September 20, 2010

Is Meta-ET Different from other Tapping Techniques?

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meta-et.png   Recently I attended a workshop where tapping was used, and this prompted me to write this blog explaining exactly how our Meta-ET ™ system is so much different than anything else I know.  In fact, when compared to traditional tapping techniques like EFT ®, the only common ground I find is the 9-gamut tapping points.  Please allow me to explain.

As implied in the name, Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™, our system incorporates a metaphysical twist in this method of healing/manifestation.  We also, of course, work with emotions as a part of the process.  

After becoming a Level I and Level II EFT ® practitioner, I started taking in clients.  However, with decades of metaphysical understanding under my belt, it was next to impossible for me not to include some of that understanding when working through the discovery process of questioning.  My questioning could not—absolutely could not—be completed in less than an hour.  I knew all sessions would be no less than two hours in length…and many went far, far longer than that! There was simply too much information available that would be missed if the client was not allowed to converse at length.  Nothing said went unnoticed…everything said was leading us right to the issue that needed healing.  I found myself circling repetitive words…seeing patterns and hearing things many would have missed.  Symbols were everywhere, and I soon grew to understand this was the language of Pure Consciousness.

I noticed that when I added a bit of quantum physics to the mix, people sat up and started to realize that the world around them wasn’t as they once believed.  Without my conscious knowledge, I had begun to access information from the surrounding circumstances and it would lead me to a symbolic unfolding of what had happened to that person. Some say this is accessing the Akashic records. I cannot verify that nor do I know if there is such a thing for certain, but I do know it is something beyond human understanding.  

It became clear that the world around us is best understood as a metaphor, and when “read” in that manner, every problem/illness could be seen in a new light. I was shocked to learn that everything, and I do mean EVERYthing that happens to us is significant. To understand the experience of life, one has to be a diligent Observer.  The more one looks at the world, the more one sees! People would share dreams, stories, past history and past lives. They brought in journals, gifts, food, and books. It all mattered!

I started explaining the mirror effect concept and the idea of others being aspects of the Self.  Soon, forgiveness of others no longer was needed, because we understood that the outer world is a reflection of our own beliefs.  Fractal patterns emerged, and it often felt like the “Twilight Zone” theme song was playing in the background!

Once I started my monthly Borrowing Benefits classes, things kicked up a notch.  I was now studying the works of many of the top-rated energy teachers, and one of my favorties quickly became Dr. Bruce Lipton.  It took hours of pouring over his work and listening to his interviews, but I finally realized I was going to have to include his understanding of conscious and subconscious mind characteristics in the work I was doing.  I rarely tapped on current events, after that. I went straight back to childhood and connected today’s problems to similar events of youth.  It was startling to see the immediate improvement in my clients.  My clients couldn’t understand how I could so clearly see what they couldn’t, but I knew this wasn’t something only I could do.  Everyone could do this!  I began a quest to understand what was happening, so I could teach others to do as I was doing.

Without my awareness, I, too, was changing.  I somehow seemed guided to know what else needed to be included in this work. It was as if information was being channeled into me…through me.  I soon realized the importance of non-stop tapping…surpassing the EFT ® tradition of checking intensity after a few rounds. I would sometimes have the client tapping for an hour, without pause. I noticed when people tapped for lengthy amounts of time, the state of mind was far more receptive and open.  In this state, the subconsious mind would reveal a great deal more than normal. Many asked if I was hynotizing them, and I later came to know that the Theta brain wave patterns we were accessing are exactly that!  I also knew, somehow, that no client should EVER only work on removing negative beliefs.  While in that open and receptive state, it was imperative to tap in new, better-serving beliefs.  Understanding when to move from negative to positive became an art, but both aspects had to be given equal time. I also was “told” about the importance of closing the crown chakra on those who longed to permanently detach from the physical realm.  Not on my watch!

In time, I came to know that the constant tapping I was doing was what was opening my own level of consciousness, providing me with the information I needed to help each client.  I began encouraging my clients to tap…a lot!  Those who tapped often and for long periods of time were healing at enormously fast rates.  They were walking around in a blissful state of BEing that some could have mistaken for a drug high!  However, this was a natural high…and the side effects were phenomenal!  

Just as things started to really take off…the Ego emerged!  I was knocked back a few notches as I witnessed a massive outplaying of this taking place in my own life.  I started taking on the illnesses of my clients, and didn’t know what to do!  In a moment of surrender, I cried out, “What do you want from me?”  The answer came like a bolt of lightning, “GET OUT OF MY WAY!”  In utter shock, I realized I was the one blocking the miracles that would soon manifest.  As all true avatars know, WE, as humans, do nothing.  It is the Divine Consciousness that heals.  I humbly gave over my body, my mind and my spirit, and I never got sick again. That act, alone, changed everything.  It was now my Creator doing the work, as I stood in the background, observing.  Never again would I take credit for the work being done. Work became effortless. Answers knocked and doors opened.

With me out of the way, Meta-ET ™ emerged!  All the aspects began to come together into one system, as clients came for sessions.  One by one, they all left in a state of bliss and transformation no matter how “damaged” they were at the beginning of the session.  Every day another miracle would unfold, and I watched, breathlessly.  There was no problem too great…nothing that shocked me.  Whatever presented itself came face-to-face with a Divine Presence that could not be bullied.  Ego tried…oh yes, it really, really tried!  But with every challenge it presented, this Presence commanded the universe, “Be still and know that I AM God.”

I finally could see that the only real problem any human being has is the feeling of separation from Source BEing.  Once clients could experience that connection, healing happened.  It didn’t matter what religious beliefs the clients held today…every one of us has that longing to be unified with All That Is.  Using Meta-ET ™, people from all walks of life were changing, right before my eyes. Every bit of information used during a session was a direct download from the Unified Field. I felt so humbled and awed to be a vessel for such Love to pour into these lives.

So…if you have believed Meta-ET ™ to be nothing more than another tapping technique, I hope this helps you understand there is far more going on here than traditional anxiety relief!  This is a life-changing system that reveals your True Identity…that unifies you with All That Is.  Healing and manifestation are effortless from this state of BEing.  From that empowered and Divine state of BEing, you, too, will be the Master of your universe!!

I AM…Jodi

Where traditional therapy ends…Meta-ET BEgins!