link to a page to pay online, or you can mail your check to: Meta-ET ™ Certification Class, P.O. Box 310245, New Braunfels, TX. 78131-0245

Don’t delay! Register today! As soon as your payment is received, you will be provided with further details on the classes. Handbooks, study guides, welcome packets and agendas will be delivered on Friday night, October 8, at the Welcome Party. If you have further questions, you can email jodi@meta-et.com or jaclyn@meta-et.com. Our new and improved Meta-ET ™ website will be up and running very soon, and we’ll let you know when it is!

*Student candidates will also be required to purchase 3 books/DVDs/CDs and will be responsible for their own meals. Refreshments will be provided along with prizes and rewards. Students are welcome to bring their own snacks/drinks, as well.

July 20, 2010

One Year Ago Today….

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One year ago, today, I stepped into my beautiful  2-story, custom-designed, 3000 sq. ft. Tuscany-styled Havenwood home and found it destroyed by the pest control company who sprayed a poisonous, powdery insecticide all over everything in the house.  That day, I lost my home, my health, many of my possessions, a great deal of my furniture, and my identity as a homeowner.  My husband’s business and my business–which were highly successful at that time–were stripped away to next to nothing.  From that day on, I could not enter that house without becoming ill.  For six months, I battled with what seemed like never-ending bouts of bronchitis and was finally told the posion I had breathed, ingested and touched in the inital hours after the house was sprayed had caused damage to my lungs known as RADS (Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome).  Basically, I was given a handful of prescriptions, an unknown future and a pat on the back.  I was told my health prognosis could be very bad…or I might be fine.  Only time would tell.  Meanwhile…I moved from hotel to hotel and rent house to rent house.  We had to sell our beautiful home with a disclosure, and ended up accepting an offer of 50% of the value.  We lost our entire investment…a quarter of a million dollars…and by the time we added up everything we lost, it totaled to just over a half of a million dollars.  None of our personal expenses has ever been reimbursed and the pesticide company and their insurance company have refused to compensate us for any of our losses.  One year later, we are far, far away from the people we were on July 20, 2009.

We went through a myriad of emotions.  My husband felt the greatest loss…after all, he built that home.  He could not get past the injustice of it all.  The lies.  The denial of responsibility.  The disrespect.  The lack of compassion.  One day he would be intensely sad.  The next day he was filled with rage.  How could this be fair?  What had we done to deserve such treatment?  It just didn’t make sense.  Every time we moved to a new location, it seemed like we gave up even more than before.  The national economy took a major hit about this same time….and soon after, the home-building business was in peril.  We had survived this before, but things were different this time.  Now, he had no model home to show to potential customers.  His pride was shattered as he began meeting with customers at parks and restaurants.  He spent 40 years growing his reputation, his business, his retirement….and slowly but surely, it was slipping away. Just as this happened, I was on the verge of launching my own new business…my Meta-ET system.  I had a national tour that had just fallen apart, but I was more determined than ever to get this information out to the world.  I was putting together a certification program, a new website, and had workshops scheduled all over the area.  Things were on the move and it looked like my business was on the verge of becoming national.  And just like that…it was gone. We had to start all over…decades of hard work were gone.  Today, we are amazed at how we manage to go forward…day by day.  Somehow we are still paying the bills, even though we are almost down to the last dime.  We now discuss whether to cash in the few remaining dollars we have in the two IRAs which took a beating in the last stock market crash or whether we should withdraw the money we had placed in a college fund for our daughter.  What simple pleasures can we let go of in order to maintain the necessities?  Little by little….it slips away.  Now, it seems, we’ve gotten lost in a system that has forgotten our names, our story.  Days drag into weeks, months…years.  How long can we survive?  Will we just give up?  Will we ever have a home of our own again?  As time goes on…numbness takes over and no one remembers.  The big corporations win, as the little guys become nothing but numbers.

The thing about all this is…it doesn’t have to be this way.  Why have we come to agree with a system that says justice is not due to all those involved?  I remember in the early days after this event my husband reached out to the owner of the pesticide company.  He believed this was a simple matter that could easily be resolved by everyone sitting down together to make right all the wrongs.  He encouraged the owner of the company to speak to the insurance company…urging them to work this out so that no one would be mistreated.  He was ignored, however.  No one said or did anything…no one but us, that is. The pesticide company had insurance…the ability to pay up to $1 million in compensation.  Every year the pesticide company paid out money for insurance to cover situations just like this.  But insurance companies don’t like to pay on claims.  They prefer to take in the money and give back nothing.  Tactics are employed to destroy the will of the ones seeking compensation…causing them so much pain and suffering they finally surrender in defeat.  With hands tied, all we could do is watch, wait, and trust that a higher justice would prevail.  But is that ALL we can do?  No.

I do believe a new Consciousness is emerging.  I do see a future where giant corporations no longer push around the little guys, unmercifully, draining the very life out of the ones they victimize.  I look to Divine Justice to intercede…to provide fair compensation to those who deserve such.  You see, I believe in miracles.  I see them everyday.  I stand in the face of the impossible and declare, “All things are possible to those who believe.”  I believe.

A new world is emerging.  A new dawn is coming.  Consciousness is evolving and anything that does not serve the highest good for ALL those involved is on the verge of collapse.  Those who believe they can gain at the expense of others will fall.  People will come together–just like my husband envisioned–and work things out in ways that cause harm to no one. 

My husband was right.  This was simple.  We always and only wanted fairness…not just for ourselves, but for the pesticide company as well.  What happened was not meant to cause us harm…but it did.  Once they saw that, the right thing to do was to compensate us for all the damages done.  It did not have to harm anyone.  The money was there.  The right solution was there.  We never asked for anything we didn’t deserve….in fact, we agreed to settle for far less than what should have been offered.  We are the ones taking the risks, for we cannot know the future and what health risks could emerge in years to come.  How very symbolic that my lung issue flared up again this past weekend.  I began noticing my voice was on the verge of being lost, yet again….right on the anniversary of the event that first took it away.  Do I have a voice in all this?  Yes…but it will never again be MY words that speak through this voice.  It is the voice of reason, justice, compassion and fairness.  I’ve surrendered this all to the One who provides my sustenance and I shield myself with the armor of angels.

Too bad they didn’t work out a compromise when they were dealing with Jodi. 

I AM…Jodi