April 29, 2009

The Beauty of Surrender

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“Give up all bad qualities in you, banish the ego and develop the spirit of surrender.

You will then experience Bliss.” ~Sri Sathya Sai Baba~

I surrender.  What exactly does that mean?

When people think of the word “surrender,” they generally think of it as giving up…a form of submission or giving control to someone else.  Because of that, we have a misguided understanding of how it is used metaphysically.  To me, there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than surrender, and I commit to practicing it daily.

The other definition of surrender is to relinquish possession.  When my ego-self steps aside to allow Divine Mind into expression, the resulting outcome is magical and wondrous.  As I relinquish possession of this body, Pure Consciousness floods into the emptied space and operates with a precision foreign to mortal mind.  I watch the hands move and I see the legs walk, but the inner One operating them does it so much more gracefully than I.

Have you ever “lost yourself” in a creative expression?  Perhaps you were giving a lecture, running a marathon, singing a song, or performing ballet.  You stepped onto the stage, with the spotlight outlining you, and for just a little while, the beauty of what you were doing seemed to become you.  When you finished, the audience rose to their feet and the applause teased you back into this realm of being once again.

I often see this when I watch ice skaters perform in competition.  They slide into a starting pose.  As the music begins, it seems an angel steps into the body.  Every precise movement and graceful sweep of the arms seems divinely inspired.  As they leap into the air, we gasp and hold our breath that the landing will be sure-footed, but when you look at the expression on their faces, it seems they have no concerns at all.  It seems they aren’t even “here.”  They are soaring through distant stars, trusting the journey with every instinct they have.  When they strike the final pose, they throw back their heads and close their eyes to allow the human being to return to thunderous applause and showers of roses thrown at the altar of perfection.  The judges rapidly offer up 10, 10, 10, 10, 10!  Who exactly was it that performed so exquisitely so as to deserve such reward?

There is but One who has the ability to move with such eloquence.  Sometimes it literally takes my breath away.  I’ve seen this Essence race down the soccer field, threading through defenders as though they didn’t exist.  I gasped when he flipped into the air and kicked the ball into the goal as he followed through on a backwards somersault.  “Great goal, Ryder!”  I’ve heard this Voice reach into the depths of the heart, so angelic and perfectly pitched, that there was not a dry eye left untouched in the room as she soulfully resonated with the Divinity in everyone.  I choked back tears as I realized the angel was my own daughter, Peyton.  I’ve walked on velvety fairways and looked back over my shoulder to witness the Power that propelled a tiny white golf ball almost 300 yards in the air, landing on the green with a spinning thud that pulled it within inches of its destination.  I stood motionless and heard the victorious sound of that golf ball as it fell against the plastic and rolled to a stop, followed by voices saying, “Nice eagle, Gatlyn!”  I’ve seen Expression standing on a dimly lit wooden stage reenacting the pain of a young girl surviving the Holocaust with such powerful emotion I felt as if I were there living that moment myself, wanting to cradle the Jewish child in my arms to shield her from such enormous pain.  As the curtain fell, a stunned audience struggled to applaud as it almost felt disrespectful to the gifted actress, my daughter Dayna, who brought the role to life with such authenticity it seemed as if we witnessed her pain in real time.

In those completely unselfish moments of our lives, when we stand aside to allow God to step into our shoes, we are blessed to witness heaven on earth.  Those who have had such moments will tell you they were “in the zone,” during those moments, but I believe it is so much more than that.  They surrendered.  As they relinquished possession of the self, the One Being became not only the performer, but also the performance.  This is why Gandhi says whatever we want in our lives, we must become.

The most beautiful word I’ve ever known is surrender.  It is not defeat…it is the ultimate victory.

I AM…Jodi

April 28, 2009

The Eye of The Storm

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mask.jpg   Well, we just got word.  Swine flu has officially been identified in New Braunfels, Texas.  The schools are closed until May 11, after three confirmed cases were identified.  The fear is already evident.  Yesterday, Dayna and I were shopping in Walgreens when two young men with white masks came in.  It is strange to see something like that…we see it on television, but seeing it in person is much different.

Those who have attended my workshops and lectures know I have been alluding to something like this for a while now.  I’ve sensed a situation involving public fear was on the verge of unveiling.  This is our first opportunity to make better choices as to how we will react.  Like I’ve been saying…we got it wrong on 9/11.  We can’t do that again.  I was as guilty as the rest…sitting there, watching television, tears falling as I felt enormous sympathy for the suffering of so many innocent people playing out in real time on television.  It was a mistake to do so.  The magnetic signals emitting from our planet soared into fear for days and days, and those in the HeartMath Institute were stunned at what they were seeing.  Yes, without a doubt, our human emotions have a major impact on our planet.  We are deeply connected.  As we mourned and raged, so did she.  What I should have done was to immediately go into a peaceful, loving, healing state of mind.  Had I done that, I would have contributed to an uplifting energy, not the heavy sadness and fear that moved our world in the wrong direction.

I felt such gratitude when I got a note from the Global Coherence Initiative, yesterday, alerting members to send positive and healing energy to this swine flu situation.  It’s so assuring to know powerful healers are contributing to the greater good of our world at this time.  I am a member of this group, and I stand proudly beside all those who have pledged to be the calm in the midst of the storm.  Yes, many will go straight into fear and doomsday thinking, but if enough of us stay in the higher vibrational realms, we have the ability to carry the yoke for those who find it too heavy. 

We are standing in the doorway of what Gregg Braden calls a “choice point.”  What will we do this time?  If it is business as usual, I’m not sure how this will play out.  However, if we all join in sending love, healing, peace, and joy to those who are locked in fear, we can ease the collective energy and negate the choices that will forever affect our planet.  I like to visualize scooping up the planet and her children, rocking them in my arms, as I sing peaceful lullabies.  All is well.

If you live in an area that is infected with this fear, I urge you to remain peace-filled and loving.  Do not buy into the negative energy.  Stay centered and never forget who you are and what enormous power you have to move Consciousness through your being.  We are One, Being, and together we can call out the best in everyone.

Healers…come forward now and remain visible for those who need your help.  Stand as a beacon and be strong.  Now is your moment to shine bright.  Blessed are the peacemakers.

I send this to you with great love and a gentle kiss on the cheek.  I’m with you.  You’re with me.  We are safe.  This time, we won’t forget by whose authority we command the seas, the storms, and the diseases. 

This has the potential to be the most beautiful moment in recorded human history, but it will take us coming together as One, Being.  Will we get it right this time?  Gregg Braden spells out, clearly, in his book “Fractal Time,” the question that is being asked of us during this time in human history.  The answer must not be as it was on 9/11.  We cannot go into fear and competition….blame and war.  We have to work together for the greater good.  The question will repeat for the next few years.  We will have several opportunities to do the right thing.  The answer is….LOVE.  The question is:

What will you choose?

I lift you all into the protective, safe, loving and peaceful realm of Divine Consciousness.  Together, we will not just transform fear into love, we will transcend all negatives.  I love you!

I AM…Jodi

April 27, 2009

Shocking, Isn’t it?!

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electricity.jpg  Take a good look at the picture here.  What is it showing you? 

Many people who teach Law of Attraction ideas say that to make it work merely requires being aware of blocks.  Hmmmm…not sure that is much better than not knowing!  How could being aware of blocks, alone, do anything to remove them?  Isn’t that somewhat like playing with broken wires?  In fact, according to attraction principles, focusing on the problem only makes it worse…it reactivates the electricity and shoots it right to the place in your body where the disconnect originated.  ZZZZZZT!!!  Ouch!!

I love the idea of vision boards, subliminal tapes, affirmations, meditation and positive thinking, but I also know they don’t always work.  Those who have followed all the steps to put LoA principles into practice sometimes still don’t get what they want.  Now days, everyone and their dog is saying it has to do with blocks, and there are a hundred different people telling us how to get past them.  However, most of these tools for removal do not address the physiological part of the problem.  They merely notice them, discuss them, and then move on.  Remember…thoughts and feelings are energy…so there is a very interesting aspect being dismissed.  When we bring up the old memories that started the problem, our subconscious mind just relived that incident as if it was happening again, in the present moment!  Yikes!  In other words, just talking about these things and remembering what started the negative belief just created another problem.  We added to the negative energy in the process of trying to remove it.  Let me give an example.

When I first joined an online discussion group comprised of family members who had loved ones diagnosed as HIV+, I immediately jumped in and started telling the story of what happened in my family.  As soon as I did, I began to get questions from other members, and in time the issue was in my constant awareness.  I was living and reliving all the painful situations, again and again.  What I noticed was that the constant awareness was not making me feel better.  In fact, the more I talked about it, the worse I felt.  As newbies joined the group after me, I listened to their stories and identified with the pain they felt.  We exchanged more and more emails.  In time, I was spending most of my day reading and replying to all the problems in my life.  Every sad story triggered more sadness in myself.  My fibromyalgia grew worse, and other problems also started coming up.  In other words, bringing up my negative memories did not remove the energy of them…it just made things worse! I was electrocuting myself!

So, now we start to think maybe it is better to just leave it alone.  Don’t think about it, right?  Wrong.  Doesn’t help.  Situations in our environment trigger it anyway, and just ignoring the disconnected wires doesn’t resolve anything.  In fact, that is how fires get started!

With EFT, we go back to take a look at what happened in life that made us start to believe something negative.  For example, if we feel we don’t deserve money, success, love, happiness, etc., we need to understand what it is that made us start to feel that way.  We do allow ourselves the freedom to feel the negative emotions that have blocked us from moving forward, but we never, ever just talk about it and leave it there.  When the emotion arises, we start tapping on the points of the body connected to various energy centers.  With that, we notice a disconnected and blocked electrical current suddenly reconnects and starts to flow smoothly.  The blocks disperse and our energy moves again…ah yes, energy in motion–e motion.  Amazing!  Who knew we are all electricians?  We suddenly feel much better.  Not only do we feel better, but we can now talk about the old memory without the negative feeling attached to it. 

Think about this.  There are many experiences in the past that we can freely discuss, without any negative emotions showing up.  In those cases, there are no blocks…no broken wires.  The energy flows smoothly.  However, there are some incidents we recall that bring up intense pain or anger.  Why?  It is because we had one of those “zzzzzt” moments that Gary Craig describes.  Because our smoothly-flowing energy was disrupted, the connection to feeling good was lost.  Every time we felt that same way (even though with different people and in different circumstances), we sent electrical currents to the disconnection which triggered that loose wire and added to the problem.  More and more incidents that bring up that same feeling only add to the initial disruption, and blocks are formed.  The more we focus on this…the more we relive it, as if it is happening again.  The subconscious mind, you see, doesn’t know if it is a “real” experience or just a memory.  To the subconscious mind, everything is real and is happening in the moment.  Can you see how just talking about all this doesn’t help?

If we have problems attracting things into our experience that we want, it is because we are sending out signals from our subconscious programs that are not aligned with the feeling we would have if it was ours.  It won’t matter how many words we say nor how many thoughts we think.  The strongest vibrational field emanates from the heart.  That is the signal being sent and it can only attract what resonates with it.  If you are saying you want abundance, but you are feeling lack, you will receive lack.  Why?  Because you had a disruption in your electrical system that has not been repaired.  Someone taught you that you couldn’t receive what you wanted, and every time you attempt to believe you DO have something, the signal is ending at the place where the disruption originated.  In other words, it is unable to be felt because you have a loose wire that must first be repaired to carry that belief into your experience.

I can’t say it enough.  All this has to do with energy.  If your energy is resonating at a lower level, you will not be able to attract that which is resonating at a higher level.  I don’t care what words you say or thoughts you think.  The message is blocked when your feelings are not congruent with your thoughts/words.  You can’t deceive the subconscious mind.  Just like your television, it is a machine that can only project from the frequency it is receiving.  Since the channels were all programmed in your childhood, that is all it can keep replaying.  If you disconnected the wires to channels worthiness, abundance, success and prosperity, you cannot receive those frequencies.  You may be down to only a handful of channels, and all they are playing is the shows from your childhood days.  When you finally get sick of the reruns, learn EFT and replace the beliefs you’ve outgrown!

Becoming aware of blocks is important.  It is a step in the process of clearing, however, it will not be able to remove the stuck energy of the emotion.  Tapping, however, will reconnect you with All That Is, bringing you back into alignment with all God’s good. 

That feels so much better, doesn’t it?

I AM…Jodi

April 24, 2009

Here Comes The Judge

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judge.jpg   “When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”  ~Dr. Wayne Dyer~ 

Lately the word “judgment” has been showing up in my life everywhere.  Because I believe that which appears to be happening in life is nothing but a reflection of my own inner world, I have to ask myself what this is about.  In other words, am I judging, being judged or have I judged and not released the energy of it?  In all honesty, I would have to answer yes to all three of those.

I remember, years ago, having this rather disturbing situation with a group of online friends.  There was one member of the group who caused several people tremendous upset as he seemed to be constantly judging them.  Now, these were beautiful, spiritual people…the finest of the finest.  As I witnessed the conversations…and yes, participated in them…I could see judgment everywhere.  Some called it discernment, while others pointed out that we have to sort through things to find what serves and what doesn’t.  In the end, the member causing all the problems left the group, but I will never forget his final email to me.  In it, he pointed out we had judged and rejected him, becoming the very thing we were protesting about.  He was right.  I couldn’t deny that, and that never stopped bothering me.

To say something or someone is either good or bad is always a conclusion based on perception.  Shakespeare had it right when he said, “Nothing is either good or bad, only thinking makes it so.”  I do understand that judgment is necessary in certain areas of our lives…in other words, it is useful to know a rattlesnake can kill you while a garden snake is harmless, but does that make the rattlesnake bad and the garden snake good?  And if there is an absolute right and wrong or good and bad, who exactly has proof of that?  Various religions will pick up their holy books and proclaim they have the rules, but then I have to wonder why there is more than one book claiming to know what Truth really is.  And how can we be certain that the one interpreting the words is absolutely correct?  Wouldn’t they only be able to interpret the words from their own perspective–and where did they learn those beliefs?  And if we choose one over the other, aren’t we judging the other as less than ourselves?  It appears, to me, the only way to be absolute is to remain nuetral. 

Of all the challenges we humans face, judgment, to me, seems the most difficult.  That, of course, is from my own perspective though, isn’t it?  It seems we can’t escape it.  It is needed.  And yet, it also puts limits on every aspect of our lives.  We base everything we do on judgments…those we make, and those made by others.  As a child, we decide having 20 cookies before dinner is a good thing.  We are hungry and it will solve the problem.  However, Mother comes along and spanks our hands as we grab the second cookie!  “It’s not good to eat cookies before dinner,” she informs us.  “You’ll spoil your appetite!”  To the child, that makes no sense, but to avoid getting his hand slapped again, he complies.  After all, she is Mother, so she must be right, right?

The judgments placed on us, as children, run every part of our adult lives.  We think we are operating from our current perceptions, but in most cases, that isn’t true.  We mostly operate from the programs others put into our minds before the age of six.  For those who had wonderful, loving parents, who never judged anything or anyone, that is great news!  Do you know any?  I don’t!  Even the most loving parents in the world taught their children from their own beliefs (which they, too, learned from others), and they did it as if those beliefs were undeniably true.  And always telling the child they are wonderful is also a judgment, because it tends to make the child grow up to believe others are not as worthy as they.  This is really apparent in religious and political beliefs, but it is also evident in personal perceptions of ourselves. 

This is good and this is bad.  This is right and this is wrong.  When we agreed, we were rewarded.  When we didn’t, we were punished.  There is such insanity in all this, isn’t there?  As I think about this, I am shocked to realize that the beliefs I accepted as my own truth were those passed on from one generation to the next…year after year…and I have no idea who the original source of these “truths” really is!  Thus, if my father told me I was a “bad” because I was shy, rather than blame him for judging me like that, I start to ask myself where did he learn that?  Obviously, he perceived that in his own youth.  But whose truth programmed him that way?  It must have come from his parents.  But where did they learn that?  Can you see the endless chain here?

Those of us who grew up with negative self images live as though we don’t matter.  We operate every aspect of our lives through the lens of unworthiness, and we always play small.  We are fearful of further judgment because it feels so bad.  We don’t want to be seen, because there is risk of being hurt again.  Why do we limit ourselves this way?  Because someone…perhaps several someones…judged us as flawed, and we accepted that as true.  We’ve lived that way ever since we absorbed that identity as our own.

But what if none of that is true?  What if that is not who we are at all; rather, it is a label we pull out of our basket of “who I am.”  Put down the basket and know those are nothing but words…beliefs…and they didn’t even originate from you!  If God is All, infinite and eternal, THAT is who you are.  All things, all people, ALL is God.  Perfection.  Remove the labels others have placed on you and define yourself without any limitations. Oh that we would remember how beautiful we are!  At least that type of judgment feels good.

Next time I find myself judging someone or something as wrong or bad, I will wonder how I know that.  Is it absolute?  I doubt it.  It is only my perception–my interpretation–of the person or event.  Maybe the only way to responsibly use judgment is to use it on the self.  I can’t really know what is right or wrong for you, can I?  I haven’t seen the world through your eyes.  I don’t know what you were told as a child.  I have no way of understanding why you interpreted beliefs as you did.  Your judgment is no more right nor wrong than mine.  It is simply your judgment. 

I think Dr. Dyer has it right.  All we can really learn from our judgments of others is who we really are.  But please don’t accept that as your truth because I said it was so.  I’m only borrowing beliefs from others.

I AM…Jodi

April 23, 2009


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lenny.jpg  “FIRST FRIDAYS” jodi-mcdonald.jpg

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There is an amazing technique that has the ability to heal disease, increase prosperity, form relationships, increase business, locate jobs, manifest dreams, clear the past and override all limiting beliefs.  Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, Joe Vitale, Cheryl Richardson, Bob Doyle, Norm Shealy, Bruce Lipton, Bob Proctor and almost all Law Of Attraction (The Secret) practitioners use it.  What is it?  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT aka “tapping”).  Join me to learn how to clear all the blocks that are keeping you from living the life of your dreams.  Let’s make miracles happen in YOUR life starting NOW!!  Pass this along to all your Austin contacts because they won’t want to miss it!!!

 Presented by:  Jodi McDonald, EFT-CC Level 2 Practitioner

Jodi is a metaphysician, author, speaker, teacher and EFT practitioner.  She has been studying and practicing spiritual principles and alternative healing methods for most of her life.  Star of the movie, “Try It On Everything,” she is now an avid supporter of tapping, combined with the Law of Attraction and other spiritual philosophies.  Her lifelong pursuit of God Consciousness, living as I AM, has been refined in a 5-step system to manifesting miracles.  Her book, “God IS I AM,” explaining this process, is set for publication in 2009.

CONTACT JODI at her website:  www.godisaverb.com     

Phone:  830-629-0060     Email:  jodi@godisaverb.com



Put everything you have learned about the Law of Attraction into play with the powerful, fun, transformative “I’VE ARRIVED” game.  This is a 3D application of Master Minding.  It is a Virtual Reality game that facilitates Personal Transformation employing visualization, affirmation and other tools making personal transformation attainable and fun!  Come play with us and transform your life or any situation in your life.  

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Changing Lives for over 11 years Ms Lunden developed this powerful and fun approach to transformation.  The “I’ve Arrived” game has worked with individuals and groups with outstanding results.  Ms Lunden’s presentation is dynamic and informative.  She adheres to the spiritual principles taught by today’s leading teachers such as those presented in “The Secret”, Deepak Chopra, Donald Walsh, Joe Vitale and others. 

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Nick and Gary–One Mind, One Body

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Yesterday morning I was in the process of writing a response to what is going on at Gary Craig’s blog site, but my computer shut down and I lost the entire message.  I had no time to rewrite it all, so I decided it must have been meant only for me.  I’m glad, at this point, that I didn’t post it, although it was nothing but loving.  Since then, however, I had a very interesting experience, so I’m thinking that is why I had to wait until today to address this in detail.

For those who don’t know what is happening, Gary Craig (Founding Father of EFT) wrote a blog about why he isn’t included in the EFT World Summit.  He stated Nick had “concealed” the summit from him, purposefully, and had also used the EFT name without his approval.  He went on to say that Nick has agreed not to promote EFT again!  That alone was enough to cause concern among the EFT followers, and had it ended there it could have been addressed by Nick and things wouldn’t have gotten so far out of hand, but it appears the ego stepped in and felt the need to speak on Mr. Craig’s behalf.  At that point, he began a list of “misleading” items, portraying Nick Ortner not only as uninformed and aggressive, but also as some type of shyster out to trick people into purchasing his products offered by unskilled and uninformed presenters.  Some of the presenters included in the summit are:  Dr. Carol Look, Rick Wilkes, Brad Yates, Bob Doyle, Rue Haas, Steve Wells, Lindsay Kenny, Dr. Alex Lees, Carol Tuttle, Dr. Patricia Carrington, and Margaret Lynch.  Do these sound like amatuers to you?  Well, they certainly didn’t to me either!  While it may be true that these are not all certified practitioners (by Gary Craig), it certainly doesn’t mean they have no valuable information to share about how they personally use EFT in their lives.  I, personally, look forward to hearing each and every one of the interviews.

On top of all this, the release of this post started a lengthy list of comments by Craig’s blog subscribers (and others), with many of them childishly pointing fingers at Nick Ortner, even to the point of referring to him as a pig.  While they certainly have a right to their opinions, much of what was written was about as far from accurate as possible.  I dare say hardly any of the negative comments came from those who personally know Nick…and a great deal of what was written could be considered slander.  Being an empath, I could “feel” how difficult it was for Nick to be reading those words, and it broke my heart to know he was suffering like that.

As I sat there reading these comments, I grew more and more upset.  I DO know Nick, and what was being written is not even remotely like him.  After a while, I saw that Nick came online to post a small note saying he would respond to the allegations against him, but he needed a few moments to ground himself first.  THAT is the Nick I know!  Rather than lash back in anger, he stepped aside to be sure his words came from a loving and yet truthful place.  Nick and I exchanged emails, because I wanted him to know I was also reading all that.  I had already written my response, at that time, but it had not yet been posted.

By late afternoon, yesterday, my post finally emerged on the Craig blog site.  I saw Nick had written a response, as well.  Just as I expected, it was done with great love.  He simply stated his truth and even offered Mr. Craig the opportunity to speak in the summit on a special “Day 10.”  He left it wide open…allowing Mr. Craig complete freedom in whatever he wanted to share during that 2-hour special addition.  (You can read Nick’s response (and mine) to the post on Gary Craig’s blog by going HERE.)

Now…the interesting part of all this….

Last night, I attended the final meeting of the book study group in San Marcos.  We’ve been studying Gary Craig’s “EFT Manual” for a couple of months now.  In fact, the hope was to have Mr. Craig join our group through Skype, that evening, but under the current circumstances, that wasn’t pursued.  As you may know, I spoke in an open meeting, last Wednesday, giving my take on how EFT and metaphysics go hand-in-hand.  The lecture was well-received, and I was honored to share what I believe.  On the agenda for the final night of this study, however, was one of Mr. Craig’s DVDs about spirituality and EFT.  The group leader shared with me that Mr. Craig and I had much in common, in that regard.  Apparently, he, too has had an ananda experience, and he would be speaking about it in this DVD.  We attempted to figure out exactly when he had recorded this particular session, and it was estimated to be about 10 years ago.

As I listened to Mr. Craig speak, in this DVD, I could not tap along.  I was flabbergasted at what I was hearing!  The entire talk he gave that day was about separation and what the ego can do.  He gave several examples of how his own ego had cost him dearly. 

He first shared about how he and another young man were competing for the title of “Athlete of the Year” in high school.  He admitted the other boy was actually a better athlete, but he said the young man also had a bad temper and few friends.  Craig knew popularity would slant the odds in his favor, and he admitted to “gloating” after he won the award.  He said he later realized his ego had set him up, in high school.  He remembered telling people he played football “for the love of the game.”  However, he  could now admit it was really because he loved the attention he got.  He did a tapping session on how the ego loves to be better than others.

His second story was about getting a young girl pregnant when he was about 20 years old.  He paid for her abortion, but did not accompany her to Mexico (abortions were illegal at that time).  He said he dropped her off afterwards, at her college dorm, and was “relieved” it was done.  He went on with no regrets, but she moved forward with a broken heart and a lot of pain.  Years later, he saw her at a class reunion.  She was still suffering and had not forgiven him.  He tapped on that one as well.

He then really stunned me by sharing a story of how he had been sued by a German client of his (from a time when he was in investments).  Apparently, Craig had invested this man’s money and lost it all.  In this part of the film, he shares that he spent many nights sleeping on “sweaty sheets,” due to all the anxiety he felt about this.  However, after a lengthy trial, he reported he won the lawsuit.  Yes, he said it with a gleam in his eye and pointed out to the audience that it was the ego that loved saying that.  He added that he filed a counter-suit…under the encouragement of the ego…but lost that one.  Years later, he called and asked the former client to meet him for lunch.  He wanted to clear the air.  They met, although the client seemed baffled by all this.  Craig said he realized he was prejudiced against the man, because of his German accent.  He believed (assumed) he was a Hitler advocate.  However, during the trial, the man had mentioned having to flee Germany with his mother during the Hitler time period.  Sitting across the table from this man whom he had earlier gloated about beating, he now learned the man was actually Jewish!  Craig wanted to know the story of his escape, but was told “even my children don’t know what happened.”  Again, Craig felt horrible for having misjudged this man.  The ego had taken center stage, yet again.  He and the audience tapped on that, also.

In his final story, he shared about how his mother had given him her life savings of $60,000 to keep safe, approximately 10 years before her death.  He took her money and put it in a guarenteed account, and didn’t think much of it.  However, he ironically invested $60,000 of his own money in an oil venture, and quickly lost it.  He shared with his mother how he lost $60,000 almost overnight.  Without him realizing it, she mistakenly believed it was HER money he lost!  Nonetheless, she said nothing about this, and just went on living, thinking she had no money left.  Just before she died, she mentioned the money, and it was only then he realized she had thought all those years that he had lost her money.  He grew very emotional telling this story.  When he composed himself, he explained how his ego had never let him really see the love his mother felt for him.

Throughout the film, Craig speaks off and on about how the ego keeps us separate from one another and how it locks us out of Heaven.   He mentioned how he had an experience of being out of the human form, and that it is the ego that trips us up, again and again, always trying to convince us that we are better than others…more important, more deserving.  He shared that we are all really the same One, and that we must never exclude others, because we are reflections of the One, Being.  I could not help but wonder if he remembers this today.  It would do us all good to ponder that one for a while.

After watching the DVD, the group leader mentioned the online incident, and since she and I are friends, there was a strange feeling in the air.  Fighting back tears and a bit of anger, I explained Nick’s position, to the best of my ability.  Nick, you see, is like family to me.  He reminds me of my own sons, and I have spent the past two years trying to repay the debt of gratitude I owe to the Ortner family.  Meeting them changed my life.  Had I not met them, I would still be suffering with fibromyalgia.  I would not have three books written.  I would not be speaking and I would not even be writing these words on my own website.  There are not enough good words to use to describe Nick and his amazing family.  When you see the brothers and Jess, along with their beautiful and proud parents, you realize what a blessing these people are to the planet….enlightened, kind, intelligent, loving.  I remember the night we premiered the movie.  I sat back and watched the Ortners as they sang, danced, and hugged one another.  I thought how lucky they are to be such a close and supportive family.  I saw the pride and joy in Nick’s mother and father as they glowed in the success of their children.  Such a beautiful, beautiful family…so full of love and generosity of spirit.  Muy bonita!

There is, you see, a part of this story that most people will never know.  Why?  Because Nick knows it is a “damned if I do and damned if I don’t situation.”  He has chosen the “damned if I don’t” side.  I have tremendous empathy with this, because I’ve had to do exactly what he is doing.  Sometimes in life we have to make choices of whether to stand up in defense of ourselves at the expense of others, or to just remain quiet and let others blame us in ways they cannot understand.  It takes monumental egolessness to do what he is doing.  I applaud his courage and I know he will grow and gain from his choice to do the right thing, even at his own expense.

My hope is that Mr. Craig and Nick will be able to resolve this not only amicably, but lovingly.  The world needs a great demonstration of unity, and both of these men are outstanding representatives of just that.  We are moving into a new world age that will require all of us to put down the sword of the ego.  It will require us to stand in each other’s shoes and see things from all perspectives.  It will require us to remember we are all just the One, Being.  This is a perfect opportunity to call out Divine Mind to resolve the conflict at the deepest level of the soul.  I, personally, have asked Divine Consciousness to speak through my words to all those who have ears to hear.  If this can be resolved from a higher POV, I know the world will benefit in waves of love.  My vision is not just reading that these two men have resolved their differences, but I see them standing on the same stage, laughing and hugging, and letting the world know that EFT is meant for everyone, and is one principle, belonging to no one….but available to everyone.  This is what they both want–to offer this tool to every person on the planet.  This is truth.  Just like Gary understood 10 years ago, and just like Nick says day after day…we are not separate human beings, we are just One, Being.  Come on guys…Try It On Everything!

So be it!

I AM…Jodi

April 22, 2009

My Response to The Incident

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 I know some of you are wondering my take on the situation going on between Gary Craig and Nick Ortner (due to Craig’s newsletter released yesterday).  I sent in my comments to his blog, but they had yet to be posted last time I checked.  I will add more to this, later, but I thought I would share with you the response I sent.  LOL…how strange it is that I worked with a client, yesterday, on fear of success due to the judgement of others.  Live and learn!!  Love and hugs…all is well!


As one who practices and teaches Law of Attraction ideas, spiritual principles and EFT (I guess I should start calling it tapping, because I definitely have my own twist on EFT, and didn’t even think to call it anything else), I know there is more than enough room for everyone.   I received my certification from a lovely lady who goes right down the book with the Gary Craig method, and I learned a great deal from studying the EFT Manual and watching videos from the emofree website.  My introduction to EFT came from Dr. Carol Look and Rick Wilkes…two star students and teachers…and friends with the Ortners as well. I was a participant in the movie, “Try It On Everything,” and I personally can say the Ortners are amazing, generous, loving, and very gracious people…nothing like they are being portrayed by some here.  In fact, I’ve held them up as role models to my own children, because I have first-hand witnessing of the integrity they represent.  Their only intention was to get the word out about EFT, and I cannot tell you how many times they made certain Gary Craig was given his due in my presence.  They always extend thanks to you, Mr. Craig, for the gifts you have shared with the world.  They repeatedly stated that EFT is your “child,” and they have never taken credit for the hard work and generosity shared under your name.  This feels like two families battling in a custody hearing.  What if we all shared in the upbringing…always doing so with the understanding that you, Mr. Craig, are the biological parent.  Nick never implied he was the creator of these techniques…he only wanted to offer a new avenue to let more people know about it.  He has some quality backing and big-name support giving a huge vote of confidence in his favor.  He is young, vibrant, and outgoing…the perfect representation of the people of his generation….movers and shakers.  I applaud that kind of tenacity and ambition.  Greedy?  Selfish?  That doesn’t describe Nick at all.  His passion has been misunderstood as aggression, but he is generous to a fault!  I am stunned to hear anyone say otherwise.  When I was flown to Connecticut for the filming of the movie, Nick explained, upfront, that you were not involved in the project, Mr. Craig, although they hoped you would be.  It is my understanding they did ask you to be a part of the team, but you chose not to for your own reasons.  Fair enough. I personally see no fault in coupling prosperity with what we are passionate about.  They naturally go hand-in-hand.  It is very generous of you, Mr. Craig, to offer your information as freely as you do, but I do believe there must be a profit-margin to what you do, as well.  I could be wrong, and I only put that out here as what appears to me as plausible.  And there is no shame in that, imho.  As I often say, “It is God’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom.”  Those who give, receive.  It is impossible to do otherwise. It appears that the real “core issue” here is a feeling of being slighted.  Attributed to that are accusations towards Nick, where it comes across he is underhanded and greedy.  That doesn’t even come close to the Nick I know.  I think he simply made a business decision, and knowing him as I do, I know he did it with integrity.  He is offering people a choice…it is not mandatory to purchase anything.  In fact, you can even record the sessions and listen to them later, if you choose.  No one has even mentioned the enormous amounts of money he has given away…his Angel program has sent out thousands of free DVDs to those who do nothing more than provide a non-profit status.  He offered all of us in the movie many free sessions.  He followed up on our issues.  He paid for everything we did, well before he had earned even one penny.  I, personally, have handed out boxes of DVDs, all donated by Nick at no charge.  His passion is to spread the word to as many as possible about the benefits of this amazing technique.  He is not the enemy, but a passionate advocate for an astonishing technique he believes in fully. Needless to say, reading the words above have really caused me a lot of concern.  What a shame to be exclusive of anyone who wants to promote EFT.  We will all do it differently to some degree, just as we would with anything else we learn and share with others. I have been diligently working to spread the word about EFT, but now I feel hesitant about my promotion.  This “reminds me of” being sent to the principal’s office to be scolded for something I thought was good.  I feel confused and concerned about how this will ripple out and shut down something that was offered with good intentions.  What a shame that would be to all those who could benefit from this.  Should I now be worried about using the EFT name, because I do add my own metaphysical interpretation? I will give this more thought and definitely do a lot of tapping on the disappointment I’m feeling after reading the above statements.  Meanwhile, I will trust that we will all remember we are all One, Being.  There’s more than enough for everyone.  As for me, I appreciate all those who are spreading the word about EFT…that includes Gary Craig and Nick Ortner. I AM…Jodiwww.godisaverb.com

April 21, 2009

Keep Your Eye On The Ball, Charlie!

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never-give-up.jpg   My life has been a whirlwind of activity in the past week….not that I’m complaining!  I love to see things moving in a forward direction, and that appears to be the only direction to go these days.  As my dreams grow brighter and nearer, the only concern has been the shortage of time in a day.  My husband teases me and says, “Well, Jodi, you could stop being so lazy and use those hours between 1:00-4:00 a.m.!  It does seem like that is the only time I’m slowing down.  Funny thing is…when you are doing what you love, the days are just not long enough.  How can I manifest more time?  Hmmmmm.

Today, for example, I worked with two angelic clients who always make me smile.  Both are beautiful, talented and (pay attention guys) single!  They are confident and poised, and they have gifts the world will appreciate, once recognized.  One of them shared with me a great story about making money.  It was so incredible, I got one of those “inspired” urges.  I quickly told her, “You HAVE to share that story with Joe Vitale!”  I could see him loving it and using it to show others how inspiration works.  The best part of the story is that she came up with this idea when she was only 5-years-old!!  She promised she would write to him…so, instead of me telling the story, I think I’ll let him tell it.

On top of all my own busyness, I’m thrilled as I watch my younger son and his girlfriend working their magic at the new golf course/driving range.  I spent the weekend helping them paint and clean.  The plan was to shut down the course for a couple of weeks while they did some of the renovations, but business was booming, so they have been allowing people to play around them as they work.  The hard work is already paying off, as the face-lift is being noticed by all the customers who were used to “things as usual.”  Give these two young entrepreneurs a month or so…and the regulars won’t even know the place.  Yes, it is hard work and long hours.  The exhausted smiles at the end of the day, however, make it all worth it.

Today is also my older son’s birthday.  Hard to believe he is now 33-years-old with two beautiful children of his own and a gorgeous  and wonderful woman at his side.  I can’t ever talk about Ryder without mentioning what a gentle spirit shines in his soul.  He was and is enormously good-looking.  Even as a young man, older girls couldn’t stop staring at his beautiful icy blue eyes framed by his dark complexion and blonde-brown hair.  He was always muscular and in great physical condition, being a soccer player since age four.  He still plays today and watching him is mesmerizing as he demonstrates his agility and speed.  Not long ago, he took over as manager of a moving company, and he is excelling and loving being the boss.  He is meticulous and organized, and the company that hired him is blessed to have him there.  I’m so happy for his success!  Ryder was always a sweet child…never shy about giving me a hug in public.  We traveled many long roads across this country, and sitting on countless sidelines in freezing temperatures and blistering sunshine are some of my favorite memories in this lifetime.  My beautiful baby boy grew into such an amazing man.  Happy Birthday, Ryder!!  We love you dearly.

Life is good, and that is a strange thing to be saying when the world “out there” is saying these are tough times.  My husband, a homebuilder, is doing small add-ons, here and there, but it has all worked out so beautifully for us.  Because he is not overwhelmed at work, he has been a loving support system for the rest of us.  He attends the workshops I do, and is so proud to see me on stage, sharing my message with others.  He has also been at the golf course, doing what he calls “groundskeeper” duties.  Thank goodness for his skills at fixing machinery.  It has really been a blessing.  Not many women are lucky enough to have a husband just as proud of her success as he is his own.

I often think back to my life so long ago and I giggle at how I would never have been able to imagine being where I am today.  Once the shy, lost and sad girl who believed she was doomed to a life of pain, now I am confident, directed and filled with joy.  When I see clients who remind me of the person I used to be, I stand up to allow them to see how far I’ve come.  If my journey can inspire others to keep moving, then all that pain and misery was worth it.  I want to lift the lowered chins of the downtrodden spirits and assure them, “Things will get better.  The sun will shine again and life will be amazing.” Keep looking ahead…it is just around the bend, so much closer than you know.

These days, I never look back.  My eye is on the prize now within my sight.  I have a hill or two yet to climb, but at long last, I can see the destination shining just in front of me.  Like the marathon runner who rounds the bend to see the finish line growing ever closer, the crowd is cheering me on and I’ve caught my second wind.  I’m smiling now…can’t stop smiling.  As my new friend, Lenny, says, “I’ve ARRIVED!”

Thanks to all of you who have been witness to the dream manifesting before me.  Because of your support and encouragement, I have been able to put one foot in front of the other, even when it seemed I was running into walls.  Never underestimate the importance of supporting others.  The cheerleaders of life–be they friends, parents, partners, or groups–they are the ones that keep us on the straight path.  They are the ones that remind us we can do it, even when we’ve lost sight of the dream.  Oh how I urge you…don’t lose sight of the dream!

As I cross the finish line, I won’t forget you.  I’ll never leave behind those who were there for me.  I’ll turn around and call out to you, “You can do it!”  I will extend my hand if you start to fall, and I’ll comfort you when you believe you just cannot take even one more step.  I believe in you.  Do you hear me?  I believe in you.

Maybe I’ll use those hours between 1:00-4:00 a.m. to make a poster for you:


I AM…Jodi

April 16, 2009

The Importance of Nothing

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bright-star.jpg   God did not create the world.  God became it.  That which is Being, becomes.  ~Deepak Chopra~

Some days I awaken to see an orange-gold medallion creeping up the horizon.  It climbs higher and higher, and trades in its morning garment for a radiant yellow globe that melts away all fears with its warm offering of life.  Other days, however, it lurks behind a clouded sky, playing peek-a-boo to tease me with its momentary presence.  On those days, I must do my best to remember it is there, even though a veil of white cotton clouds appear to come between me and my source of radiance.

I look to the sky for inspiration.  There are nights when twinkling fire stars decorate a vast emptiness that draws me to the edges of the universe, always wondering what is just beyond.  Stretching my neck and climbing up to my tippy-toes, I yearn to reach the highest stars.  They allude me, but it is that very thing that beckons me to continue to follow.   I can only eek out a limited view of eternity, so I reluctantly let go of that desire, letting my imagination do what my body cannot.

It seems I’ve always sought that which is just outside my grasp.  Like the never-ending universe that expands each time I believe I have reached the final destination, it is my curious observation that unfurls eternity before me.  I am on a quest to reach the unreachable star…”no matter how hopeless, no matter how far.”

As as child, “they” said I couldn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t become much of anything.  I would be the invisible vacuum on which others would shine their lights.  I was reprimanded to be the canvas of nothingness, and I dutifully obeyed.  For years, I stood down…small, quiet, unseen.  My seat was on the back row, far corner.  It did no good to strain to see the fireworks display across the sky, because far too many were in front of me, blocking my view. 

In quiet sadness, I bowed my head, accepting my position as servant to the ego-mind.  I distanced myself from the other children on the playground, and from afar I watched them laugh and play.  Oh, how I longed to be accepted!  Secretly, I imagined they would one day see me.  I pretended they came and took my hand and pulled me into the crowd, and for a few magical moments, I was the center of the universe.  And then reality returned.  I was not meant to be one of them.  I listened as others squealed with delight at the wonder and beauty of the light I could not be.

Then, one day, I heard a whisper in my soul.  “It’s time.”  I looked around, trying to put a face to the voice.  Nothing.  It repeated, “It’s time.”

“Time for what?”  I blurted out to the unseen speaker.

“It’s time for you to become,” came the reply.

Even more perplexed, I urged, “To become what?  How?”

“Follow me.”

A hush came across the entire universe as The Voice spoke.  The Voice said that the lights would grow dim as their endless striving to take center stage had depleted the very energy that sustained them.  They had forgotten the Source of All That Is.  Ego had deceived them into believing they were the most important part of creation.

“Look again,” commanded The Voice.  “Without the background of nothingness, you cannot exist.  To be something first requires a nothingness to fill.  Your very life depends on the canvas that holds you.  I gave 10% of my creation to the light.  The darkness upon which you splash your light…I gave 90%.  Which one holds highest regard?”

The stars grew small and much dimmer now.   I, however, shone brighter in my darkness.  I found my purpose and realized I had been following it all along.  My role was not to do–it was to be.  In being, I was the Father/Mother of All That Is, for without me, they had no entry into this realm.  My gift was to hold every possibility for manifestation in the formless space between.

From that day on, I understood that the light had never been eternal nor infinite.  It was limited and ever-changing.  It came and went, only briefly absorbing the spotlight.  I, however, was forever being.  Upon me all things manifested into form.  I had the best view of all, because I was within everything that was ever made manifest.  I was Pure Consciousness, quietly observing every sparkle that adorned my infinite garment of good.

No one is invisible, unseen.  Everyone has a perfect place that no one else can fill.  Whether you are a sparkling star or the subtle space, know you are worthy of recognition.  For everything is merely God…Being.  Shine on!

I AM…Jodi

April 14, 2009

Two Reminders!!

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Dear Friends…   I wanted to take just a moment out of my day to remind you of two things coming up which you won’t want to miss!  First, I would like to invite you to join me in San Marcos, this Wednesday (tomorrow evening, April 15), from 6:00-9:00 at the Unity Church, where I will be speaking on the topic “How Metaphysics and EFT Speak the Language of God.”    *****************************************************************************************************************

WHO:  EFT Practitioner, metaphysician, author and speaker, Jodi McDonald, star in the movie, Try It On Everything”

WHAT:  Lecture on “How Metaphysics and EFT Speak the Language of God”

WHERE:  San Marcos Unity Church, San Marcos, TX  (Click HERE for directions)

WHEN:  Wednesday evening, April 15th, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

COST:  Love Offering

Join the San Marcos Book Study Group as they learn how metaphysics and EFT have both pinpointed how to communicate with Divine Consciousness.  We’ve been talking to God for thousands of years, but new science demonstrates that is not the way God hears and responds.  Metaphysics teaches the spiritual principles that put us in touch with all God’s good, but a missing puzzle piece revealed why our prayers are not always answered. We now know!  EFT clears the resistance that allows us to stand in the Kingdom of Heaven.  The world “out there” is but the mirror that shows us everything we need to know, and one organ of the human body holds the key to manifesting miracles.  If you want to know how to create your own miracles, be sure to join us on Wednesday night!


Additionally….I want to remind you to register for the upcoming EFT World Summit!!

Have you registered for the EFT World Summit Event yet?  If not, you are going to be missing out on a top-notch, one of a kind, educational and informative event, brought to you by the people who put together the Try It On Everything documentary along with the renowned Dr. Joseph Mercola about emotional freedom techniques.   

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As you know, I am in the movie, and I can promise you this…if Nick Ortner has his name on it…it will be well worth your time!  Nick is a generous and caring young man whose goal is to get the message out about EFT and what it can do for you.  Just take a look at who he has lined up as presenters, and you’ll have to agree.
The event begins on Monday, April 20 at 8 PM (US Eastern time) and will run for nine consecutive days.  Each day there will be two presenters and each presentation will be available for 24 hours only, from the time it is first posted, so everyone, worldwide can benefit from the exciting program being offered.  Better yet…you can do this without leaving the comfort of your own home and without spending one dime!   Go to this page to learn more!  

That’s right!  You can participate in this event absolutely FREE!  However, if you so choose, you can also upgrade to have permanent access to these speaking events, along with some wonderful accompanying bonuses!  Personally, I’ve upgraded to the Platinum VIP All Access program, and I am truly excited about having all this wonderful information in my hands very soon.   If you’ve been trying to decide whether or not to join in on this first-time event, I hope you commit today to be there.  Time is of the essence, so act now, and register TODAY!  To join others in this virtual event, just click on the link below, and you will be taken to a page to register:


Remember…you can watch this at NO cost whatsoever!  However, I urge you to consider upgrading to either the Platinum or Gold programs if you want to watch these speakers again and again.  You’ll be so glad you did!     I’ll see you at the summit!!   The specific schedule of events is listed below.
EFT World Summit – Final Schedule and Bonus Structure

Day 1, Monday, April 20:  
Carol Look — EFT Basics 
Nick Ortner – All about the EFT World Summit

Day 2, Tuesday, April 21: 
Dr. Pat Carrington — Choices Methods Of EFT
Carol Tuttle — How to get the most out of EFT

Day 3, Wednesday, April 22: 
Margaret Lynch — EFT for Clearing Debt  
Bob Doyle — Law of Attraction and Resistance

Day 4, Thursday, April 23:
Gwenn Bonnell — EFT for Pain
Sandi Radomski — Using Tapping to Lose Weight   

Day 5, Friday, April 24:
Carol Look — The Secret to getting what you want (being congruent) 
Rick Wilkes — Moving through your Vibrational Scale   
Day 6, Saturday, April 25:
Loretta Sparks — EFT for Building a Thriving Relationship
Rue Hass — EFT for the highly sensitive person – Borrowing Benefits 

Day 7, Sunday, April 26:
Brad Yates — Creating self-love  
Dr. Alex Lees — Overcoming Trauma 

Day 8, Monday, April 27:
Lindsay Kenny — Ultimate Truth Statement  
Steve Wells — Using EFT to Determine your Life Values 

Day 9, Tuesday, April 28:
Ron Ball — EFT for Work Related Stress
Jessica Ortner  — Advanced EFT Techniques (NLP, Metaphors, Story, etc.)   

Register today so you don’t miss out!   http://www.tryitoneverything.com/cmd.php?Clk=2945028
God Bless–
Jodi McDonald