September 21, 2009

Guest Article by Gail White

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This article was first published in 1990 but I still believe it is appropriate for today, perhaps even more so.


We have often marveled at the magnificent temples built to honor our God.  Yet we fail to realize that we are each unique individualizations of God and the whole purpose of our existence is to be vehicles for the expression of our inner beings.

Reading self-help books, attending self improvement and motivational seminars are wonderful but I realized that for most of us the road to self-improvement begins in clothes our closet.  A person’s closet is a reflection of their attitude.  Now take a look inside your closet for  an attitude check -up, what does it say .  Are there any  clothes skeletons hanging there ,you know those things you just never get around to wearing or letting go of..  If so, discard them today so you can get on with the process of evolving into a free-spirited individual free of excess baggage.

There  are many reasons or excuses for procrastinating the inevitable.  The most used is “I’ve gained a few pounds, but I’m going to lose it.”  Ask yourself how long it’s been since you wore those particular garments.  If it’s been longer than six months, chances are you are not going to lose the weight. I  invite you to get rid of the cloths that don’t fit so you aren’t overwhelmed with guilt each time you open the bulging closet doors and think I have nothing to wear.

Get started by setting aside several hours one day to take everything out of your closet.  Designate three piles:  the movers, the “has beens” and the “gray” area.  Examine each piece one at a time.  Do you remember the last time you wore each garment?  If it’s been over a year, let it go.  If you remember feeling great wearing it, then by all means, keep it.  If it fits fine, but for some reason you didn’t feel comfortable in it, then consider it a candidate for the “gray” area.  You can always go  back after you’ve gone through all the rest of the items and try it on again.

Don’t argue with yourself about how much an article of clothing cost, if something feels wrong, just consider it a case of “mistaken identity” and resolve not to buy anything unless you feel uplifted and fantastic when you put it on.  Don’t be tempted to buy something, just because  it is on sale.  A good buy is not that if you don’t enjoy wearing it.  The only reason for buying an outfit should be because you feel and look wonderful in it.  Getting it for any other reason will cause it to hang out with the “has beens” instead of being among the movers and shakers.

Once you’ve gone through all the items try on the ones in the gray area.  Be objective when you look in the mirror.  Is it the right color, is it too tight, too short,  too long or too large?  Try accessorizing it with a scarf or some jewelry that enhances your coloring and the garment.  If it can be altered and is worth the price place it in a pile to go to the seamstress.

Now that you have this pile of clothes to move out of your life, the question arises as to what to do with it.  One option is to take them to a resale shop where you can get up to 50% of their selling price for it. Donating to a charity is another avenue and you  might be able to use it as a tax deduction.  Third idea is to host a “swap” party where you invite friends  to bring good clothes that they no longer choose to wear and then exchange garments.  Just remember the ground rule: no one should leave with someone else’s garment if they don’t  look and feel great in it.

Now that you have eliminated the “has beens” spend time mixing, matching and accessorizing.  Let it be a game with you to see how many different looks you can create.  See yourself as an artist and your clothes as the palette.  Be selective in choosing the right colors, textures and designs.  Let your creativity flow in choosing the adequate lines and shapes to create a masterpiece.  Make a list of the items you’ll need to complete your wardrobe if necessary and desired.

Lastly, feel it in your heart.  Take pride in knowing you are the master of this wonderful piece of art.  You will have a better understanding  of yourself and feel powerful in that knowing.  Become all  God created you to be and let the clothes you wear be your soul’s reflection after all how else will I recognize you?

September 7, 2009

Meta-ET LOVE FEST is This Saturday!!

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  PRESENTED BY: Jodi McDonald





This Month’s Topic:

“So Easy a Caveman Can Do It”


Join us this Saturday, September 12th, from 10:00 a.m. until noon ( we will meet in the sanctuary this month) to understand how to move into alignment with Divine Consciousness where life flows with effortless ease.  If you are still working with the energy of push/pull, you are working with outdated principles.  I will be discussing some of Eckhart Tolle’s work, “A New Earth,” and we will discover how the ego struggles against unified thinking.  In the dimension of the New Earth, we no longer try to force our own will on the universe.  “Let go and let God” will have new significance in the coming years.  Accept, enjoy and feel blissful.  If you are finding that difficult to do, it is because the ego is in control of your life.  With Meta-ET (TM), we can show you how to reduce the power of the ego so you can transcend the limitations of unconscious thinking.


Share in the “Manifesting Miracles with Meta-ET” ™LOVE FEST and see what you’ve been missing!!  Guaranteed to make you smile before you walk out the door.  Food, fun, refreshments and prizes served, all on a love offering basis.  Come on…we’re family here.


For directions to the church, go to 

Learn more at


I’ll see you this Saturday!!  Bring two friends and get a free session.  You’ll be so glad you did.