July 27, 2011

Contemplating Prayer

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seeing-the-future-1.jpg  QUESTION: “What are your personal thoughts on prayer?”

ANSWER: Prayer is a form of communication with the Divine where we use
words to talk to God. There are many types of prayers, with the top five
being: adoration, contrition (asking for forgiveness/mercy for our sins),
love, petition and thanksgiving.

I have publically said, many times, that I personally no longer pray. If
you haven’t uttered the word blasphemy or sinner just yet, please allow me
to elaborate. I do, after all, believe in God–so much so that God IS my
life, not just a Sunday companion. I do not think prayer is “bad,” but
because I’ve learned a different way to communicate to the Divine, simply
saying words just isn’t enough for me. Of course, this isn’t true for all
people, so if you pray and it is something that feels right to you, I would
encourage you to continue to do so. My way isn’t the “right” way, it is one
way. (In Meta-ET (TM), we never attempt to mold you into us…we accept
everyone exactly where they are.) There are many ways to do
things…infinite possibilities…and one is not more than or less than
another. They are merely different possibilities. And I spent the vast
majority of life praying–with tremendous results, so I would never say it
is a bad choice. After all, it was words that moved me, years ago, into the
experience of wordlessness.

Nonetheless, the day finally arrived where I could no longer use words to
“talk to” God, because I understood there is nothing I have to say to God
that isn’t already known. It seemed, to me, that prayer precluded that God
and I were separate BEings, and I could no longer relate to that. To me, we
are One. It is not that God lives within me, but I live within God. I sense
mySelf as if I am a cell of a Divine BEing. If God is infinite, there is no
place God is not…thus, I live in God’s BEingness. Why would I need to
tell God of my adoration, love and gratitude? Wouldn’t God already be very
much aware of my thoughts and feelings? The Creator who IS All That Is
knows All That Is. In believing I have to tell God my thoughts and desires,
I am also believing there is something God doesn’t know! If God is
omniscient, that simply makes no sense.

So, I paused long enough to ask myself, “Why do people pray?” I concluded
it was to come to the feeling of connection. I thought of someone sitting
in a chapel petitioning God for healing of a loved one in the hospital. If
that loved one is the son/daughter of the person praying, for example, the
prayer would be filled with such love and compassion that the one praying
would be lifted into gratitude and greater connection. At that point, I
realized prayer is really all about feelings, not words. We use prayer to
align ourselves with the good feelings associated with Love. When we
vibrate at a high level, miracles often occur. Many people, at that point,
declare, “God HEARD me!” But I don’t believe the miracle occurred due to
the words–although they played a role. God always “hears” us, but it isn’t
words that are transmitted. The Divine doesn’t have ears! Words are only a
means to amplify feelings. We receive our experiences through the
vibrational output we emit…and those vibrations are the effects of our
beliefs, some known via conscious awareness and some unknown via
subconscious programming. We attract good/bad due to the feelings we are
feeling. Unfortunately, God gets the blame when our requests aren’t met,
but it isn’t that God didn’t hear nor answer us…it is because we attracted
to ourselves what it is we believe/feel. We simply aren’t in touch with our
own feelings. When a prayer begins in a sad or desperate state, we can only
attract things to feel sad and desperate about. However, if the prayer
eventually moves into thanksgiving, love, adoration and surrender, our
feelings skyrocket into bliss and connection–and if we can hold that
vibration long enough, the outcome is positive. This is when we say our
prayers were answered.

So why then, I wondered, do we often have to hit the bottom to receive what
it is we want? In desperation, we often surrender our requests into the
hands of the Unseen, trusting God will grant our desires. It is that TRUST
that allows the flow of good to come into our experiences. Resonating with
the goodness of God, we moved into the acceptance of the divinity of all.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population is unable to do this
until they have run out of answers themselves. It is the ego self that gets
in the way. We turn to mortal mind seeking answers only Divine Mind knows.
We place our outcome under the control of the ego, somehow believing it will
give us our heart’s desires by placing the right words in our minds. You
are asking amiss. The ego mind will never provide you with the answers you
seek. Its very survival depends on the sustenance you provide through
separation thinking, so it will always keep you in the dark. And what is it
that keeps the ego intact? Words/thoughts. So long as you believe you can
“figure things out” you are pushing away the One who could do so
effortlessly. You will struggle, resist…and the resulting suffering you
feel will send out signals into The Field asking for more things to cause
you suffering. Like an autoimmune illness where cells attack their own
body, you are hard at work destroying The Body that gives you life. All
good comes in surrender–the silencing of mortal mind. Surrender comes to
an exhausted, defeated ego mind and leads to effortless trust in Divine
Mind. Trust leads to acceptance that everything is as it should be and is
working for you. Acceptance results in allowing God to provide all things
unto you, knowing you no longer have to figure anything out because God
already has. Sigh. Now, you are in the flow of God’s good.

In the past few years, as I have practiced stillness more and more, I find
that reaching the heights of connection also moves me into a place of little
and finally no words. When experiencing absolute unity with God, there are
no thoughts or words. And although most people don’t like to hear
this…there are no emotions there, either. Mortal mind no longer exists,
thus the ego is speechless, and because emotions are energetic in
composition, there are no feelings there either. So you ask, “What IS
there?” Awareness. Connection.

But what about Love? The blissful Love and the peace that passes
understanding are experienced in Divine Mind. They are the portal to the
world of silence. If you’ve ever found yourSelf feeling such incredible
bliss and connection with God that tears fall down your cheeks and
descriptive words are impossible to find, you are very close to absolute
Oneness. If you can maintain that feeling long enough, you may find
yourSelf slipping into the ananda experience I once had. I will caution
you, here, however…you cannot force this experience. It will come to you
when you are ready.

So, in summary, I believe prayer has a purpose and a place. It is to move
you into a feeling of ultimate bliss and connection. If prayer does that
for you, then pray. Pray without ceasing. But as for me…I have moved
past the use of words as I live in the experience of Oneness. Through the
fervent practice of quieting the ego mind and decades of understanding that,
in Reality, God alone exists, I experience connection by recognizing I am
eternally floating in The Field, very much IN God at all times. Simply
put…I am aware of my Oneness with All That Is. Yes…there are still
times when the ego sucks me back into its little world, but it doesn’t
usually take long until I catch it in action, and I move mySelf back into

One day, I believe we will all recognize how we are eternally connected so
that we don’t have to remind ourSelves that God is ever present. We will
feel ourSelves moving in the body of God. When that day arrives, we will no
longer look to the ego mind for answers. We will understand there is
nothing to figure out, because Divine Mind has always known all the answers,
all the questions.

I find the greatest fear humans (ego selves) have is the fear of the
unknown. They move through the human experience seeking to know what they
feel they don’t know, believing through words and wisdom they will educate
the limited ego brain enough to know everything. They frantically seek
answers, always looking to mortal mind for the solutions. Sadly, they will
never know, because the answers aren’t there. The answers must be felt in
the heart. They will be whispered through wordless intuition and
inspiration. If they do not listen, they will wander the world, lost in the

If ever you have feared the vast unknown, I ask you to consider this…

What is it you believe God does not know?

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”
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