April 1, 2010


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SUBTITLE: How To Install An Update to More Effectively Communicate With Your Creator

Has God answered all your prayers? Do you ever wonder why some people receive while others don’t? In the Bible it says “Ask and you will receive,” but few people do. For the love of God, what are we doing wrong?

Hi! I’m Jodi McDonald, author of “An IM From the I AM: How to Install An Update to More Effectively Communicate With Your Creator.”

I would be honored if you choose to vote for me as The Next Top Spiritual Author. My ID # is 30 and you can find my link at the end of this video, as well. Thanks, in advance, for all those who give me your vote of confidence!

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For centuries, people have used the same methods of prayer when communicating with God. We are oh so clever, aren’t we? We plead, we bargain, we offer words of praise to get on God’s good side, we threaten, we affirm and sometimes we try to make God feel guilty about ignoring us. Yikes! Some people say God works in mysterious ways, but is the real mystery in the way we pray? While we are stuck in ancient traditions of talking to a distant God that resides somewhere over the rainbow, new science has revealed God is Being All That Is. God is not only in our backyard, but God IS our backyard and everything in it.

“An IM From the I AM” takes a humorous look at how we pray and offers new ideas on how to more effectively communicate with the Creator. I playfully ask, “Have you ever noticed that formless spirit has no ears?” I suggest that our old prayer programs are in serious need of a 21st century update, and I challenge my readers to observe the outer world as instant messages received from the I AM. “We are surrounded by millions of years of answers to prayer. The problem is…we don’t understand the language.”

“Ask and you will receive is an absolute truth, not just a sometimes wish. Those bold enough to download the update provided in my book will find themselves inspired, empowered and joyful enough to offer a prayer of thanksgiving! But for God’s sake….please don’t forget to reboot!”


Maybe it’s time to relax and not take all this spiritual stuff so seriously! If you are looking for a light-hearted yet informational way to manifest miracles in YOUR life, this book is definitely for you! It’s guaranteed to be the next most Googled title…so please, take just one moment of your day to cast your vote to help me become The Next Top Spiritual Author!

This contest is won by “popularity,” so it is very important to get a large amount of votes.  I would be so honored if you are willing to help me win this contest.  The winner’s story will be published by Hampton Roads, with a large cash prize to help the author market the book.  This is my dream come true.  Do you think you can take just a few minutes to help?  Once you log on, you will simply provide an email address and password, and then you can vote.

You can watch my video presentation and vote here:  http://www.NextTopAuthor.com/?aid=30

VOTE Today! Tell all your friends and family as well. You’ll find me at


Contestant #30! After you have voted, please email me back to let me know.  At the end of the competition, I want to thank each one, individually, and offer you a token of my appreciation.  Also, if you send friends/family/list members to vote, please ask them to do the same.

Please send this link or email to all those you feel can help:


Thanks again….see you on the best seller charts!

God Bless–
Jodi McDonald

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