July 26, 2011

With Meta-ET (TM), Believing is SEEING!

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Below, I’ve answered two of the questions often asked after a typical Meta-ET (TM) session. This explains why we claim our system is unique and life-changing.

Why do I feel so “spacey” after a Meta-ET (TM) session?

Meta-ET (TM) is unlike any other tapping technique because there are various
elements at work in the system…not just meridian tapping. We believe our
unique combination of various systems, modalities, metaphysical
understanding, quantum science knowledge, techniques and training is what
comes together as such a powerful system that moves the client into
life-changing experiences. We work with theta therapy as a form of
communicating with the subconscious mind, and adding the extended method of
continuous tapping takes the client much, much deeper than traditional
tapping methods. Additionally, our work begins BEFORE the client arrives
and continues for days afterward as matching programs are being deleted.
Because we are moving in and out of various brain-wave states during the
session through the use of Remote Influencing, you will feel light,
detached, spacey, deeply relaxed, sleepy or blissful at the end of the
session. And more importantly, being a metaphysical system, our goal is to
reconnect you with the Divine Self within, and once you feel that oneness,
you will find yourSelf actually living from a higher perspective, not just
from the ego, physical self. It is that “in the world but not of it”
feeling. Many of the people who experience Meta-ET (TM) for the first time
leave in a state of awe. They require additional time to process what just
happened to them as long-held beliefs were challenged and then released.
They practically float out the door, which is a further demonstration of the
effectiveness of this system.

How are you able to find the blocked energy so easily? I’ve worked on these
issues and been to countless practitioners, but no one found what you did!

Again, it is due to the combination of modalities and information unique to
Meta-ET (TM). Most are shocked at how their non-serving beliefs have held
them prisoner to the ego for most of their lives. They haven’t understood
the primary job of the ego is to keep these beliefs hidden from the Divine
Self. They cannot find the source/cause that has produced the effect
because the ego does not want them to! A Higher Presence who is able to
effortlessly navigate The Field must be brought into the situation in order
to see what has not been seen, and the practitioner serves in that form.
Clients are amazed at how the practitioner was able to locate beliefs that
have blocked them from their good, and they generally add, “I would NEVER
have seen that!” And…they are correct! So long as we remain solely
physical, ego beings, we are unable to see such things. Meta-ET (TM) has
the ability to look into the client’s life almost as if there were some sort
of magic crystal ball, but in reality, the practitioner has simply been
trained to become an excellent observer in the form of the Higher Self who
follows a trail of present-day events back into childhood merely by using
the client’s own words. It is much like using Google. We take key words and
phrases and put them into The Field. From there, we are guided to various
links. We review these links, asking more questions and adding even more
specific information, until the refining leads us right to the problem. We
explain as we go, showing the client how we find the core issue, but it is
primarily through the use of understanding inner-outer world mirroring. In
other words, your current life experiences point straight back to childhood
programs that continuously cause you problems. We are able to link the two
simply by careful observation of the people, events and circumstances in
your life. The key difference, however, is that the “we” finding the core
issue is NOT the ego self, but a Higher Self. You will FEEL this Presence
as the practitioner works with you, because the practitioner is bringing
connectivity into the space around you.

How can I learn more about what you do?

The absolute best way to learn how to use Meta-ET (TM) effectively in your
own life is to become a Meta-ET (TM) practitioner by attending our
certification classes. In these classes, we explain every nuance of Meta-ET
(TM). As you apply the principles under the watchful eye of a certified
practitioner, you will hone these skills and start to understand why this
system is so different from anything else. The next certification class
begins in October of this year in New Braunfels, TX., and more information
on that can be found on our webpage, http://www.meta-et.com/schedule.html.

And, the other way to learn about it is through working with a Meta-ET (TM)
practitioner. We have several practitioners in different parts of the world
and are working to train many more. You can find a practitioner near you by
visiting our website at http://www.meta-et.com/practitioners.html. And
remember…sessions can be done in person, on the phone or via Skype. You
do not have to live nearby, but can easily experience this system at a
distance. Why? Because in Meta-ET (TM), we understand space is a physical
concept, not reality. We connect with The Field of Infinite Wisdom and see
ourselves as One. From our perspective, there is no separation.

Words don’t do justice to this system. It is very difficult to tell someone
about Meta-ET (TM), and that in itself demonstrates it is not an ego thing
but a spiritual process. The experiencing of Meta-ET (TM) is necessary in
order to fully comprehend the magnificence of connection. Why? Because it
IS an experience! If you haven’t tried it, we suggest you schedule a
session to see what everyone is talking about. We know once you do, you
will be a lifetime fan because you will never find anything else like it.
Yes…it is THAT profound.

Many people go through this life operating solely through the belief system
of limited awareness. They have no idea how much more they truly are.
However, once Meta-ET (TM) awakens the Divinity within, they can never go
back to merely surviving as a victim of a cold, uncaring world. After just
one session, there is no turning back because you will be introduced to The
One you truly are.

In order to see it…you must first believe it.  Believing is SEEING!

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”
Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

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