July 27, 2009

My Summer Vacation

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     dust-mask.jpg    Never a dull moment!  That pretty much sums up my life.  The summer of 2009 is a perfect example.

Just as life was starting to settle in and become “somewhat” normal…whatever that means…all hell broke loose.  Last Monday, we called in exterminators to spray for tiny little bugs we get usually twice a year called thrips.  Most people refer to them as no-seeums or invisible itch bugs or other such nonsensical names.  They are actually tiny mites that just love wildflowers and open fields.  They tend to emerge in May and October, primarily, but this year they were late to arrive due to the drought and 100+ degree days we’ve been blessed with in Texas.  Not to worry….no sooner than we finally had one good rain shower, they surfaced.  Our dog is highly sensitive to them, so we always know when they are around because he begins to scratch and whine.  These tiny mites do bite…and then before you can raise a hand to swat at them, they are gone.  There are not just a few of them.  Once they appear, there are thousands of them.  Most people never notice them, or they think they have fleas.  We, however, have done enough investigating on these things, we know all about them.  So….as soon as I realized they were in our house, I set up an appointment to have the exterminator come in and spray for them.  It does require particular chemicals to kill them…the general spray they use in homes and offices doesn’t phase them.  So…they always warn us we will need to be gone for the entire day to let the chemicals lose potency.  The first time they sprayed, Gatlyn and I both were a bit nauseated, but going outside for a while cleared it away.  After that, I realized it was helpful to air out the house for about an hour before going inside.  With that as the background, let me take you back to last Monday.

After being gone for the day, I gathered Dayna and my dog back into the car and we headed home.  I told Dayna to take Bo (the dog) to the back porch and stay outside while I went in and opened the windows to air out the place.  She complied and I went back into the garage and entered into the kitchen area.

As soon as I opened the door and flipped on the lights, I froze in my tracks.  Shocked is the only word for what I felt.  I looked around and saw that everything, everywhere was covered with a fine off-white powdery substance.  It was unbelievable.  The countertops and everything on them were covered.  The floors were coated, as were the walls, the ceiling, all the dishes, our toaster, our light fixtures, the telephone…everything!  As I walked from one room to the next, I saw the same thing.  There was a loud squealing noise, as well, which I finally realized was the air conditioner filters.  The units had not been shut off, so they were now clogged with this dust.  In essence, our entire house was crop-dusted!!  I quickly turned off the air conditioner units and started opening windows.  I told Dayna do NOT come in, but she peeked into the door to see what I was seeing.  I stood there and started laughing.  What else was there to do?  Dayna was furious with what she saw and asked, “How can you laugh at this?”  I just shook my head and said, “It’s the best thing I can think to do at this point.”

I called my husband, Billy, and told him to get home as quickly as he could.  I explained as best I could, so he said he would stop off and pick up two shop vacs he has.  I then started carrying all the countertop items, chairs, pillows, etc. out on the porch.  When I had a countertop cleared, I put some detergent in the sink, and started wiping off the mess.  It took four times to remove all of it.  About that time, Billy arrived and came into the house.  He, too, was stunned.  (He thought I was exaggerating!)  He tried to vacuum, but wasn’t getting far.  After doing this for about 2 hours, we both started having problems.  My lungs were burning and I had a bad headache.  My lips were numb and my skin felt tight and tingly.  Billy said he had burning on his face, as well.  It dawned on us…we weren’t going to be able to clean this ourselves, and we weren’t going to be able to spend the night there.  We called the man who sprayed our house, and then the owner of the company.  He immediately drove out to see it for himself.

Meanwhile, we sent Dayna to spend the night with a friend.  She had started feeling nauseated, just sitting on the porch.  The dog was still outside…the temperature was well over 100 degrees.  He wasn’t happy about being chained, but we couldn’t let him inside. It started to rain, so I had to carry everything back into the house. The owner of the exterminating company soon arrived.

No sooner than the owner walked in did he also get that shocked look on his face!  He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and quickly said it was a mistake.  Billy then told him that his lips were numb, and I laughed and said so were mine.  The owner ordered us out, saying we shouldn’t be inside.  He agreed to pay for our hotel for the night and we all agreed to do some fast investigating and meet again the next day.  It was nearly 10:00 when we finally got settled into the hotel…with nothing but the clothes on our backs and a few toiletries we picked up at the store.

That night, we started looking online to see what kind of dangers we were exposed to with the chemicals.  It wasn’t horrible, but not good.  The next morning, we called around and talked to several different people who deal with chemical issues and we were told that we should hire a haz-mat cleaning company.  We contacted one and they agreed to meet us in just minutes.  We all met at the house, and they quickly announced every single thing in the house would have to be cleaned.  All our bills, papers, clothes, towels, bedding, etc.  Even items inside closets and cabinets had been coated with these chemicals, so that also had to be cleaned.  All our electronics had to be opened and cleaned and evaluated for damages.  There was absolutely nothing unaffected.  It all had to be cleaned. Everything!  They took samples of the dust to be evaluated at a lab, so they would know exactly what type of chemicals were involved and how to deal with it.  They said they would bring in a cleaning crew to clean every inch of the house, top to bottom.  Everything inside would be packed, removed, cleaned and stored until the house was clean.  Air ducts would have to be cleaned, as well.  We were allowed to pick out about 2 weeks worth of clothing which they could get back to us within 3 days.  Everything else we weren’t allowed to touch. Fortunately, I had my laptop computer in my car, since I had been gone all day on Monday, so that was okay to keep.

After all was said and done, we were told it would be weeks before we could return to our house.  I spent the next few hours trying to find a place for us to stay.  I needed a place that would accept the dog, because he can’t be boarded that long.  After many, many failed tries, I finally did manage to get a room at the Embassy Suites in San Marcos.  They had suites with a door separating the rooms (needed since Dayna is with us), and they allowed pets.  By that night, we had checked in to a new home away from home.

Well, a week has passed now, since all this began.  We’ve adjusted to “the suite life,” and the dog is finally over his initial depression.  We’ve become friends with the various staff members, and they treat us very well, since they all know our circumstances.  It seems at least one of the bellboys has quite a crush on Dayna now.  LOL  They even gave us free Internet access (which usually costs $10 per day).  They gave us a great price on the suite since we are long-term (extended stay) guests, and we get complimentary breakfast and an afternoon cocktail/snack hour downstairs in the lobby.  We are on the 10th floor, and the hotel is absolutely fabulous!  Can’t complain about that.

Rather than get all upset about this, we decided to pretend we are on vacation.  We did some shopping–had to get some clothes to wear and a few things to put into our refrigerator and small pantry.  We thought having socks and underwear would be useful.  LOL  I found the laundry room and we washed what we were wearing, so that was helpful.  Finally, last Friday, the cleaners delivered us our 2 weeks worth of clothes, so we have them now.

We were planning to go to South Padre for a vacation this next weekend, but looks like that is off for now.  To counter that…each day, we decide we are in a new location.  First, we pretended we were in Hawaii, then Mexico, Switzerland, Fiji and Greece.  Today is Italy, and tomorrow is Scotland.  We have become quite the world travelers!  Like I tell my own clients, adding negative emotions to a bad situation does nothing to help, so why bother?  When the ship is sinking, no need to panic.  Just slip on the life jacket and float.  Maybe you’ll be rescued…maybe you won’t.  But adding negative energy to it won’t do a thing to change it, will it?  We are merely going with the flow!

When we first arrived here, there was a HUGE Herbalife Convention going on and the place was packed with people.  No sooner than they left, Southwest Texas Alumni had a homecoming.  Par-tae!  Today, there are two more groups in the convention center, but there are not quite so many of them. Well, it makes for an interesting selection of people anyway.  Tomorrow is my birthday, but my sweet parents are having us over to their house for an evening meal and birthday cake.  Guess I’ll always remember this one, huh?  LOL

The one thing that did bother me was not being able to see my clients.  I had to cancel all my appointments for the month, because there is no good place to meet.  Since Dayna is only a stone’s throw away, and is pretty much confined to the room next to this one, we can’t really meet in the room.  Downstairs is nice, but is always packed with lots of people and a lot of noise.  So…this just doesn’t work out well.  I finally decided I am going to just have to wait until we get back home again before I start seeing my clients again.  I can’t do phone sessions, either, because my cell phone has a very limited amount of minutes and it doesn’t work well at the hotel and the phone at the hotel is long distance to NB.  Really, all I have is my computer…and to date, I’ve had limited time on it.  I’m hoping that will improve as we work through some of this. I do plan to go ahead with my Borrowing Benefits classes, so I hope to see many of my clients on Saturday, August 8 in NB or the First Friday in Austin and Third Thursday in San Antonio.

So…there it is, in a nutshell!  My most interesting ending to a puzzling summer.  Hmmmm…so much to process here. Yes, yes…I’ve been tapping on this and reading all the signs.  I’ve come up with some interesting connections!

If you have tried to contact me, lately, by phone, and you didn’t hear back…now you understand why.  We have no phone access to our house.  We do have cell phones…but…well, you already heard that story.  If anyone needs to contact me, it looks like email or nothing for now.

On the other hand…I FINALLY had time to write a blog again, didn’t I?  Oh life…gotta love it!

I AM…Jodi

July 13, 2009

I’ll be In San Antonio This Thursday

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Meeting the Third Thursday of every month  

7:00 to 9:00 pm  (Love Offering)

Center for Life, 12915 Jones Maltsberger Rd,

San Antonio, TX. 78247



There is an amazing technique that has the ability to heal disease, increase prosperity, form relationships, increase business, locate jobs, manifest dreams, clear the past and override all limiting beliefs.  If you are ready to transform your life from average to amazing, join Jodi as she demonstrates her own, unique Meta-ET (Metaphysical Emotional Transformation) ™  meridian tapping system.  She will not only explain how to locate the blocks in your life, but she will also demonstrate how to remove them!  Let’s make miracles happen in YOUR life starting NOW!!


Presented by:  Jodi McDonald, Master META-ET ™ Practitioner and EFT ®-CC Level 2 Practitioner

Jodi is a metaphysician, author, speaker, teacher and Meta-ET ™ practitioner.  She has been studying and practicing spiritual principles and alternative healing methods for most of her life.  Star of the movie, “Try It On Everything,” she is now an avid supporter of tapping, combined with the Law of Attraction and other spiritual philosophies.  Her lifelong pursuit of God Consciousness, living as I AM, has been refined in a 5-step system to manifesting miracles.  Her book, “God IS I AM,” explaining this process, is set for publication in 2009.

Contact Jodi at her website:  www.godisaverb.com    

Phone:  830-629-0060      Email:  jodi@godisaverb.com



The “I’VE ARRIVED” Game!

Put everything you have learned about the Law of Attraction into play with the powerful, fun, transformative “I’VE ARRIVED” game.  This is a 3D application of Master Minding.  It is a Virtual Reality game that facilitates Personal Transformation employing visualization, affirmation and other tools making personal transformation attainable and fun!  Come play with us and transform your life or any situation in your life.


Presented by:  Lenny Lynne Lunden, MEd, LPC

Changing Lives for over 11 years Ms Lunden developed this powerful and fun approach to transformation.  The “I’ve Arrived” game has worked with individuals and groups with outstanding results.  Ms Lunden’s presentation is dynamic and informative.  She adheres to the spiritual principles taught by today’s leading teachers such as those presented in “The Secret”, Deepak Chopra, Donald Walsh, Joe Vitale and others. 

Contact Ms Lunden:                           Personal Transformation 

Phone: 512-413-2933                                              

Personal Transformation Specialist                       

Email: lennylunden@yahoo.com

[Please put “IVE ARRIVED” in the subject line to distinguish your email from spam.  Thank you]



July 9, 2009

Be Like Bo

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dog-with-head-out-window.jpg   Those who have visited my home have met my 14-year-old dog, Gyrbaud, or Bo, as we call him for short.  He is a small Shih Tzu who spends most of his time lying around, sleeping, or living to eat…anything.  But there is something Bo has always loved to do.  He loves to ride in the front seat of the car with his head stuck out the window, feeling the wind in his face.  Even though he has these huge eyes that catch all the dust, bugs, and debris, he is willing to surrender all that for a few precious moments of exhilaration and freedom.  He has no concerns about the destination or if we will arrive on time.  He never worries that we might not arrive safely or that I have made a wrong turn.  He is not concerned about the person calling my cell phone and he doesn’t worry about which radio station we are tuned into.  He isn’t thinking about what he’s missing at home or how sad it was that he didn’t get his evening biscuit yesterday.  He is in the moment…loving the ride of his life!  We should be like Bo.

In the release of pushing our way through life, we cease the useless struggle to manipulate circumstances to conform to our thoughts.  Oh how hard we try to coerce desires, always believing if we can think it hard and long enough, it is bound to come into realization.  We work so hard.  How odd this must be to the formless One who understands this is not The Way.  I imagine a giggling God saying, “Oh you silly child!  If you will just relax and let it all go, you can finally have that which you desire!”

You see, the reason we have to stop pushing our way through life is because this life does not belong to us.  It belongs to God.  God is like Bo, unbiased and unconcerned about where we are going.  God is in it for the experience.  “What will we do with the time we have today?” is all that God asks us. In eager anticipation, God is waiting and ready, excited and eager to step into a new experience. We often respond that we are just fine with where we are, and we have no need to do anything else.  We’re comfortable with stability and security.  God laughs.  For you see, it is impossible to stop the eternal manifestation of All That Is.  It is not in our hands.  This is God’s experience of Being, and God does not come from our limitations and fears.  We ask for something we don’t have, and then coil back in fear, changing our minds.  “What if” is always on the tip of our tongues, and so we retreat in defeat long before we ever begin.  But one day, at the end of our lifetime, we look back and say “if only.”  Every time we ask for something new and inexperienced, God answers with a resounding, “WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!  Let’s roll!”  In the infinite expression of All That Is, only a tiny portion has been experienced to date.  God wants to do it all, be it all, have it all.  Every time we choose to embrace the unknown, all Heaven lets out a whoop and holler.  YES! 

Ask and we receive is truth.  We are always given that which we desire, unless and until we push against it by trying to figure it out from our limited vantage point.  Oh ye of little faith!  Let go of the steering wheel!  Hand the keys to God and sit in the passenger seat as you allow God to drive you to your destiny.  Stick your head out the window and feel the wind of freedom in your face as you place absolute trust in Divine Mind.  You need do nothing else.  How much more fun is that?

Let no one tell you it is too late, you are too old, it is impossible, you aren’t worthy, you don’t deserve, it isn’t for you, or you can never be.  Remember who it is driving the car?  Who can stop God?  No one but you, and you do that when you demand to take control of the steering wheel.  Release it.  Let it go.  Ahhhhh…that feels so much better, doesn’t it?

Move over, Bo!  God is driving my vehicle through life and my freedom to enjoy is worth all those bugs in my teeth. 

I AM…Jodi

July 8, 2009

Manifest Miracles THIS SATURDAY!!

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With Jodi McDonald 


If you’ll bring me, I’ll bring you!

This Month’s Topic: “Why Are Bad Things Happening to Me?” 

Join us this Saturday, July 11, from 10:00 a.m. until noon (Room 4, downstairs) to learn why bad things don’t mean God is out to get you. The energy of resistance is nothing more than an indicator that you have gone off-course, and contrast is a part of the human experience.  Redirect your path and life is easy! 

Share in the “Manifesting Miracles with Meta-ET” LOVE FEST and see what you’ve been missing!!  Guaranteed to make you smile before you walk out the door.  Food, fun, refreshments and prizes served, all on a love offering basis. 

Come on…we’re family here. For directions to the church, go to www.unitynewbraunfels.org.    

I’ll see you this Saturday!!  Bring two friends and get a free session.  You’ll be so glad you did.