August 27, 2011

Are You Locked in The Bathroom With Betty White?

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This morning I was thinking about an old “Golden Girls” episode where there
is a banquet going on with all the “roomies” attending together. At some
point, Betty White (Rose) gets upset and runs to lock herself in the
bathroom. The rest of the evening is spent with her friends sitting outside
the door, trying to talk her out. As this scene came to mind, I realized it
is a perfect way to explain why we do what we do in Meta-ET (TM).

Recently, a few people have asked me why I ever focus on negative things.
Why don’t I just talk about good things and spend all my time helping people
feel only that? Clearly, to me, this is denial. How can I look at the
world and paint a rosy picture on top of what is happening? If I do, I’m
only covering up what we are experiencing. I used to do just that! It
wasn’t working out so well. I have a different method today. Maybe this
script will explain….. (fade to black)

[ACT ONE. “Knocking From the Inside”]

{Stage left: Betty has locked herself inside the bathroom and is pacing the
floor, wringing her hands, crying. Stage right: Jodi is laughing and
enjoying herself at a party with other friends.}

(The curtain rises with music, laughter and conversation on the right.
Suddenly, there is a loud banging on bathroom door, from the inside. Jodi
rises to go see what is happening.)

JODI: “Hello? Can I help you?”

BETTY: (Sobbing uncontrollably) “I want to join you at the party.”

JODI: “Wonderful! Just open the door and come on out.”

BETTY: (Furiously twisting the door knob and pounding on the door) “I

JODI: “I think maybe the door is locked. Can you unlock it?”

BETTY: “I’m afraid. I don’t know how.”

JODI: “What are you afraid of?”

BETTY: “I don’t know. (Shyly….) Those people out there.”

JODI: “What do you think they are going to do?”

BETTY: “They won’t like me. They will judge me and say I’m stupid.”

JODI: “Well, I wonder what makes you think that?”

BETTY: “That’s what always happens. I mess up and say something stupid and
they all laugh at me. That’s why I’m hiding in here. I’m scared to come
out again.”

JODI: “Maybe there is a reason this always happens. Perhaps we can change
it. Will you let me help you understand?”

BETTY: “I would rather you just open the door for me. Can’t you just send
someone else to rescue me?”

JODI: “Well, no…the problem is not on my side here. The door is locked
where you are. Only you can open it and come out. I can explain to you how
it works and talk you through it, but you will have to do the actual
unlocking yourself. Can I ask you a question?”

BETTY: (calming down a bit now) “I guess so.”

JODI: “I can see that when people call you stupid it hurts your
feelings…you get very upset. Did anything like this ever happen when you
were a little girl?”

BETTY: “Yes…my sister always made fun of me and told me I was stupid.
She and her friends would laugh at me until I cried. I was so humiliated!”

JODI: “Maybe that little girl within is still humiliated. I think we owe
her an apology. Can you tell her I’m so sorry she feels this way?”

BETTY: “She doesn’t believe you.”

JODI: “I understand, but I want her to know I do care. Will she let me
show her why this is happening over and over?”

BETTY: “Yes. That would be nice. I don’t want this to keep happening.”

JODI: “The little girl needs to understand the problem is really not with
the outside world. It is the beliefs she has. These are in your
subconscious mind and were accepted because people told the little girl
things when she was in a brain wave state where she could not argue with
what they said. There is no need to blame anyone–everyone was doing the
same thing–operating from childhood programs–even your sister who was
saying mean things. The little girl inside you needs to stop agreeing with
what they told her and start believing in herself again. If we could help
her to stop judging herself, no one would tell her she was stupid. If she
can stop being afraid of being judged, she will unlock the door that is
blocking her happiness. If we can convince her to let go of her fear of
being judged, you will be free to open the door and join the party.”

BETTY: “Are you saying that if I go back to my childhood and do something
about what happened THEN, I will not have to keep experiencing it NOW?”

JODI: “Yes, that is what I’ve experienced. Can I show you how?”

BETTY: “I’m willing to give it a try!”

(Both women sit on the floor, separated by the door, working together to
clear the negative programs that have not allowed Betty join the party.
Fade to black…curtain falls.)

In Act Two, of course Betty would learn how to use Meta-ET (TM) to remove
the non-serving beliefs/blocked energy from her subconscious mind. After
the humiliation was removed, she would then be reprogrammed with wonderful
new beliefs about how loving oneself is the key to opening the door. Full of
confidence and joy, she would rise up, unlock the door and glide into the
room where she is lovingly accepted and appreciated. Never again would she
be afraid to be who she is. The world around her would respond to this new
vibration by showering her with acceptance. No one would call her stupid
any more. You see…the problem was never “them,” it was her own
self-judgment. The little girl locked in her heart was still believing she
is stupid…and the world around her was providing evidence it was true
because people kept saying that to her. She had to learn they were only
saying that because she agreed with it. Once she learned to love herself
as she is….so did “they”…and now she could unlock the door and feel
freedom for the first time. It had to be done by herself. After all, they
can only reflect back to her what she feels about herself.

This is why we work with negatives in Meta-ET (TM). If we stand outside the
door telling the person locked within to just come on out, everything is
wonderful, they won’t believe us. They will be frustrated with our
inability to see things as they do. We are asking them to deny what they
feel…what they are experiencing. Can they? And so when you ask me,
“Should we be pointing out the outer world problems?” I answer,
“Absolutely! That is what is standing in the way of connection with God’s
good!” We cannot heal what we can’t see. We understand that we could have
just unlocked the door or told her how to open it and allowed Betty to come
to the party, but in doing only that, the same thing would happen again at a
later time. It is much like the story of providing fish to the village or
teaching the villagers how to fish for themselves. We choose the latter.

We don’t look for quick fixes in Meta-ET (TM). We strive for empowerment
and transformation. We realize that only in seeing what is wrong can we
make it right. Thus, we never avoid confrontation….we meet it head on.
You see, the ego self loves it when we don’t confront it. It runs and hides
for a while, but knows it can return. Only when we call it out, front and
center, can we shine the Light of The Presence in that space. By removing
the power of negative programs, we ALLOW the positive to take effect.
Ultimately, in the final stretch to empowerment, we will ask you to take
that final step. Realize that the easiest way to travel through life is to
allow God to guide you. If you follow in the wake of the One awake, you
cannot get it wrong. Alas…we also understand you won’t likely do this
until you’ve empowered yourSelf, first.

I trust this little story helps to clarify why I do not ONLY work with
positive. I now understand that positive beliefs will not be accepted when
negative programs stand in the way. We must remove that which doesn’t serve
us. How? By looking at the negative people, places, experiences, and
events all around us.

You can run…but you can’t hide. The one you are hiding from is locked in
the bathroom with you and Betty White.

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”
Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

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