July 28, 2011

REGISTRATION FORM For Certification Class in October 2011

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New Braunfels, TX., OCTOBER 2011



  •         WHAT: Energy Psych Level I (Foundational) Meta-ET ™ Certification and Energy Psych Level II (Intermediate) Meta-ET ™ Candidacy…TWO LEVELS IN ONE TRAINING SESSION!!!  (Class limited to first 10 to register!!)
  •          WHERE: New Braunfels, TX.  TBA
  •         WHEN: Begins Saturday, October 1, 2011 from 9:00 a. m. –5:00 p.m.  We also meet every Tuesday and Thursday of the month from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Final exams on Saturday, October 29, from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  •          COST: $400.00—or $300 if you register before September 1st!– for Level I Certification and Level II Candidate Training – this is a two-for-one bargain!! You can pay online at www.meta-et.com, or you can mail your check to: Meta-ET ™ Unlimited, P.O. Box 310245, New Braunfels, TX. 78131-0245, ATTN: October 2011 Certification Session.  Payment plans can be arranged.  Ask Jodi about details and discounts for groups/family members.


Please fax completed form to (830)625-7891, scan and email form to jodi@meta-et.com, or mail to above address with payment.  Details will be sent upon receipt of registration. Please contact me to make other payment arrangements.  Full payment must be received by end of class…no exceptions!
















HOW PAID:____________________







Please return completed form and payment no later than September 15, 2011.

REGISTER TODAY for the October Certification Class!

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 “You should march to Washington and DEMAND that a law is passed where everyone learns Meta-ET ™!”

That quote came after a recent Meta-ET ™ session with a once-skeptical client. He proclaimed Meta-ET ™ was a gift to this world…a world desperately searching for hope and help. He stated there was simply nothing else like the work we do, and he felt an urgent need to get the word out as our world shifts into a new age where everything will be all about energy. While I agreed that would be wonderful there is only one problem….we need more Meta-ET ™ practitioners!!

As the founder of Meta-ET ™, I have been working hard to increase awareness of this wonderful life-changing system. Each time I have spoken to a national audience through social networking or radio interviews, business picks up and I am swamped with even more clients. While all this is wonderful, I simply cannot take in many more clients! I need help!! I have huge dreams and plans for the direction of this incredible system, but I am on hold until more people step up to help carry the extra work that will arrive with increased national exposure. I’m ready, willing and able to do my part to get the word out. That has NEVER been an issue! Make no mistake…I am here to serve.

So…I am asking you, today…

Would you be willing to put your talents into helping this world heal? Meta-ET ™ needs you!

There has never in all of human history been a time more in need of those who can provide effective, powerful and proven methods of healing…especially when the client is empowered to do the work himself/herself. If we casually or fearfully stand by and watch our outer world fall into chaos and ego-driven separation policies, we are wasting precious time focusing solely on the problems.

Will YOU be part of the solution?

Our next Meta-ET ™ Certification Class will begin on October 1, 2011. It will continue throughout the month, and will conclude with a certification ceremony on October 29, 2011, graduating more Meta-ET ™ practitioners who are well equipped to serve the world. You can read more about this by visiting our website at www.meta-et.com/schedule.html.

Our certification class is also the BEST way to learn exactly what it is we do when we work with our clients. We hold nothing back….we share it all. If you are merely curious as to how this profound system works, this class is also for you. The more people who know and practice this technique, the better. So if you have heard all the hype around this system and just want to know more about how it works…join us in October and you will soon not only know what it is…you will EXPERIENCE it as well.


If you register for the class between now and September 1st,

we will lower the registration cost by $100.00!!!!


That’s right…register between now and September 1, 2011 and the price lowers

to $300 for Level I Certification and Level II Candidacy!!!


YES, you heard me right…..for $300 you get LEVEL I Certification and

ALL the training for LEVEL II as well. Two Levels for ONE price!!!


We provide easy payment plans for those who cannot afford to pay the entire cost in one check, so please do not hesitate to ask if you are in need of such support. We do all we can to work with anyone who wants to become certified, because we fully stand with all of our practitioners.

NOTE: This is the LAST TIME Level I and II certification will be combined into one class, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Take advantage of this GREAT DEAL by completing the attached registration form today! We ask you to include a $50 non-refundable deposit fee with the form in order to hold your place. Don’t wait! We are only accepting 10 candidates for this class as we believe small, intimate settings work best in training our practitioners.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email me and I’ll be glad to help you. If you know anyone else who might be interested, please feel free to pass this along!

I hope you will join me this October.

Together…we CAN heal the world!


Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner


“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”

Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

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July 27, 2011

Contemplating Prayer

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seeing-the-future-1.jpg  QUESTION: “What are your personal thoughts on prayer?”

ANSWER: Prayer is a form of communication with the Divine where we use
words to talk to God. There are many types of prayers, with the top five
being: adoration, contrition (asking for forgiveness/mercy for our sins),
love, petition and thanksgiving.

I have publically said, many times, that I personally no longer pray. If
you haven’t uttered the word blasphemy or sinner just yet, please allow me
to elaborate. I do, after all, believe in God–so much so that God IS my
life, not just a Sunday companion. I do not think prayer is “bad,” but
because I’ve learned a different way to communicate to the Divine, simply
saying words just isn’t enough for me. Of course, this isn’t true for all
people, so if you pray and it is something that feels right to you, I would
encourage you to continue to do so. My way isn’t the “right” way, it is one
way. (In Meta-ET (TM), we never attempt to mold you into us…we accept
everyone exactly where they are.) There are many ways to do
things…infinite possibilities…and one is not more than or less than
another. They are merely different possibilities. And I spent the vast
majority of life praying–with tremendous results, so I would never say it
is a bad choice. After all, it was words that moved me, years ago, into the
experience of wordlessness.

Nonetheless, the day finally arrived where I could no longer use words to
“talk to” God, because I understood there is nothing I have to say to God
that isn’t already known. It seemed, to me, that prayer precluded that God
and I were separate BEings, and I could no longer relate to that. To me, we
are One. It is not that God lives within me, but I live within God. I sense
mySelf as if I am a cell of a Divine BEing. If God is infinite, there is no
place God is not…thus, I live in God’s BEingness. Why would I need to
tell God of my adoration, love and gratitude? Wouldn’t God already be very
much aware of my thoughts and feelings? The Creator who IS All That Is
knows All That Is. In believing I have to tell God my thoughts and desires,
I am also believing there is something God doesn’t know! If God is
omniscient, that simply makes no sense.

So, I paused long enough to ask myself, “Why do people pray?” I concluded
it was to come to the feeling of connection. I thought of someone sitting
in a chapel petitioning God for healing of a loved one in the hospital. If
that loved one is the son/daughter of the person praying, for example, the
prayer would be filled with such love and compassion that the one praying
would be lifted into gratitude and greater connection. At that point, I
realized prayer is really all about feelings, not words. We use prayer to
align ourselves with the good feelings associated with Love. When we
vibrate at a high level, miracles often occur. Many people, at that point,
declare, “God HEARD me!” But I don’t believe the miracle occurred due to
the words–although they played a role. God always “hears” us, but it isn’t
words that are transmitted. The Divine doesn’t have ears! Words are only a
means to amplify feelings. We receive our experiences through the
vibrational output we emit…and those vibrations are the effects of our
beliefs, some known via conscious awareness and some unknown via
subconscious programming. We attract good/bad due to the feelings we are
feeling. Unfortunately, God gets the blame when our requests aren’t met,
but it isn’t that God didn’t hear nor answer us…it is because we attracted
to ourselves what it is we believe/feel. We simply aren’t in touch with our
own feelings. When a prayer begins in a sad or desperate state, we can only
attract things to feel sad and desperate about. However, if the prayer
eventually moves into thanksgiving, love, adoration and surrender, our
feelings skyrocket into bliss and connection–and if we can hold that
vibration long enough, the outcome is positive. This is when we say our
prayers were answered.

So why then, I wondered, do we often have to hit the bottom to receive what
it is we want? In desperation, we often surrender our requests into the
hands of the Unseen, trusting God will grant our desires. It is that TRUST
that allows the flow of good to come into our experiences. Resonating with
the goodness of God, we moved into the acceptance of the divinity of all.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population is unable to do this
until they have run out of answers themselves. It is the ego self that gets
in the way. We turn to mortal mind seeking answers only Divine Mind knows.
We place our outcome under the control of the ego, somehow believing it will
give us our heart’s desires by placing the right words in our minds. You
are asking amiss. The ego mind will never provide you with the answers you
seek. Its very survival depends on the sustenance you provide through
separation thinking, so it will always keep you in the dark. And what is it
that keeps the ego intact? Words/thoughts. So long as you believe you can
“figure things out” you are pushing away the One who could do so
effortlessly. You will struggle, resist…and the resulting suffering you
feel will send out signals into The Field asking for more things to cause
you suffering. Like an autoimmune illness where cells attack their own
body, you are hard at work destroying The Body that gives you life. All
good comes in surrender–the silencing of mortal mind. Surrender comes to
an exhausted, defeated ego mind and leads to effortless trust in Divine
Mind. Trust leads to acceptance that everything is as it should be and is
working for you. Acceptance results in allowing God to provide all things
unto you, knowing you no longer have to figure anything out because God
already has. Sigh. Now, you are in the flow of God’s good.

In the past few years, as I have practiced stillness more and more, I find
that reaching the heights of connection also moves me into a place of little
and finally no words. When experiencing absolute unity with God, there are
no thoughts or words. And although most people don’t like to hear
this…there are no emotions there, either. Mortal mind no longer exists,
thus the ego is speechless, and because emotions are energetic in
composition, there are no feelings there either. So you ask, “What IS
there?” Awareness. Connection.

But what about Love? The blissful Love and the peace that passes
understanding are experienced in Divine Mind. They are the portal to the
world of silence. If you’ve ever found yourSelf feeling such incredible
bliss and connection with God that tears fall down your cheeks and
descriptive words are impossible to find, you are very close to absolute
Oneness. If you can maintain that feeling long enough, you may find
yourSelf slipping into the ananda experience I once had. I will caution
you, here, however…you cannot force this experience. It will come to you
when you are ready.

So, in summary, I believe prayer has a purpose and a place. It is to move
you into a feeling of ultimate bliss and connection. If prayer does that
for you, then pray. Pray without ceasing. But as for me…I have moved
past the use of words as I live in the experience of Oneness. Through the
fervent practice of quieting the ego mind and decades of understanding that,
in Reality, God alone exists, I experience connection by recognizing I am
eternally floating in The Field, very much IN God at all times. Simply
put…I am aware of my Oneness with All That Is. Yes…there are still
times when the ego sucks me back into its little world, but it doesn’t
usually take long until I catch it in action, and I move mySelf back into

One day, I believe we will all recognize how we are eternally connected so
that we don’t have to remind ourSelves that God is ever present. We will
feel ourSelves moving in the body of God. When that day arrives, we will no
longer look to the ego mind for answers. We will understand there is
nothing to figure out, because Divine Mind has always known all the answers,
all the questions.

I find the greatest fear humans (ego selves) have is the fear of the
unknown. They move through the human experience seeking to know what they
feel they don’t know, believing through words and wisdom they will educate
the limited ego brain enough to know everything. They frantically seek
answers, always looking to mortal mind for the solutions. Sadly, they will
never know, because the answers aren’t there. The answers must be felt in
the heart. They will be whispered through wordless intuition and
inspiration. If they do not listen, they will wander the world, lost in the

If ever you have feared the vast unknown, I ask you to consider this…

What is it you believe God does not know?

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”
Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

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July 26, 2011

With Meta-ET (TM), Believing is SEEING!

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Below, I’ve answered two of the questions often asked after a typical Meta-ET (TM) session. This explains why we claim our system is unique and life-changing.

Why do I feel so “spacey” after a Meta-ET (TM) session?

Meta-ET (TM) is unlike any other tapping technique because there are various
elements at work in the system…not just meridian tapping. We believe our
unique combination of various systems, modalities, metaphysical
understanding, quantum science knowledge, techniques and training is what
comes together as such a powerful system that moves the client into
life-changing experiences. We work with theta therapy as a form of
communicating with the subconscious mind, and adding the extended method of
continuous tapping takes the client much, much deeper than traditional
tapping methods. Additionally, our work begins BEFORE the client arrives
and continues for days afterward as matching programs are being deleted.
Because we are moving in and out of various brain-wave states during the
session through the use of Remote Influencing, you will feel light,
detached, spacey, deeply relaxed, sleepy or blissful at the end of the
session. And more importantly, being a metaphysical system, our goal is to
reconnect you with the Divine Self within, and once you feel that oneness,
you will find yourSelf actually living from a higher perspective, not just
from the ego, physical self. It is that “in the world but not of it”
feeling. Many of the people who experience Meta-ET (TM) for the first time
leave in a state of awe. They require additional time to process what just
happened to them as long-held beliefs were challenged and then released.
They practically float out the door, which is a further demonstration of the
effectiveness of this system.

How are you able to find the blocked energy so easily? I’ve worked on these
issues and been to countless practitioners, but no one found what you did!

Again, it is due to the combination of modalities and information unique to
Meta-ET (TM). Most are shocked at how their non-serving beliefs have held
them prisoner to the ego for most of their lives. They haven’t understood
the primary job of the ego is to keep these beliefs hidden from the Divine
Self. They cannot find the source/cause that has produced the effect
because the ego does not want them to! A Higher Presence who is able to
effortlessly navigate The Field must be brought into the situation in order
to see what has not been seen, and the practitioner serves in that form.
Clients are amazed at how the practitioner was able to locate beliefs that
have blocked them from their good, and they generally add, “I would NEVER
have seen that!” And…they are correct! So long as we remain solely
physical, ego beings, we are unable to see such things. Meta-ET (TM) has
the ability to look into the client’s life almost as if there were some sort
of magic crystal ball, but in reality, the practitioner has simply been
trained to become an excellent observer in the form of the Higher Self who
follows a trail of present-day events back into childhood merely by using
the client’s own words. It is much like using Google. We take key words and
phrases and put them into The Field. From there, we are guided to various
links. We review these links, asking more questions and adding even more
specific information, until the refining leads us right to the problem. We
explain as we go, showing the client how we find the core issue, but it is
primarily through the use of understanding inner-outer world mirroring. In
other words, your current life experiences point straight back to childhood
programs that continuously cause you problems. We are able to link the two
simply by careful observation of the people, events and circumstances in
your life. The key difference, however, is that the “we” finding the core
issue is NOT the ego self, but a Higher Self. You will FEEL this Presence
as the practitioner works with you, because the practitioner is bringing
connectivity into the space around you.

How can I learn more about what you do?

The absolute best way to learn how to use Meta-ET (TM) effectively in your
own life is to become a Meta-ET (TM) practitioner by attending our
certification classes. In these classes, we explain every nuance of Meta-ET
(TM). As you apply the principles under the watchful eye of a certified
practitioner, you will hone these skills and start to understand why this
system is so different from anything else. The next certification class
begins in October of this year in New Braunfels, TX., and more information
on that can be found on our webpage, http://www.meta-et.com/schedule.html.

And, the other way to learn about it is through working with a Meta-ET (TM)
practitioner. We have several practitioners in different parts of the world
and are working to train many more. You can find a practitioner near you by
visiting our website at http://www.meta-et.com/practitioners.html. And
remember…sessions can be done in person, on the phone or via Skype. You
do not have to live nearby, but can easily experience this system at a
distance. Why? Because in Meta-ET (TM), we understand space is a physical
concept, not reality. We connect with The Field of Infinite Wisdom and see
ourselves as One. From our perspective, there is no separation.

Words don’t do justice to this system. It is very difficult to tell someone
about Meta-ET (TM), and that in itself demonstrates it is not an ego thing
but a spiritual process. The experiencing of Meta-ET (TM) is necessary in
order to fully comprehend the magnificence of connection. Why? Because it
IS an experience! If you haven’t tried it, we suggest you schedule a
session to see what everyone is talking about. We know once you do, you
will be a lifetime fan because you will never find anything else like it.
Yes…it is THAT profound.

Many people go through this life operating solely through the belief system
of limited awareness. They have no idea how much more they truly are.
However, once Meta-ET (TM) awakens the Divinity within, they can never go
back to merely surviving as a victim of a cold, uncaring world. After just
one session, there is no turning back because you will be introduced to The
One you truly are.

In order to see it…you must first believe it.  Believing is SEEING!

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”
Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

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July 23, 2011

I’m Back!

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meta_logo1b.png  I know most of you subscribed to this blog have wondered where in the world I went!  Well, I had to stop writing here for a while in order to clear up some unfinished business, but that is done now and you will see me posting again.  I hope you will stay with me here, but also join me on my other website, www.meta-et.com, as well.  I have “Meta Moments” listed there, which is also a blog site.  There is a forum for questions and information, as well.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.  I look forward to getting back into writing–my true love–once again.

Love and Light…

I AM….Jodi McDonald

www.godisaverb.com and www.meta-etc.om 

The World Is Singing Our Song

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QUESTION: “How do I understand what the people, circumstances and events
around me are telling me? How can his/her stuff be mine?”

The world that appears outside the self is really nothing but the reflection
of the inner self. The missing element is we don’t understand who/what this
inner self is. We think it is who we are today, but primarily, it is who we
were in kindergarten. Unbeknownst to us…the inner voice in the head is
still operating from a child’s perspective! Until we clear things up with
the child within, this outer world is going to consistently show us things
we don’t like. While you are telling the child that vegetables are great
and cookies are bad, the little boy/girl within is throwing a tantrum!
Disagreement between the adult self and the inner child causes discordant
events, people and circumstances to appear in the world outside us. We
search our human brains to find our answers…but they aren’t there. The
ego is cleverly hiding this information from us in order to keep us locked
in its control. Divine Mind, on the other hand, has arranged a brilliant
way to show us everything we need to know. We are surrounded by the
answers….they are in the world and in our bodies. Look again!

As an ego being, we tend to see separation between us and them, so we often
miss this critical understanding. But as you work with a Meta-ET (TM)
practitioner, you will continuously be taken back to this realization: the
world is for you, not against you. That’s right, ours is a no tantrums
tolerated zone. Let’s start from the basics.

Everything is energy….vibrational frequency or sound. It helps to think
of it like musical notes, which are truly just different vibrations creating
different sounds. When we put certain notes together, there is a beautiful
harmony created; and, on the flip side, there are discordant combinations
that disturb us. Because we are unique in which notes we choose, we find
ourselves attracted to the songs (people, events and circumstances) that
vibrate on our particular frequency. “I’m on the right track, baby, I was
born this way, hey.” (This is actually true literally, as well! The songs
you like are those that vibrate in your own frequency range–which is why
one person enjoys country music while another person adores hard rock.) So
far, so good? However…

The people, events and circumstances that disturb us are those which are
vibrating in a frequency range we find very uncomfortable–kinda like
scratching fingernails on a blackboard. What is surprising to learn is that
WE are attracting these discordant frequencies into our experience. I know
you don’t want to hear that, but if you haven’t deleted this yet, just stay
with me for a while. It gets better.

Now, when I first mention this to my clients, they are shocked. They
immediately deny it and wonder why we would ever bring anything bad into our
experiences. I, on the other hand, am practically elated, declaring this is
a wonderful gift from the Higher Self. You see, the unfortunate truth is we
cannot see these things in ourselves. Thus, the outer world reflects it
back to us so we can then recognize what needs healing. Throwing a tantrum
yet? Well, that’s my point! It isn’t you, today, bringing this into your
experience. It is that darn kindergartner’s fault! There is a message for
you in each discordant event…something you’ve missed! In order to
understand the message, you have to pause long enough to look at it…call
it to you…own it. When you are experiencing an unpleasant feeling, you
must ask yourself those tough questions. The questions are:

“Why does this bother me?”

“What am I trying to learn here?”

“Why don’t I want to own this?”

“What am I feeling inside?”

“What does this remind me of from my childhood?”

“When I was a little boy/girl, what bad happened that is similar to this?”

“Who did this to me when I was little?”

“What did I learn from that as a child?”

“How can I make this experience work for me today?”

And breathe….

Dr. Bruce Lipton explains this when he shares a story like this. You have a
good friend, Joe. You’ve known him and his family for a long time. One day
you make the horrible mistake of casually saying, “Oh Joe, you are just like
your dad.” At that point, you should probably start running! Joe’s eyes
narrow and fury flies out of his mouth as he says, “How can you say that? I
am NOTHING like my dad!” While you and others can see it clearly, he simply
does not want to be like his father because he has judged his father in a
negative way and his denial is what keeps him feeling good about himself.
He cannot see what the rest of the world sees. Why? He doesn’t want to!

Now come in close…can you hear me now? I’m going to give you the golden
ticket to emotional freedom in this next sentence.

We are ALL products of the programming from our childhood.

We cannot help but be. Our parents or guardians, along with siblings,
teachers, friends, and many other adults, are the ones who programmed us
with our childhood beliefs (up until about age 7). There is absolutely no
way we weren’t affected by early beliefs we learned from others. Some of
the beliefs were good. Some were bad. But if you think these programs are
gone, I will point right back to the discordant situations, people, and
events of your life and show you how they followed you right into adulthood.
When you take on new beliefs today, and they are incongruent with what you
learned in childhood…BINGO…discordant vibrations abound!! Suddenly, you
are surrounded by people, events and circumstances that cause you problems.
Sometimes they are in the outer world, and sometimes they are in your body
as illness. Either way…they are only there because you are trying to
forcefully believe something which the inner child within you (the
programmed one) does NOT agree with! Tantrum time! While you are denying
that you feel angry, sad, frustrated, in lack, etc., I will ask, “Yeah, but
what about that child within you? What is he/she feeling?” If you stop
long enough to allow yourself to go there, you will discover the child is
either angry, sad, frustrated, in lack, etc. Ahhhhh….so you are
attracting into your experience what you feel, aren’t you? De-Nial is a
river running against the flow of good, and you are swimming upstream to get
away from what you don’t want to see. Stop…let it carry you where you
need to go. Only then can you move back into the flow of all good. Am I
singing your song now?

In Meta-ET (TM), we introduce our clients to the child within. We show them
what it is they have not yet seen. In facing the monsters in the closet,
the child is set free! Once the child is singing the same song as the
adult, all is well. Harmonic people, events and circumstances abound.
Aligned with God’s good, we even begin to realize that all that bad stuff
wasn’t really out to get us. It was a blessing from The One who created the
world in such a manner as to show us what we cannot see. How brilliant is
The Mind who designed a world of vibrational attraction!! When we asked for
something good, the world held up the beliefs we hold that are keeping us
from that good. Why? Because God has already given us everything. If we
haven’t received it, it is because we don’t believe it is ours. We have
programs running from our childhood that have pushed it away from today’s
experience. These discordant events, people and experiences kept showing up
in order to get our attention. God says, “If you will clear this away, you
will find the good you seek.” We cannot fill hands already full. We must
drop the hand of the ego in order to reach for that of Divine Love. Only
empty hands can receive, so we MUST clear out those beliefs that keep our
good from us. It is not that God didn’t give it to us, it is that we have
resisted it due to early programs that caused us to take on beliefs that say
we can’t, don’t, shouldn’t or won’t have it. Once we see the problem within
ourselves (not them)–and we clear out the non-serving beliefs, the outer
world reflects the positive change back to us. In the end, we finally
understand there is no us and them. They are notes in our own symphony, and
we have been writing the song since the beginning. We are One, Being. We
float in The Field, free to attract into our experience whatever we choose.
It is all about vibrational frequencies. The world around us IS the product
of our own beliefs/feelings. It shows us our own vibrations…harmonic and
discordant. It can do nothing else.

Come. Step out of the river of denial. Instead, float in the ocean of

And you thought the world was AGAINST you?

Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner

“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”

Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™