July 28, 2011

REGISTER TODAY for the October Certification Class!

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 “You should march to Washington and DEMAND that a law is passed where everyone learns Meta-ET ™!”

That quote came after a recent Meta-ET ™ session with a once-skeptical client. He proclaimed Meta-ET ™ was a gift to this world…a world desperately searching for hope and help. He stated there was simply nothing else like the work we do, and he felt an urgent need to get the word out as our world shifts into a new age where everything will be all about energy. While I agreed that would be wonderful there is only one problem….we need more Meta-ET ™ practitioners!!

As the founder of Meta-ET ™, I have been working hard to increase awareness of this wonderful life-changing system. Each time I have spoken to a national audience through social networking or radio interviews, business picks up and I am swamped with even more clients. While all this is wonderful, I simply cannot take in many more clients! I need help!! I have huge dreams and plans for the direction of this incredible system, but I am on hold until more people step up to help carry the extra work that will arrive with increased national exposure. I’m ready, willing and able to do my part to get the word out. That has NEVER been an issue! Make no mistake…I am here to serve.

So…I am asking you, today…

Would you be willing to put your talents into helping this world heal? Meta-ET ™ needs you!

There has never in all of human history been a time more in need of those who can provide effective, powerful and proven methods of healing…especially when the client is empowered to do the work himself/herself. If we casually or fearfully stand by and watch our outer world fall into chaos and ego-driven separation policies, we are wasting precious time focusing solely on the problems.

Will YOU be part of the solution?

Our next Meta-ET ™ Certification Class will begin on October 1, 2011. It will continue throughout the month, and will conclude with a certification ceremony on October 29, 2011, graduating more Meta-ET ™ practitioners who are well equipped to serve the world. You can read more about this by visiting our website at www.meta-et.com/schedule.html.

Our certification class is also the BEST way to learn exactly what it is we do when we work with our clients. We hold nothing back….we share it all. If you are merely curious as to how this profound system works, this class is also for you. The more people who know and practice this technique, the better. So if you have heard all the hype around this system and just want to know more about how it works…join us in October and you will soon not only know what it is…you will EXPERIENCE it as well.


If you register for the class between now and September 1st,

we will lower the registration cost by $100.00!!!!


That’s right…register between now and September 1, 2011 and the price lowers

to $300 for Level I Certification and Level II Candidacy!!!


YES, you heard me right…..for $300 you get LEVEL I Certification and

ALL the training for LEVEL II as well. Two Levels for ONE price!!!


We provide easy payment plans for those who cannot afford to pay the entire cost in one check, so please do not hesitate to ask if you are in need of such support. We do all we can to work with anyone who wants to become certified, because we fully stand with all of our practitioners.

NOTE: This is the LAST TIME Level I and II certification will be combined into one class, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Take advantage of this GREAT DEAL by completing the attached registration form today! We ask you to include a $50 non-refundable deposit fee with the form in order to hold your place. Don’t wait! We are only accepting 10 candidates for this class as we believe small, intimate settings work best in training our practitioners.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email me and I’ll be glad to help you. If you know anyone else who might be interested, please feel free to pass this along!

I hope you will join me this October.

Together…we CAN heal the world!


Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner


“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”

Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

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