September 8, 2011

The Awakened Dragon is Raging

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Last night, during the Republican debates, one moment stood out above all
others. When NBC reporter Brian Williams pointed out that the state of
Texas under Governor Rick Perry has put more inmates to death than any other
governor in modern times, the audience erupted into wild cheers and
applause. With his usual swagger, Perry fired back when asked if he ever
felt any guilt over accidentally murdering an innocent person:

“In the state of Texas, if you come into our state and you kill one of our
children, you kill a police officer, you’re involved with another crime and
you kill one of our citizens, you will face the ultimate justice in the
state of Texas, and that is you will be executed.”

While I am not here to judge anyone for such beliefs, it brings awareness to
exactly what mentality is lurking in the collective consciousness. Oddly
enough, the people who would applaud such statements are often those who
preach the validity of The Ten Commandments. Hmmmm….isn’t one of those
commandments “Thou shalt not kill?” Where is the exception?

The irony of the situation always comes back to one word–ego. Is it any
wonder, then, that the state of Texas is on fire?

There are many symbolic associations with fire, but most agree it represents
the heart of the people. Where is the heart of our nation? Is it focused
so much on destruction that rational thinking is simply not an option?

“Fire represents the death of the ego or burning up of attachments. Fire
began as a form of protection, then we harnessed it for power.”

Sound familiar? Yes. This is the same description of the ego within all of
us. The ego was originally given to us to keep us safe–to offer
protection through fight or flight. However, as we began to use it against
one another in ways having nothing to do with security, its power grew and
we turned on one another with one idea in mind–destroy the enemy! It has
no intention of going gently into the night. It plans to rage all the way!

The interesting thing about fire is how perfectly it represents duality. It
has a wonderful, positive side–provides warmth, light, and allows us to
cook our food with it. However, on the flip side, it CONSUMES everything it
touches. Journalists talk about it “raging” out of control. They try to
“contain” it. But whatever is consumed in its rage is completely destroyed.
It shows no mercy and it burns anyone who comes too close…we cannot
contain it. Looking out to our sun, we can see how well it serves us by
providing us with light and warmth. And yet, if we approached it for a
closer look, we would face “the ultimate justice.” But how is it the light
shines equally on the innocent and the guilty? God doesn’t place those who
break commandments in the darkness. We do that to each other.

What does all this mean to you, personally? Ask yourself where the ego is
raging out of control in your own life? Is it consuming vast amounts of
your life, your space? Are you trying to control it by controlling
others–or is it controlling you? Have you used the ego to gain power over
others–attempting to coerce them into thinking as you do? The ego is
ravishing our shared world, and it feels like we are so powerless, throwing
our tiny buckets of water on it in an effort to extinguish and contain it.
We are fighting so hard!

But what if fighting it isn’t what we should be doing? Many indigenous
people believe fire should never be extinguished, rather it must be allowed
to burn itself out as it chooses. Does it serve a purpose and are we
interfering with what must be? Fire is often used to cleanse and renew.
From out of the ashes, the earth is transformed and made fertile again. Our
very earth came to be as it is today due to the combination of fire and
water. Rebirth takes place just like a death transitioning into
resurrection. For every end, there is a beginning…and what better way to
introduce heaven than to walk through the fires of hell?

I know this week has been one of massive clearing for so many people. My
heart burned with the suffering of the world as I heard the cries of
surrender. I, too, walked the scorched earth and cried out, “What else?” I
was led to beginning, once again. It is always the same answer. Here are
the words I was given:

“Do not fight with the ego. Every moment you give to it increases its
power. Why do you forget the ego is the only illusion with which you are
arguing? All of it…all of it…has but one name. Ego! Yes, it is
difficult to stand in the midst of suffering. You will want to scream and
cry. You blame this one and that one, so lost in destruction you no longer
see who it was that lit that flame. Be done with it! Let it all go!
Whatsoever bit of ego remaining within you I am showing to you now. See it.
Notice how you still respond to its taunts. See where you are reacting. Do
not deny where it lives within you for you cannot let go what you cannot
see. The awakened dragon is raging and you act as if you are powerless
against it. You have forsaken my trust when you believed you could do more
than I. My Presence walks among you–always has–and yet you do not see.
The blackness that follows is but evidence of areas where you have left my
path to follow that of darkness. I AM All That Is. Give to the ego what is
the ego’s, and give to God what is God’s. And what do you believe does not
belong to All? Surrender. Trust. Out of the ashes will arise The Phoenix.
You are to stand with Me, allowing me to reconcile what has gone astray.
Stay with Me. Trust! Look only at the light and send Love to your Mother
Earth. She will protect her own. Be still now. Be still. All is well.
Out of the ashes comes transformation and rebirth. I AM mighty in the midst
of you.”

As with all things in this world, there are two or more ways to look at what
is. It is serving us or not. What flickers of ego need to be extinguished
within your Consciousness? Allow them to burn themselves out so the New
Earth can rise again.

As we are approaching the 9/11 date, it brings to mind what rose out of
those ashes. In the days following that tragedy, we came together…united
in compassion. People reached out and offered a hand…never questioning
that person’s beliefs or past. We simply did what we would want done to us.
This is always, always the best way to deal with others. Open the
floodgates of brotherhood to extinguish the flames.

Ask yourself, “What would God do?” If you follow in those footsteps, Love
will flourish. Do not fear. All is well and as it should be. This is the
time when we must trust. Let go and let God. And when you see a flicker of
fire again, it will be a candlelight vigil where we will all join together
to sing, “All we are saying, is give peace a chance.”

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

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