October 13, 2009

The Source of Being

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mirror.jpg   I have been working on the curriculum for our Metaphysical Emotional Transformation (TM) certification program today.  There is so much to do, and yet, each part is so very important in the training of our practitioners.  Jackie Gorr, Vivian Richards and I are putting this all together, and even though the task is monumental in size, we are moving closer and closer to realization.  We want this to be a top-notch training program–not only educational and motivational, but also fun!  We are brain-storming ideas and meticulously scouring every corner to provide our practitioners with all the information needed.  The closer we get, the more exciting it becomes.  And yet…there is soooooooooooo much work to do!

As I was writing the portion of the curriculum that describes the outer/inner world connection, I thought of my blog readers and how much I miss sharing with you on a daily basis.  So…I decided to give you a bit of a “teaser.”  I am including, below, a paragraph that is included in the handouts we will give to our practitioners, just so you can see what kind of information we are including.  Of course, this is but one paragraph in many, but it might be something to make you start to think about your own ability to realize change in your personal experiences.  As you know…I’m all about making this world a better place.  Without further ado, I wrote:

Everything that is projected as the outer world began as in-form-ation or thoughts initially. “As above, so below.  As within, so without.” Thus, our outer world is representative of the beliefs we hold inside.  It seems there are many of us, all thinking with individual brains, and while there is a part of that we must recognize as the truth while we are in this physical experience, in reality, there is but One living through infinite perceptions.  Each part contains the whole, just as is experienced in a hologram. For example, it may seem I am a person named Jodi.  But, in truth, I am coming from a much higher dimension as The Conscious Observer, and I am “Jodi-ing” my way through life’s experiences.  Our limitations begin when we identify as nothing but a mere human being, rather than as holographic extensions of The One, Being.  Most all religious believers say God/Creator is everywhere, but in truth, they don’t believe that at all.  They almost always exclude the space which they, themselves, occupy.  It is that belief which causes suffering.  It is that belief which empowers the ego.  Reconnecting with Source Being returns us to the perfection we are.  In doing so, the ego plays an important, yet much smaller role, in our experience.  We begin to operate from the heart-space—the portal of connection with All That Is--rather than from mortal mind.  At long last, we are speaking the language of Pure Consciousness through our heart-based feelings, not our ego-thinking words.  When we ask from our feelings, not our words, we manifest positive experiences in the world around us.  They often appear as miracles to others.

We are not victims of the world outside of us.  We are the mighty manifestors of it.  We are all participating in the manifestation of infinite possibilities...moving the formless into form.  Swimming in an ocean of infinite choices, we select the frequency range of our choice and project the melodies that are music to our ears.  From time to time, however, we align with discord and find ourselves inharmonious with our desires.  Rather than struggle to fix the discordance, wouldn't it be easier to simply change the channel?

If you are not experiencing joy, love, peace, abundance, prosperity and beauty...tune to a different frequency.  The music is not gone, it is merely in a different range.  Lift your vibration to new heights by appreciating all that is good.  In doing so, the shift is automatic and effortless.  Yes...you do have the ability to do this.

Never forget from whence you came.

I AM...Jodi

October 12, 2009

Affirmation of Justice

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A dear friend of mine requested a healing affirmation, similar to one I had provided to my Borrowing Benefits group on Prosperity.  I could not find one that I really liked, so I created one for her.  As I did that, I decided I should do the same for myself with my own situation.  I am holding that justice is favored for all involved in the situation with my house.  As I printed this out for myself and my family so that we can recite and affirm these words over the next month, I thought the affirmation might also serve others in need of justice.  So, I am including the affirmation below. If you have a need for a blessing in your life, please use these words to lift your vibration into the space of acceptance and Love.  In Pure Consciousness, God's will is always "for" you.  I trust these words will bless all those who read them. I AM...Jodi www.godisaverb.com/blog

 AFFIRMATION of JUSTICE by Jodi McDonald (Read Aloud Every Day for 30 days)

I AM Source Being. I radiate Divine Light.

I eradicate the darkness through the dazzling rays

of Pure Consciousness.

I offer Love; I receive Love.

I patiently anticipate miracles unfolding, even now.


My experience reflects God’s justice. 

I AM the manifestation of Infinite Mind,

created in the image and likeness of God. 

I exude God’s grace.

I accept God’s integrity.


I AM liberated from limited mortal thinking

as I accept Divine Justice.

That which is perfect can reflect nothing less.

Pure Love overflows into all decision-making

which comes from Divine Mind.

My heart is cleansed of ill feelings.


I do not place my destiny in the hands of mankind.

I appeal only to the authority of the Highest Court

from whence comes All Good. 

That which is Love needs no reminder to be so.

I need only to awaken to the Omnipotence of Supreme Being.

Those who interact with me must express that Love, also.

I accept nothing less.

I AM abundant with thanksgiving and humility.

I wear the clothing of perfect resonance.

I express joy, harmony and love in my experiences--

And it is returned unto me likewise.


I harbor no ill feelings towards others.

I send God’s blessings to all in my life,

knowing it will return to me,

blessed ten-fold.

I see the Divine Light in everyone I encounter.

I call out the best in each of us.

I see past the illusion of injustice

Into the richness of equanimity.


We are not many divided minds

warring against one another.

We are the One Mind, harmonious and unified in purpose.

We multiply and expand as holy expressions

Of God’s bountiful Grace.

I invite God Consciousness to express through me, as me.

I invite God Consciousness to respond to me

through the guise of others.

In that invocation, I RECEIVE JUSTICE.

I step into my future with empowered resolution,

trusting that the Divine will always

go before me to clear the path.  We are of One Mind.

If God is for me,

who can be against me?

I bend as gently as the willow as I transcend all my fears.

I move with the grace and agility of angels.

Every breath in infuses me with Love.

Every breath released creates space for more of that Love.

I accept Love.


As I become that which I AM, I claim

tranquility, fairness and prosperity

in the space of the unwavering Presence.

Unshakable trust is welcomed in the perfect now.

A miracle has manifested in this very moment.

I AM bathed in Divine Justice.

The Supreme Being has ruled in my favor.

The Universe supports, defends, and upholds me.

I hereby declare fairness, speedy resolution and DIVINE JUSTICE,

NOW and henceforth forever!  Amen.

Thank you, God!  Thank you, God!  Thank you, God!