June 30, 2009

Seeing the Swan

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michael-jackson.jpg   How symbolic it has been this past week to ride the roller coaster ride of emotions over the death of Michael Jackson.  The advocate for Neverland must be revelling in the thrill ride of ups and downs, right?  While some see it as a blessed event that has released him to the peacefulness and acceptance of Heaven, others see it as a well-deserved end for a criminal who molested children.  Few can argue, however, that the music world has lost a legend.

People wonder if I detest Jackson, because he was accused of being a pedophile.  First, I always remind them that the accusations were never proven, so it would be remiss of me to assume that is a correct label.  But even if it is true, I would not stand in judgement of him, because his demeanor was not one of a sexual abuser.  Rather, he seemed like a child looking for a playmate.  Whenever I saw him in the past few years, my only feelings were of sadness. 

It seemed Michael never grew up, emotionally.  In his mind, he was a little boy, and thus, he did nothing more than any other pre-adolescent young boy has done.  Unfortunately, his body defied his desires to stay in childhood, although his frail frame and angelic face declared his intent to remain so.  He climbed trees and surrounded himself with an amusement park, in a desperate effort to show the world who he believed himself to be, but the world saw nothing but the outer shell of a middle-aged man. 

Michael was always a child, surrounded by adults, telling him to behave as they do.  But he didn’t like what he saw, and his rebellion against adulthood started with his father’s insistence that he be that…or else face beatings with a belt.  His fear caused him to withdraw from reality…and his fantasy Neverland became his truth.  Like many others who walk the face of this earth in a body that doesn’t match the inner reflection of who they are, he lived a tormented and tortured life.  But that is never enough, is it?  Those who struggle with the in-congruent inner and outer worlds are not left alone to deal with this pain, much less accepted and offered love.  They are ridiculed and persecuted because they are unique and non-conformists.

Recently, I was reading the story of The Ugly Duckling.  It is such a tragic story of suffering and abuse…all because of not fitting in to what others think we are supposed to look like and be.  The duckling was pecked at, isolated, called names and excluded, all because others had mislabeled him a duck.  His outer expression, you see, was judged as ugly, although inwardly he never understood himself to be so.  The irony of the whole story is that he was actually the most magnificent swan in the pond.  How different his life would have been had they only known this from the beginning!  How many of us are misjudging others because we cannot see them for what they really are?  How many swans are being called ugly ducklings–suffering our undeserved punishment and abuse?  In seeing through our labels and judgements, there shines the most magnificent creation of the most magnificent Creator.  Who were we to have ever called them bad?  How often do we point out the speck in another’s eye when there is a log in our own?

When I remember Michael Jackson, it will always be as a top-notch entertainer.  His on-stage persona is unparalleled to date, and I dare say he will remain the most celebrated icon for decades to come.  Michael’s voice was pure and moving, and his dance moves were off the chart.  Every second he spent in front of an audience was meticulously perfect…and yet, he made it look so effortless.  On top of his excellence as a performer, we dare not utter his name without remembering his endless acts of love and service to humanity.  How many hungry mouths were fed due to his kindness and generosity?  How many lives were saved through his compassion and grace?  How many musicians were inspired by his tenacity and talent?  How much more will we take from one who was given so little?

Michael’s physical presence will not be seen again in that same form, and yet, his presence will remain in this world for eternity.  The One he is never leaves us…it merely moves into being another. 

Somewhere, today, a young boy is born who will bring back the essence of Love to the world.  May our eyes see the beautiful swan in all its glory, not the mislabeled ugly duckling that doesn’t belong.  May this be the moment we awaken to see the One who is living as All That Is.

I AM…Jodi

June 29, 2009

Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Wayne Dyer Together!!

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Bruce Lipton is showing up EVERYWHERE!!!  This one should be amazing, and I know I’ll be listening in.  Hope you’ll join me there!!  Btw…Science for Life has incredible shows and you can listen to the archived ones any time.  You’ll be glad you visited the site.  See ya….


Wednesday, July 1st, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Bruce Lipton will be together on the radio for the first time on “Science for Life”. Truly this will be a remarkable conversation and I want to ask your help to spread the word across the planet. Dr. Dyer’s currently running PBS Special, “Excuses Begone“, is introducing Bruce’s science to millions the world over. 

Listen in for yourself and hear how these two world class teachers are combining their efforts to make a powerful difference in the world.

Wednesday, 9:00 AM Pacific, 12:00 Noon Eastern
or 24/7 On Demand

June 26, 2009

Outer Reflections of Inner Beliefs

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mirror-reflection.jpg   In one of my recent workshops, I drew a deep breath and shared what I’ve been seeing in the last year or so, as I work with my Meta-ET (TM) clients.  The truth is…religious beliefs are the biggest block to manifesting the life we’ve always dreamed of having.  While it seems this would be as far from true as possible, it is, in fact, most often the thing that is keeping us from what we want.  This also explains why I believe churches/religions will be the ones who will struggle most with redefining God, even though science is finally giving them the proof they so longed to have.  The unfortunate truth is, almost every single religion teaches God is separate from us.  Until we stop claiming we are “souls,” we will continue to be separated from our Creator, struggling to find a way to bend God’s ear in our favor.

I was blessed, in childhood, to only be introduced to a God that loves me.  I was never taught about the Old Testament God that wanted to punish me for all my sins.  While we certainly read the books of the Old Testament, they were always lovingly interpreted in a metaphysical and metaphorical manner to me.  I was shown the God of Christ Jesus, instead…the one that offered “God is Love.”  Christ also shared that “I and the Father are one.”  I understood that when bad things happen, we are simply aligning with mortal mind (the ego), disconnecting us from the Source of All That Is.  The goal was never anything more than to redirect my thoughts back to the loving God who was nothing but good.  As I did this, miracles were evident in my life…but I fell short of being able to do this all the time.  I began wondering why.

It was only when I stopped running away from this physical experience that I found my answers.  I had been taught to deny the material world, and while that is certainly “right on” in many ways, it also left a hole in my ability to experience only good while being human.  When I finally embraced the entire experience and started to study the human mind, I put together an amazing understanding of what this outer world really is.

A large portion of what I do in Meta-ET (TM) is to awaken the client to the understanding of who they are and how powerful their role in the game of life.  Once they realize that God is not outside of them, but is the Creator within them, they start to unravel the chaos of their lives.  For the first time, they understand how and why things have been experienced as they have.  It was never God punishing them, but it was simply beliefs of separation that are being held in the innermost chambers of the brain.  Because these beliefs are firmly lodged in the primitive cerebral cortex, they do not go gently into the night, but with dedication and application of meridian tapping, these ideas can, at long last, be deleted and replaced.

What I’ve ultimately discovered is that in order to have a profound human experience, we have to address both the physical and the formless.  We have to read the outer world to reprogram the inner one, and we have to understand both Divine Mind and the ego.  As we do this from an awakened state, we have the ability to attract love, health, joy, and peace into the human experience.  And why shouldn’t we?  It is what God has always wanted us to do.  Because God lives through our experiences, it only stands to reason that God would want us to feel good.

Today, take a moment to stop and look around you.  See through your outer world into what is behind the illusion of physical reality.  If you look closely, you will see you had it right.  God is All.  You are not separated.

I AM…Jodi

June 21, 2009

New Ezine Posted

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This month’s ezine (June 2009) is now posted on my ezine page.  Check it out if you want to “blow your mind!”  LOL

I hope to have more time to post some blogs again, very soon.  Don’t give up on me…I’m on the way!!

I AM…Jodi

June 12, 2009

Third Thursdays Start Next Week in SA!

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Meeting the Third Thursday of every month

6:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m  (Love Offering)

Center for Life, 12915 Jones Maltsberger Rd

San Antonio, TX. 78247



There is an amazing technique that has the ability to heal disease, increase prosperity, form relationships, increase business, locate jobs, manifest dreams, clear the past and override all limiting beliefs.  If you are ready to transform your life from average to amazing, join Jodi as she demonstrates her own, unique Meta-ET (Metaphysical Emotional Transformation) (TM) meridian tapping system.  She will not only explain how to locate the blocks in your life, but she will also demonstrate how to remove them!  Let’s make miracles happen in YOUR life starting NOW!! 

Presented by:  Jodi McDonald, Master, Meta-ET (TM) Practitioner, EFT (R) -CC Level 2 Practitioner

Jodi is a metaphysician, author, speaker, teacher and Meta-ET practitioner.  She has been studying and practicing spiritual principles and alternative healing methods for most of her life.  Star of the movie, “Try It On Everything,” she is now an avid supporter of tapping, combined with the Law of Attraction and other spiritual philosophies.  Her lifelong pursuit of God Consciousness, living as I AM, has been refined in a 5-step system to manifesting miracles.  Her book, “God IS I AM,” explaining this process, is set for publication in 2009.

Contact Jodi at her website:  www.godisaverb.com       MASTER SPECIALIST OF META-ET

Phone:  830-629-0060  Email:  jodi@godisaverb.com



Put everything you have learned about the Law of Attraction into play with the powerful, fun, transformative “I’VE ARRIVED” game.  This is a 3D application of Master Minding.  It is a Virtual Reality game that facilitates Personal Transformation employing visualization, affirmation and other tools making personal transformation attainable and fun!  Come play with us and transform your life or any situation in your life.  

Presented by:  Lenny Lynne Lunden, MEd, LPC

Changing Lives for over 11 years Ms Lunden developed this powerful and fun approach to transformation.  The “I’ve Arrived” game has worked with individuals and groups with outstanding results.  Ms Lunden’s presentation is dynamic and informative.  She adheres to the spiritual principles taught by today’s leading teachers such as those presented in “The Secret”, Deepak Chopra, Donald Walsh, Joe Vitale and others. 

Contact Ms Lunden:          Personal Transformation Specialist 

Phone: 512-413-2933                                             

Email: lennylunden@yahoo.com  Please put “IVE ARRIVED” in the subject line to distinguish your email from spam.  Thanks!


June 11, 2009

Borrowing Benefits Class on Saturday!

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  With Jodi McDonald        


If you’ll bring your smiles, I’ll bring mine!

 This Month’s Topic: “How to Locate Blocks” 

Join us this Saturday, June 13, from 10:00 a.m. until noon (Room 4, downstairs) to learn how to locate your blocks. Many people struggle with this, and what they end up tapping on is not the core issue, but more of a surface problem.  Let me help you find the underlying cause, rather than just the effect.  Share in the “Manifesting Miracles with Meta-ET (TM)” LOVE FEST and see what you’ve been missing!!  Guaranteed to make you smile before you walk out the door.  Food, fun, refreshments and prizes served, all on a love offering basis.  Come on…we’re family here. For directions to the church, go to www.unitynewbraunfels.org.   Learn more at www.godisaverb.com!   

I’ll see you this Saturday!!

I AM…Jodi

June 9, 2009

The Blame Game

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arguing-2.jpg   Very often, when I’m either speaking or writing, I talk about ego-mind versus Divine Mind.  Watching the two ways of thinking is fascinating, to me, because they are so very different in the way subjects are approached.

When something is done or said to hurt another, the best thing to do is to step back and give it some time before responding.  Over the years, I’ve discovered huge mistakes can be avoided in doing so.  When one responds too quickly, it is likely coming from a place of negative emotions…which, of course, is the realm of the ego.  If this happens, things are oftentimes said that are difficult to undo at a later time.  All the regrets in the world, however, can’t change what was said.  At that point, it is simply a matter of letting go and moving on…hopefully, with useful understanding gained as to why such reactive thinking is best put to bed for a day or two before responding.

When two or more people argue from the voice of the pain-body, the immediate response is to hurt the other person or to move into self-pity.  Blame is assigned, and neither party can see anything other than their own perspective.  It is a no-win situation right from the start.  The only purpose is to prove the other person wrong and the self right, but when neither party is willing to acknowledge the other perspective, the result is generally bitterness, anger, and self-pity.  There is no good to be gained from these feelings…they eat away at the one who holds on to them.

My mother taught me something I’ve always found very useful.  She said when we look back at events from the past, and we judge ourselves harshly for the way we handled something, it is an inaccurate perspective.  Why?  Because when we observe things from hindsight, we are doing so without emotional attachments we felt at the time the event occurred.  This information comes in very handy “prior to” reacting, as well.  I feel it is best to give a controversial or uncomfortable situation some space to breathe…time.  In doing so, the emotional triggers settle down and it is much easier to speak from the calmer perspective of the Divine Mind.  Quick responses, I’ve found, almost always come from the ego’s pain-body.

These days, some of the worst mistakes made are done through emails and texting.  With the advantage of being able to respond quickly and without interruption, one can shoot off a fiery reply to another person in a blink of an eye.  They quickly scan through a written message, and without much thought, they send a reactionary reply that shocks and stuns the recipient whose intention was clearly misunderstood.  Later on, the person who sent that vicious reply might have a quiet moment to reread the original message, only to discover that first response was obviously incorrect!  At that point, tremendous damage has been done, and it takes a lot of understanding to work through and heal those situations.

If a seemingly harsh email is received or if upsetting words have been spoken, it is wisest to reread or revisit the words several times, over a course of a few days, before responding.  After a few days pass, it is much easier to actually focus on the situation at hand, rather than the person/persons that did us harm.  Rather than attacking the person, the situation is the target of discussion.  It seems wise, then, to always step away from an explosive situation, at least for a while, to allow the pain-body to quieten.  No, that isn’t always easy, because the ego wants to leap into defensive mode and point fingers at the other, but in the end, as we know, three fingers of that hand are always pointing back to the self.

In his book,  A New Earth,  Eckhart Tolle writes of the ego:

Once you see the ego for what it is, it becomes much easier to remain nonreactive toward it.  You don’t take it personally anymore.  There is no complaining, blaming, accusing, or making wrong.  Nobody is wrong.  It is the ego in someone, that’s all.  Compassion arises when you recognize that all are suffering from the same sickness of the mind, some more acutely than others.  You do not fuel the drama anymore that is part of all egoic relationships.  What is its fuel?  Reactivity.  The ego thrives on it.

Coming from Divine Mind does not mean being submissive.  It simply means being factual and patient.  Two people can disagree, but do so with open minds…and do so without attacking the other person on a personal level.

Even when you believe you are right/justified, if you continue to play the “blame game,” you are feeding the pain-body, and are ultimately, still lost in the ego-mind.  There is no need to blame others…the fault is only in a consciousness that has not yet awakened.  The moment that is recognized as the real issue, forgiveness is understood and the true beauty of what lies beneath emerges.  Cursing the darkness does nothing to change it.  Rather, shine your light, and watch it disappear.

I AM…Jodi