April 27, 2010

Don’t Shoot The Messenger!

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sad.jpg   People hate negative feelings.  They’ll do just about anything to avoid them…and they’ll pay thousands of dollars to listen to others tell them how to simply wisk them away.  Doesn’t work though.  Do you wonder why?

Negative feelings have a purpose.  Rather than being the enemy, they are actually your best friend.  They are the stop signs in life…no, not visible ones, but sensational ones.  They provide us with particular sensations in our bodies, alerting us that we are resisting good feelings. We are going against the flow.   When we feel “bad,” this is simply a navigational tool letting you know you are headed in the wrong direction.  Rather than resisting one of the most reliable communication systems we have, we should be offering gratitude for this built-in mechanism. 

Take time out to understand what you are feeling when you are feeling bad.  Ask yourself, “What does this remind me of and who taught me it is bad to feel this way?”  Allow yourself to gather the information shared in that feeling and then make a U-turn and head in the exact opposite direction.  I can promise you this…if you do, you’ll get a green light!

Don’t shoot the messenger every time you feel bad.  All it came to do was to deliver a message.  Nuff said.

I AM…Jodi

April 23, 2010


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Last night, I took time out to watch a movie (link above) my son, Gatlyn, suggested I watch. He was correct. This is a “must see” for every person on the planet. If you watched the original Zeitgeist movie, the second one will not disappoint! In fact, it goes even deeper into the heart of our problems. Granted, if you aren’t a left-brainer, you do have to endure the first half of the movie with all it’s detailed explanations of how our monetary system works, but if you can hold on, the end will bring it all home. Be patient! I promise, it will be worth the wait!Imagine a world where truly no one is left behind. Imagine enough food for everyone, resources available to all, top-notch healthcare for all, no pollution, no prisons, no wars, and days filled not with mundane employment to earn money, but days filled with invention and creation of new technologies and ideas that improve the well-being of all. Sounds too good to be true? Sadly, we have this ability today, but our robotic mind-set doesn’t allow us to see what is right in front of our eyes. Sadder still, we prefer to compete and defend our righteousness rather than unify and share as One Being. Here we stand, at the threshold of a new age, and all we want to do is bring our baggage with us. We believe we are right…others need to learn from us, because we have proof of our truths. They should all come over to the winning side. Whether that means Christians, Muslims, atheists, Democrats, Republicans, Asians, Americans, democracies or republics…every single agency of separation should be called into the “Principle’s” office. Rather than arguing in favor of our rightness, we should be asking ourselves why we are at the place of having to convince others our way is the only way.The most perplexing thing about all this is…those yelling the loudest are doing it in the name of God. God? Really… the Creator of All That Is? God’s image and likeness needs no correction by mortals who believe they can take it from here. And therein lies our biggest challenge. Can we give up trying to revise God’s creation by converting it into our image and likeness? Will we finally realize everything already IS the image and likeness of God? Yes, it is time to redefine God by going back to the ancient teachings that offered…God is All.Moving into a new age–a new world–will undoubtedly be the most difficult experience in our planet’s history. In prior historical cleansings of massive proportion, man didn‘t factor into the equation, because there was no such thing at that point. This time, however, we are part of the ecosystem. We arrogantly believe the planet can’t survive without our physical presence, and yet, the truth is, the planet can’t survive WITH our physical presence if we cannot make drastic and immediate changes. Time has run out. This is the moment of truth.Every institution that divides…be that religions, financial, political or social…will either transcend separation teachings or collapse under the weight of its own misperception. Each one of us will walk through the hell fires of our own making, and none will escape without surrender of false beliefs. All of us will be required to forgive that which most offends us. Can we?I urge everyone to take time out of the busyness of the day to ask yourself one question: “What in this world disturbs me most?” Once you have the answer, notice how you are surrounded by it. Why do you think that is? It is calling out for your recognition and love. You can no longer deny the demons that walk in your shadow…this time they will not be dismissed. They will stand firm in your awareness until addressed and will only fall away when bathed in Love. Will you continue to envelope your inner demons in negative energy, or will you extend arms of openness, forgiveness and acceptance? Ultimately, you will find the only way to emerge victorious is to surrender your ego to Divine Consciousness.

Let us walk into a new age practicing the one rule almost universal in agreement: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If we all practiced that one philosophy, we could finally manifest heaven on earth. For you see….God’s kingdom has no borders, no political systems, no punitive systems, no monetary systems. Everything is ONE, being.

I AM…Jodi

April 1, 2010


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SUBTITLE: How To Install An Update to More Effectively Communicate With Your Creator

Has God answered all your prayers? Do you ever wonder why some people receive while others don’t? In the Bible it says “Ask and you will receive,” but few people do. For the love of God, what are we doing wrong?

Hi! I’m Jodi McDonald, author of “An IM From the I AM: How to Install An Update to More Effectively Communicate With Your Creator.”

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For centuries, people have used the same methods of prayer when communicating with God. We are oh so clever, aren’t we? We plead, we bargain, we offer words of praise to get on God’s good side, we threaten, we affirm and sometimes we try to make God feel guilty about ignoring us. Yikes! Some people say God works in mysterious ways, but is the real mystery in the way we pray? While we are stuck in ancient traditions of talking to a distant God that resides somewhere over the rainbow, new science has revealed God is Being All That Is. God is not only in our backyard, but God IS our backyard and everything in it.

“An IM From the I AM” takes a humorous look at how we pray and offers new ideas on how to more effectively communicate with the Creator. I playfully ask, “Have you ever noticed that formless spirit has no ears?” I suggest that our old prayer programs are in serious need of a 21st century update, and I challenge my readers to observe the outer world as instant messages received from the I AM. “We are surrounded by millions of years of answers to prayer. The problem is…we don’t understand the language.”

“Ask and you will receive is an absolute truth, not just a sometimes wish. Those bold enough to download the update provided in my book will find themselves inspired, empowered and joyful enough to offer a prayer of thanksgiving! But for God’s sake….please don’t forget to reboot!”


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God Bless–
Jodi McDonald