November 2, 2009

Infinite Love Rally

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infinity-symbol.gif  I just returned from a weekend rally with an amazing group of young high school Unity students.  It was heavenly to be surrounded with such deep love and connection.  It is always comforting to know there are young people like this in our world.  They will become the conduits of change for vast numbers of others.

The theme of the rally was infinite love, and each one of the officers went onstage to share his/her experience as to what that meant to him/her.  I was intrigued as I watched them struggle to define this, and even though each one did an excellent job of inspiring and leading, I knew the topic was one that takes enormous metaphysical experience and knowledge.  As I so often say in my own messages…it would take infinity to describe infinity.  That is the only way we could possibly understand how huge it is within the confines of a physical reality.  Our limited perception of the eternal now makes it impossible to grasp such a magnanimous expression of the All-in-All.

And love.  How does one describe that in a single word or phrase?  It is an impossible undertaking.

For me, the best way to give an example of infinite love is to refer back to the physical experience of mortal man.  Only through contrast can we understand in this arena.  Which takes me to the brilliant words of one of my “family” members at the rally.  He was sharing the idea of “necessary evil.”  Although his explanation may have stretched past the spiritual maturity of many, I completely understood and agreed with his idea. In the physical experience, we require duality as a contrasting mechanism.  One cannot know up without knowing down, for example.  However…going further…there is no such thing as up and down, is there?  There really is only expansion and contraction.  If I tell someone to point up, they are merely pointing “away from.” Why do I say this?  Because we are actually pointing away from the place where we stand, and as the earth orbits, our “up” soon becomes “down.”  We, however, have no perception of that.  But…I digress.  Back to infinity.

In physical form, we use time and space to guide us on our journey of experiencing being human.  We are limited to linear time and the processor we refer to as the human brain, however, and we have that concept so deeply ingrained in our belief system, that it is all but impossible for us to think outside the box. But there is GREAT news!  We do not have to rely only on the 5 senses or our medulla for understanding.  We are blessed with feelings.  In the quieting of the mind, there is an inner knowing that comes through the portal of the heart.  There we can sense infinity and experience our connection to it.  In the Bible it says, “Be still and know I AM God.”  It is only in the stillness of the ego-brain’s thoughts that we can start to realize how much we have missed in the inner sanctuary of our feelings.

The brain will never provide us with enough words to describe infinity.  It is a limited processor of only that which it has been told is true.  It cannot see the bigger picture because the infinite possibilities that it floats in can only be brought into form by the focus on one possibility at a time.  Like a horse wearing blinders…we can only experience that which is right in front of our eyes because we aren’t even aware of all we are missing.

At the rally, these amazing young officers took time out to demonstrate heart-based coherence to their peers.  Some “got it,” and others didn’t.  This…yes, this…is the way.  Keep trying, keep practicing.  In time, you, too, will start to feel the expansion spill out of the boundaries of the body and into the space around you.  The more of us doing this, the more we effect change in the outer world.

I would encourage the young teachers to show their peers a new way to see, feel and understand.  Go within.  Feel it.  The Pure Consciousness that we are doesn’t speak the language of words.  It speaks the language of love.  In merging with Divinity, we get momentary glimpses of infinite love.  Rarely do we give it enough attention so that it becomes our outer world reality.  We are far too focused on the negative aspects we’ve created. Nonetheless…we must stay on the path.  We must continue to demonstrate and share.  For this is “the way.”

May each one of you reading these words be blessed with the remembrance of Infinite Love as yourself.  For when we step outside the physical experience…we remember…that is ALL there is.

I AM…Jodi