July 20, 2010

One Year Ago Today….

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One year ago, today, I stepped into my beautiful  2-story, custom-designed, 3000 sq. ft. Tuscany-styled Havenwood home and found it destroyed by the pest control company who sprayed a poisonous, powdery insecticide all over everything in the house.  That day, I lost my home, my health, many of my possessions, a great deal of my furniture, and my identity as a homeowner.  My husband’s business and my business–which were highly successful at that time–were stripped away to next to nothing.  From that day on, I could not enter that house without becoming ill.  For six months, I battled with what seemed like never-ending bouts of bronchitis and was finally told the posion I had breathed, ingested and touched in the inital hours after the house was sprayed had caused damage to my lungs known as RADS (Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome).  Basically, I was given a handful of prescriptions, an unknown future and a pat on the back.  I was told my health prognosis could be very bad…or I might be fine.  Only time would tell.  Meanwhile…I moved from hotel to hotel and rent house to rent house.  We had to sell our beautiful home with a disclosure, and ended up accepting an offer of 50% of the value.  We lost our entire investment…a quarter of a million dollars…and by the time we added up everything we lost, it totaled to just over a half of a million dollars.  None of our personal expenses has ever been reimbursed and the pesticide company and their insurance company have refused to compensate us for any of our losses.  One year later, we are far, far away from the people we were on July 20, 2009.

We went through a myriad of emotions.  My husband felt the greatest loss…after all, he built that home.  He could not get past the injustice of it all.  The lies.  The denial of responsibility.  The disrespect.  The lack of compassion.  One day he would be intensely sad.  The next day he was filled with rage.  How could this be fair?  What had we done to deserve such treatment?  It just didn’t make sense.  Every time we moved to a new location, it seemed like we gave up even more than before.  The national economy took a major hit about this same time….and soon after, the home-building business was in peril.  We had survived this before, but things were different this time.  Now, he had no model home to show to potential customers.  His pride was shattered as he began meeting with customers at parks and restaurants.  He spent 40 years growing his reputation, his business, his retirement….and slowly but surely, it was slipping away. Just as this happened, I was on the verge of launching my own new business…my Meta-ET system.  I had a national tour that had just fallen apart, but I was more determined than ever to get this information out to the world.  I was putting together a certification program, a new website, and had workshops scheduled all over the area.  Things were on the move and it looked like my business was on the verge of becoming national.  And just like that…it was gone. We had to start all over…decades of hard work were gone.  Today, we are amazed at how we manage to go forward…day by day.  Somehow we are still paying the bills, even though we are almost down to the last dime.  We now discuss whether to cash in the few remaining dollars we have in the two IRAs which took a beating in the last stock market crash or whether we should withdraw the money we had placed in a college fund for our daughter.  What simple pleasures can we let go of in order to maintain the necessities?  Little by little….it slips away.  Now, it seems, we’ve gotten lost in a system that has forgotten our names, our story.  Days drag into weeks, months…years.  How long can we survive?  Will we just give up?  Will we ever have a home of our own again?  As time goes on…numbness takes over and no one remembers.  The big corporations win, as the little guys become nothing but numbers.

The thing about all this is…it doesn’t have to be this way.  Why have we come to agree with a system that says justice is not due to all those involved?  I remember in the early days after this event my husband reached out to the owner of the pesticide company.  He believed this was a simple matter that could easily be resolved by everyone sitting down together to make right all the wrongs.  He encouraged the owner of the company to speak to the insurance company…urging them to work this out so that no one would be mistreated.  He was ignored, however.  No one said or did anything…no one but us, that is. The pesticide company had insurance…the ability to pay up to $1 million in compensation.  Every year the pesticide company paid out money for insurance to cover situations just like this.  But insurance companies don’t like to pay on claims.  They prefer to take in the money and give back nothing.  Tactics are employed to destroy the will of the ones seeking compensation…causing them so much pain and suffering they finally surrender in defeat.  With hands tied, all we could do is watch, wait, and trust that a higher justice would prevail.  But is that ALL we can do?  No.

I do believe a new Consciousness is emerging.  I do see a future where giant corporations no longer push around the little guys, unmercifully, draining the very life out of the ones they victimize.  I look to Divine Justice to intercede…to provide fair compensation to those who deserve such.  You see, I believe in miracles.  I see them everyday.  I stand in the face of the impossible and declare, “All things are possible to those who believe.”  I believe.

A new world is emerging.  A new dawn is coming.  Consciousness is evolving and anything that does not serve the highest good for ALL those involved is on the verge of collapse.  Those who believe they can gain at the expense of others will fall.  People will come together–just like my husband envisioned–and work things out in ways that cause harm to no one. 

My husband was right.  This was simple.  We always and only wanted fairness…not just for ourselves, but for the pesticide company as well.  What happened was not meant to cause us harm…but it did.  Once they saw that, the right thing to do was to compensate us for all the damages done.  It did not have to harm anyone.  The money was there.  The right solution was there.  We never asked for anything we didn’t deserve….in fact, we agreed to settle for far less than what should have been offered.  We are the ones taking the risks, for we cannot know the future and what health risks could emerge in years to come.  How very symbolic that my lung issue flared up again this past weekend.  I began noticing my voice was on the verge of being lost, yet again….right on the anniversary of the event that first took it away.  Do I have a voice in all this?  Yes…but it will never again be MY words that speak through this voice.  It is the voice of reason, justice, compassion and fairness.  I’ve surrendered this all to the One who provides my sustenance and I shield myself with the armor of angels.

Too bad they didn’t work out a compromise when they were dealing with Jodi. 

I AM…Jodi

July 2, 2010

A Helping Hand

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hand-with-light.jpg  It’s been some time since I wrote a blog, but I think about it often.  Writing is, after all, my first love.  However, I’ve been very busy over the last year with many different directions in life.  I won’t bore you with all of that, but suffice it to say, I am in a much different place than I was even a year ago.  This month marks the anniversary of our pesticide disaster, and things are moving along very, very slowly with that.  We are living in a rent house, and doing the best we can.  The odd thing is…now, more than ever, I trust that I am exactly where I need to be.  I’ve learned so much through it all, and I continuously grow in amazement.  Funny how all this works.  When we don’t take heed in one place, it shows up in another…and another…and another…until we finally “get it.”  Oh…it would be so much easier to see things the first time, but that is seldom our path.

In this past year, I have awakened to such a degree it is hard to even remember where I was just months ago.  I now see God in all things, as all things–so much so it is interesting to me that others don’t see what I see.  I am ever-vigilant to notice the symbols that continuously surround me and I call out for expanded vision so I can embrace the truth as fully as possible.  I urge everyone to get still…notice…shhhhhh….listen.  We miss so much when the ego consciousness distracts us with the monkey-mind business of pointlessness.  How much time we waste on trivial pursuits that keep us so lost in the maze that we never realize we aren’t even here!

If you are struggling, longing, stumbling with the dark, please stop just long enough to grasp the importance of the abyss in your life.  It has not been placed there to keep you locked in as a victim of things beyond your control.  It is a calling…an urgent beckoning…leaving you clues along the path of harmony, health, and happiness.  The clues will show you the potholes of your past…those places where you walked off and left pieces of your heart in disarray.  Come back…fill in the dark places with light.  Once you do, everything ahead of you changes…the rocky road becomes paved with possibility.

The hand that keeps pointing behind you is not your enemy.  It is the hand that will ultimately lift you out of the darkness.  Take it.

I AM…Jodi