February 4, 2012


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How to Hear The Voice Behind
Those Negative Feelings…and
what The Child is Telling You!”
with Meta-ET ™ Founder and Master Practitioner,
Jodi A. McDonald, www.meta-et.com

You should NEVER ignore, repress nor deny your negative feelings, although

the ego self will encourage you to do so. The feelings you feel today are

not really YOUR feelings, but those of the young child you once were. As

you listen to the problems and allow the child to say what could never be

said, tremendous emotional release occurs. The problem is…most people

have no idea how! Here’s a clue…you cannot “just talk” to your Inner

Child. He/she cannot hear you! You must move into Theta state to have

this conversation. And just for added incentive, it might be helpful to

understand your Authentic Self IS that Inner Child, and that child is

imprisoned by the ego’s negative feelings. Freedom is waiting! Listening to

this child gives new meaning to listening to Divine guidance. As you

remove the negatives, your true Self emerges and gives you everything you

ever wanted. Now…are you ready to listen? Then join me in February!

WHAT: Discussion of how to hear negative feelings in a new way…as

the voice of the Inner Child asking for attention and love

WHERE: The House of Light, 4111 Travis Country Circle, Austin, TX.

78735. Go to http://www.lightbodyinfusion.com/ to read more.

WHEN: Saturday, February 11, 2012 from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

COST: $25 per person (includes handouts, refreshments, prizes and

lots of fun! To pay online, visit me at www.godisaverb.com/EFT.html)

Please join me on Saturday, February 11 for fun, food, enlightenment and much more!

Your Inner Child is calling! Will you answer? Learn more at www.meta-et.com!