August 26, 2011

A Nation Unplugged and Disconnected

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People often ask me about my political beliefs. Am I Democrat or
Republican? I answer this below, but please know this is merely MY truth
and may not be yours. I am only offering, in honesty, what it is I see.
Your experience may be different. And, as an eternal optimist…I fully
expect everything will ultimately turn out for the highest and best good of

The truth is…I let go of all politics some time ago. Let me explain.

As this country has “progressed,” what I’ve been witnessing is the greatest
ploy of ego consciousness in action. The plan has always been to divide and
conquer, and quite frankly, it is working at this point. Since the time
our nation’s Civil War erupted, I do not believe we have ever experienced a
country so strongly divided against one another. Regardless of which “side”
it is…the game plan is to destroy the opponent. This is true for both of
our frontrunner political parties…Republicans and Democrats. If you can
be honest in this and accept what is, you will have to admit they do exactly
the same thing. You couldn’t pay me a billion dollars to be in
politics–especially the president–at this time in our human history! As
soon as someone is elected, the 50% opposition goes on attack to disrupt,
demolish and dismantle the one/ones elected. Because the primary focus is
to find what is wrong with the other, there is little if any time to do what
is right. Everyone is immediately flung into self-defense mode, and the
battle begins. We’ve witnessed the enormous stress our elected officials
are under, these days, because it shows up as an accelerated aging process
in the body. Politicians are thrown into the arms of the ego, and left
there to find a way to survive. Many don’t. Many are consumed by the power
and corruption–eaten alive, spat out and thrown away as the garbage of the
gluttonous consumption of an overfed, overweight and imbalanced ego.

What happened to us? Why is it no longer acceptable to have an opposing
idea? The movement has trended towards “either you are with us or against
us.” As soon as one person disagrees with the other, the egos go
head-to-head to prove “I’m right and you’re wrong!” When I do speaking
engagements, and in private sessions, I lovingly offer that there truly is
no such thing. In a world of infinite possibilities, these choices aren’t
right or wrong–they are merely different. We were born into a world of
equal and opposite possibilities, and there will never, ever be a single
answer to anything. If we are going to move forward as “one nation, under
God,” then we are going to have to go back to the basic principle of the
Golden Rule. I suggest we go one step further. Rather than merely treat the
other as you would want to be treated, respond as if you were God, Itself.

I ask my clients to follow one basic rule when confronted with challenge or
opposition. Pause, do not immediately react. Tap on any negative triggers
that arose when someone lashed out at you. Do this until the ego within you
gets quiet. Now, respond–don’t react–as if you were God. If this simple
practice is followed, you will not react from the primitive fight or flight
mindset of the ego. Instead, you will speak as the Divine Being you truly
are. In doing so…the ego in the other also quiets and comes to not only
respect your ability to remain calm, but it also grows to love you.

When I look at the faces of those running for office, I see two choices
looking back at me. Within each of them there is an ego self which clings
to the singularity of its way as the only way, and then, there is a Divine
Being that longs to serve others and the country. Within all things,
including people, there are dual expressions in this physical realm.
Politicians enter office with the belief they will get it right…forgetting
that will mean acceptance of opposing beliefs. Sadly, though, as soon as
these people arrive in Washington, the option whittles down to conformity.
In order to succeed at politics, a decision must immediately be made. Do I
want to be re-elected or not? If the choice is to be re-elected (and the
pressure to do so will be enormous through the party represented), then all
bets are off. Suddenly, non-serving choices are selected, and the spirit
that once drove that person to follow this passion soon wanes in favor of

Our founding fathers were not saints. They, too, had egos within. However,
the basic idea behind democracy is a good one–coming partially from the
Native American animists who practiced unification. This country was
originally “by the people, for the people.” But “the people” became
politics. We have let go of the idea of popular vote which immediately gave
way to corruption. The time is quickly approaching for “the people” to step
forward to reclaim the country that has strayed from its roots. But if this
is going to work…it must not be done at the expense of the other, but with
acceptance of each other. Speaking with many of my clients who practice in
the Baha’i faith, I have been privy to a wonderful demonstration of just how
this can be done. Perhaps we could all get quiet just long enough to hear
what they have to share on this? They just may have a better way.

So, what do I see as the solution? Beginning in the 1980s, I have been
watching our political situation deteriorate to a place where I’m not so
sure it will survive much longer. Just as the ego hoped…the divide
widened to the point of breaking. As the pressure beneath builds, we are
postured for an explosion. If that is what must happen to wake us up and
call us back to acting like the Divine Beings we were designed to be, then
so be it. I’ve withdrawn into the realm of Observer, where I am no longer
choosing sides. I believe the fall is near and is necessary. Often,
metamorphosis appears ominous and death-like, but I realize it is merely a
transformational process to move us into something better. Once we emerge
from what appears to be the death-chamber of a cocoon, we will finally
understand. From the caterpillar eyes focused on nothing but what was right
in front of us to the broader perspective of light-winged freedom, we will
emerge as beautiful creatures who see things from a much higher place. From
above, we will see our connection…our oneness. We will reclaim a world
that operates, “by the people, for the people.”

I ask everyone to look into your personal lives to see where you are still
practicing these “divide and conquer” ideas. If we cannot find ways to
accept and love those who oppose our personal beliefs in our own lives, how
will we ever do this on a national or international level? The ego is
wreaking havoc on our world as we react with fight or flight emotions. There
is another way. First and foremost, we must be practicing acceptance of ALL
That Is in our own lives. Reach out to those who are different than
yourself. Listen to what they say. See if there is common ground. If you
cannot come to agreement, at least respect that each of you came to be where
you are due to the past programming of your childhood. There is no right.
There is no wrong. You are merely different. Would you really want it any
other way? Didn’t we come into physical expression to experience contrast?
We still have time to choose to respond rather than react.

Maybe then, we will return to BEing “ONE nation, under God.” It would be so
magnificent if we, as human beings, could wake up and understand all this is
happening because we are lost in the realm of separation and ego
consciousness–and that we are playing this out to its great satisfaction.
But, if not…I surrender this unto my Creator’s hands and humbly allow,
“Not my will, but Thine, be done.”

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”
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