November 26, 2008

Important Interview!!

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There is nothing I can say, today, that is more important than what you can hear in this interview with Gregg Braden.  Please, please…go listen!!!  It will only be available for a day or so, but you can download it if you want.  It speaks of much of what I talk about and more.  I am very excited about this…and that he has a new book coming out in the spring of 2009 that talks about 2012 and fractal time. 

Go to:  to listen.  You will be soooooo glad you did!!!!

I AM…Jodi

November 25, 2008

Using EFT to Reclaim Unconditional Love

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parents-and-child.jpg   Often, when I’m working with an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) client, we end up discussing the relationship he/she had with the parents.  It usually begins with the client consciously believing he/she was loved by the parents, but what I sometimes discover is that the love came with “conditions,” creating a subconscious belief of being unlovable.  Often, these people spend their entire lives trying to win the love of others, never really believing it is possible. It isn’t possible because we must first love ourselves.  Love, in the purest form, has no requirements, and when a child believes the parents only love him/her under certain circumstances, that child is not reacting with joy, but is coming from fear.  This creates issues of safety.

Those who feel insecure about themselves–who work so hard to always be perfect–are the ones I generally expect are dealing with this.  Without knowing it, they are living in fear.  Because they grew up in an environment where they felt loved only if they behaved in a particular manner, they are cautious about doing anything that might be perceived as bad or wrong.  They are constantly afraid of losing the love of others.  A few examples of beliefs the child inherited are:

I will love you if you always follow the rules.

I love you when you behave like me.

I love you if you just stay out of my way.

I love you when you make good grades.

I love you if you look like me.

I love you when you agree with me.

I love you if you are perfect.

In an attempt to satisfy these conditions, these people constantly punish themselves when they don’t perform up to expectations…which, naturally, is most of the time!  Sabotage is always an issue, as they feel so undeserving of good.

My father, for example, required his children to look like him if they wanted his love.  Well, I didn’t!  I looked like my mother.  As you can imagine, that was an impossible situation!  There was no way I could change how I looked; therefore, I did everything I could think of to win his affection in every other way.  I worked so hard to win his love, and in those glimpses when I did feel like he cared, I could not enjoy the feeling, because I immediately moved into fear, wondering when he would realize I didn’t look like him, once again.  It was a losing battle, and I spent most of my childhood and a large portion of my adult life constantly sabotaging my success because I believed I was unlovable and undeserving.

If you are having difficulty in any area of your life, check back in on the child of your youth.  What beliefs about love did you place in your subconscious mind?  Were conditions placed on how or when you received love?  If so, you are most likely still carrying that baggage around today, making decisions based on the limitations of a pre-school child.

Humans make mistakes.  Even the best parents say things that might make their children feel they aren’t loved.  While the adult parent goes about his/her own way, forgetting the misspoken words, the very young child embeds that statement in the subconscious storage bin, and lives life from that belief.  We may believe, now that we are adults, we’ve forgiven and forgotten, but the child who first heard those words is continuously replaying them as if they are still true.  Your inner child has not forgotten!  To move forward, those beliefs must first be removed and reprogrammed.  Tap them away!

As you read through the list of conditions I placed on love in the list, above, did any of them ring a bell?  What other conditions can you recall?  It helps to make a list of them, and then tap on each one of those limiting beliefs.  Be sure to replace them with the new belief…”I am loved just as I am.”

And always remember…there is a field of Divine Love woven throughout your body, mind and spirit.  It is the essence of who you are.  Once you have cleared away all your doubts, you will find yourself blissfully floating in this space of acceptance.  Knowing who you are multiplies your joy, because you finally understand Love has always been there, but you were resisting it.  Once you understand that God is Love, God is All, thus All is Love, you will never again doubt whether or not you are lovable.  Fear vanishes.

“Even though I am afraid love comes with conditions, I DEEPLY and COMPLETELY love, accept, and forgive myself, anyway.” 

I love you…no conditions!

I AM…Jodi

November 24, 2008

In God’s Hands

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gods-hand.jpg   May I lend you a hand?

Yesterday, I was thinking about our American holiday, Thanksgiving, which is coming up on Thursday.  On this day, family and friends gather to celebrate all that is good in their lives.  Generally, a traditional feast of turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and all the trimmings is served.  Many people stop for a moment, before the festive meal, to pray, giving thanks for the blessing in their lives.  As I visualized my own family, heads bowed in prayer, and hands folded or joined, I began thinking about all the things we use hands for.  This is the part of us that gives and receives, and the part we most likely use more than any other.

Think about everything you do with your hands, each day.  As I sit here typing this blog, it is my hands doing the work of typing. 

We have so many wonderful ways to use our hands.  We can reach for the stars and embrace God’s good.  We can help someone up, and we can wipe away a tear.  We can caress a child’s face or stroke the hair of someone we love.  We can greet strangers with a shake and wave to friends.  We can dial a telephone and we can write letters.  We can cook meals and clean our homes.  We can fix broken toys and hold the hand of the one we love.  We can pet our animal friends and we can provide a perch for our parakeet friends.  We can serve a meal and pat someone on the back.  We can cradle a baby or let go of the hand of a loved one who is passing from this world.  We can shade our eyes from the sun and we can roll a ball of snow into a snowman.  We can touch a lover’s lips or lift the chin of a pouting child.  We can point out our good qualities and we can point the way to a new destination.  We can accept gifts from others and we can give gifts of our own.

On the other hand, however, we can also use them in negative ways.

We can point an accusing finger, or push away a friend.  We can hit those we love, and spank a mischievous child.  We can steal from others and push blame on someone else.  We can slap a dog’s nose and hang up on someone who is upsetting us.  We can stab someone in the back and point someone in the wrong direction.  We can flip off a stranger and pound our fists in anger.  We can put our hands on our hips in disgust, and lock ourselves in solitude.  We can refuse to accept gifts and we can cling to all our possessions.

Knowing we have the ability to use our hands in so many ways–good and bad–I recognize that there is great power here.  Then I remember whose hands these really are…that my ego-self is not really the one in control, but that beyond the ego, and beyond The Observer, lies another realm of All That Is.  Everything is God, Being. 

Have you ever experienced virtual reality?  If not, then I suggest you make that something you try in the very near future.  It is an amazing feat!  I remember when Dayna and I visited Disney World a few years ago.  There was this one game we played where we climbed on to these weird motorcycle-looking machines, and then put on helmets that dangled from above.  Once the experience began, it felt like we were flying on magic carpets.  Whatever we did with our bodies, the characters we “became” did the same.  If we lifted our arms, so did they.  It was such a strange feeling…as if we were living through the experience of someone else.  In essence, that is what Life is doing through us.

The body that is me has this enormous responsibility because it is the extension of God.  My hands are God’s hands.  With that in mind, I understand my responsibility to put them to good use.

This year, when I celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, I will be noticing what my hands are doing.  I will never look at them the same way again.  I will, from this day forward, think of them as God’s hands.  Because I remember they are doing the work of my Creator, I will do my best to serve in the highest capacity.   I am the conduit for Consciousness to experience being human; thus, I have an obligation to make this life a grand and honorable one.  I must put these hands to good use.

Life is truly in God’s hands.  How will you use them?

I AM…Jodi

November 21, 2008

Elohim or Jehovah?

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creation-of-man.jpg   People who base all their religious/spiritual beliefs solely on the literal interpretation of the Bible must have problems with some of the discrepancies.  As a child, I never could get past the first two chapters without asking a million questions. 

Some people, to this day, don’t realize there are two versions of the creation story…not just one.  Biblical scholars see clear evidence of these distinctly different documents.  The creator in the first story is named Elohim.  The second author calls this deity Jehovah (or Lord God as it was later translated).  Jehovah was the God of the Hebrews.  Somewhere around the end of Chapter 12, the two Gods somehow seemed to become one.  Jehovah wins out for most of the historical Old Testament accounts.

Looking closely at the two versions of creation, we can also find distinct differences in the order of creation and how man came to be.

All of Genesis, Chapter 1, together with the first three verses of Chapter 2, provide us with a scientific accounting of creation that seems directed by a spiritual, loving Principle.  However, as Jehovah takes over from that point on through Chapter 5, we see a more materialistic Creator–one that seems to require worshipping and obedience.

In the first creation story, mankind (thought/idea) is created by Mind, in a single command–both male and female aspects (but not in the sense of the gender definitions we give humans, today).  Elohim blesses these ideas and instructs them to multiply.  Man is not required to till soil, but ideas are given dominion over all.  Manifestation is birthed through ideas.  In other words, possibility is unlimited.  It is stated that Elohim saw everything made, and it was good.  It also states God’s work is done.

In the second story, Jehovah becomes finite and materialistic, and forms Adam from the ground (which is later cursed)!  If man is made in the image and likeness of God, clearly God is now mortal.  Without explanation, there is an introduction of evil into the picture.  Man becomes subservient to his Creator.  Why would a loving Creator suddenly feel compelled to place temptation into the human experience? 

The Adam and Eve story paints the Creator as one who will constantly test the loyalty of his beloved children.  Therein God develops a love/hate relationship with his human creations.  A God who could fix anything by merely speaking The Word now chooses to sit back and watch his children suffer.  He rewards and punishes…and never in a manner that seems fair or just.  Often, the ones who appear to receive Divine favor are some of the worst sinners.  The discrepancies go on and on, and, for the most part, the greatest percentage of those who base all their beliefs on the literal interpretation of the Bible stopped questioning and just accepted that God is mysterious and “not for us to know.”  Fear entered.

Now, I ask you, which Creator do you serve?  Think about it.  Who told you “this” Creator is the one you must worship, not “that” one?  Whose beliefs are you living as though they are absolute truth?  Does this God love you, unconditionally, or is your Creator distant and moody?  It cannot be both ways.  Early on, the Bible gave us the opportunity to exercise free will.

To me, the God of Principle seems more believable.  I can look at this world and imagine how it could have come into expression as an idea of a loving Creator.  I can see how the appearance of evil is nothing but the resistance of good, and is a human concept created to provide space for us to identify good.  Contrast, you see, is needed to experience one thing as separate from another.  As I look around me, my senses tell me there is a bed here and a table there.  Were there no space between–were my eyes not able to translate light into forms–I would not be able to distinguish one from the other.

I will always be grateful that my idea of God is one that understands ALL is good.  I can see nothing else.  Because I have accepted that as my personal truth, I have been able to witness remarkable miracles in my lifetime.  I expect many more.  I have never found the need to shrug my shoulders and answer a question, “That is not for us to know,” or “it’s just God’s will.”  Reflecting Divine Mind, I have access to every answer, every question. 

Going back to Genesis is an astounding journey into self-realization.  I clearly see how I cannot be anything less than the Source from whence I came.  Whether I am an idea of Principle or a body formed from dust, either way, I came to be from that which is God.  Knowing this, I find myself so much more than just a human, being.  I AM…Being God.

I AM…Jodi

November 20, 2008

Changing Channels

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  pig-channel.jpg   I’ve been having fun with the Super Mind Evolution System’s Alpha Mind Control audios and videos.  (You can click here to watch a couple of amazing You Tube spots they have and to read more about this.)  As I play around with this information, I find myself giggling at just how ridiculous it is that I have, for so long, believed this material world to be important…or even real, for that matter!  All this time, I’ve struggled to build a life based on material possessions, when it is the awareness of Consciousness I should have been accumulating, not objects!

How startling it is to discover that the objects I experience as solid are nothing more than vibrating light, mostly comprised of space!  Material objects seem so real–so full of mass–and thinking of matter as anything less than that sometimes feels silly.  But matter is not what we’ve believed it to be, and new science is expanding the view by redefining who and what we are.  Matter, they now tell us, isn’t even real!  (I grew up knowing that through my studies of Christian Science.) In fact, the tiny vibrating particles are so minuscule in the big picture, they are practically non-existent!  Certainly, they are not what we’ve believed them to be.

It helps me to imagine my body as an antenna.  As I tune in to certain waves, the receiver (me) projects a picture of life.  It looks real–appears to be moving, talking, being–but all it takes to make it disappear is for me (or something/someone else) to change the channel!  If I choose to stay only on one channel, I will miss out on the trillions of other shows I could have watched.  Funny thing is, I’m actually participating in billions of other movies, but I can’t see that while only tuned in to one frequency.  I suppose I need to switch to my picture-in-picture mode.

What’s even more exciting is that the people I’ve believed are “dead” are not really dead at all!  I now realize they merely changed channels.  Those who know how to access other frequencies have been telling me this for years, but my limited understanding prevented me from accepting this.  Going further, if I understand that the holographic nature of the universe also means that every part contains the whole, then I also begin to realize that everyone and everthing continues to live in me as I live in them.  The field/matrix connects me to All, and in every particle of this matrix, All exists.  What a hoot!

Consciousness is the source of the information waves that translate into the movies coming through me.  But what really blows my mind is that I (Jodi) AM Consciousness!  Everything is!  I’ve been living as if I’m a separate, unique entity, when the truth is, Jodi’s body is nothing more than a cell in a huge body of Consciousness.  What it cannot experience through the conduit of Jodi, it can experience through innumerable other conduits.  It isn’t missing out on anything!  As a result of this interwoven connection, and because Jodi’s body is the holographic reflection of All That Is, I, too, have this ability to experience All.  The only thing that keeps me from doing so is my limited beliefs.  If I expand my perception, I expand my reality.

I wonder how things would change for me if I could see reality in a new way.  Would I laugh at myself for having believed this life as Jodi’s body was oh so important?  Would I be fascinated with the infinite possibilities that are readily available to me at all times?  Would I giggle with delight at the wonder and beauty of my ability to participate in this grand experience on trillions of levels?  Would I change channels when I grew bored with the plot line or would I decide to turn it all off?

The field of information is all around me…at this very moment.  What will I pluck from the field and place into the experience of Being Jodi?  I have that privilege, that gift.  The very act of seeking is the beginning of creation…moving things from the void into the light.  As my thoughts become focused on an expected outcome, the “reality” forms–the ride begins.

Well, hang on tight, everyone!  I’ve picked up the remote control and switched over to the Discovery channel.  Jodi’s body has decided to spend the rest of her time living in this experience with her hands above her head, whoopin’ and hollerin’, and giggling and squealing as the coaster plunges full speed ahead! 

The difference is…this time, NO FEAR!  I’m going to remember it’s just a ride on the Super Mind Evolution coaster!

I AM…Jodi

November 19, 2008

Jesus and Buddha Weren’t Religious

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jesus-and-buddha.jpg   Religion.  Let’s talk about that word.

As I listened to Deepak Chopra give his final interview with Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell, I was pleased to see him touch upon this delicate subject.  Living in a western nation, I really sense the push and pull that is constantly exchanged between different ideologies.  Like the political red and blue states that have become so divisive in a country founded in the name of freedom, religions, unfortunately, are also often sources of defensive attacks upon one another.  It’s no wonder two forbidden topics of conversation have always been religion and politics.

When I was doing research for my book, God IS I AM, I was surprised to learn that the second most popular religion in the United States isn’t even a religion!  It’s a concept.  The Catholics hold the number one position, but the second most popular religion people list is “spiritual.”  That classification is moving with great speed well past the many other religions represented in our country.  Why?

I believe this is due, in large part, to the exclusive nature of churches.  To identify as a member of a church requires the believer to declare allegiance to a particular thought form, and many of us simply are not comfortable with that.  I, for example, belong to the Unity Church, which is listed as a Christian church, but I have never limited my beliefs to a single teacher (such as Christ Jesus).  Certainly, I do not believe one has to be within the Christian church to be “saved.”  I have always looked for the shared ideas in all religions, and my own religious expression is certainly not exclusive.  In fact, many of my readers have privately told me my ideas seem more in line with that of Buddhism, Hinduism or Judaism’s Kabbalah.  Without a doubt, eastern philosophy has greatly impacted my own beliefs, especially since I consider Dr. Chopra as one of the most influential people in my life.  Why then, you might wonder, have I aligned myself with the Unity Church? 

Because I was raised in the teachings of Christian Science, moving into Unity is not really such a stretch.  The Filmores, founders of Unity, had studied with Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Christian Science church.  But to be perfectly honest, I have never felt a particular need to attend any church, for my own benefit.  Sitting in a religious place on a Sunday morning has absolutely nothing to do with my connection to God.  I do most of my learning through personal research and continuous education, but I know that real connection with Consciousness is not something that can be learned by hearing a Sunday morning message.  It has to be experienced.  I can, however, see that many people find inspiration in such messages, and that inspiration may move them to find their own understanding. 

Although Rev. Craig-Purcell spoke against the idea of doing this “alone, on a mountain top,” I would argue that is exactly where it must first begin.  As Dr. Chopra said, the first step is “remembrance.”  To me, that is a deeply individual process of understanding, only obtainable by sitting in the stillness and silence.  Christ Jesus, himself, first went into the wilderness, to be alone, where he remembered his eternal bond with Source Being.  If we do not know “from whence we came,” we will never be able to share that understanding with others.  To me, the Sunday school classroom offers the first opportunity to receive the inspiration needed to entice the student into that process of self-discovery and remembrance.  The seeds are planted in the classroom, but cultivation is a personal endeavor best achieved in the wilderness of solace.

I decided to join a church because I felt it was important for my children to gain background in spiritual practices, so they can, one day, formulate their own ideas about their connection to All That Is.  I believe the Unity Church is a great place for my children to learn positive ways to deal with negative experiences.  In time, I also hope they supplement that knowledge by taking their own journeys of discovery into the many facets of religious beliefs.  I am very excited when I hear about them visiting other churches.  Because they feel free to explore other ideas, I know they have learned that the best religion is one that includes them all.  “Question everything” is what I tell them, urging them to follow their own paths where thirst for knowledge ultimately culminates in the release of all intellect in favor of merely being.  I have always reflected back on how my own amazing mother offered me the opportunity to form a foundation of faith by making sure I was exposed, early on, to metaphysical ideas that pushed my understanding to early demonstrations of those beliefs.  In offering this same experience to my own children, I honor my mother.

The second reason I joined a church was because I also felt this would be a great way for me to offer myself to the service of my Creator.  I serve as an example and a mentor to those who choose to see me as such and I offer my own demonstrations as evidence of the power of positive thinking.  In a universe of cycles, if I am to thrive, I must not only receive, but I must also give.  I participate in the education of others, and I learn in the offering of what I have.  This, I believe, is a primary purpose of life…to love one another even as we have been loved.  What fun it is to share community with like-minded and not-so-like-minded individuals!  Placing oneself in diversity requires the acceptance of All That Is, regardless of the form it takes.  What better way is there to learn unity?

When I first started attending Unity, in the mid-90s, I found myself going back, time and again, not due to religious dogma, but because the church seemed open to other religious expressions.  It was common for them to invite teachers from various churches to speak, so I was being exposed to many ideas and concepts.  My desire to remain open-minded was met and I found a place where I felt at home and at ease.

I was able to find a place where religion did not feel confining, but not all people have been so lucky.  Many do not know what to believe.  They feel they have more questions than answers, and the churches have not met their needs.  Rather than feel inspired, they feel defeated.  They wander from place to place, idea to idea…seeking, but never finding. Many have given up on churches and have decided to seek on their own. 

Others have shut the doors and drawn the blinds.  They have decided religion is meant only for the weak and ignorant.  They have declared God does not exist, shutting down further discussion…closing their minds to any form of Creator. Often they turn to science for answers, and when they sense they, too, are still searching, they decide it doesn’t really matter anyway.  We are here, and then we die.  End of story.

Still others have tightened their grip on religious dogma.  They not only insist they have all the answers, but they fiercely denounce all those who do not agree with their beliefs.  They walk the streets, clinging tightly to the Bible or the Koran or to whatever word they feel holds sacred meaning.  They do not want acceptance nor tolerance.  They want only one way…their way…to be the “right” way.  They preach, curse, defend, condemn, and kill in the name of the Creator they adore, somehow justifying this behavior as ordained by a higher power.  They believe they, alone, will find their way into a distant land called Heaven, while those who do not believe as they do will perish, eternally, in a fiery hell.  They point to words in their books as evidence of their “rightness,” never realizing it was a human being who translated them into the dogma they so adamantly defend.  But God, you see, does not belong to religions.  Unconditional Love will never be exclusive.

I remember, not long ago, being at a Unity Church, in Austin, where the preacher was asking what Jesus would be doing if he were alive today.  Where would he be?  After a moment of raucous, unrestrained laughter in front of his congregation, he said, “Well, I know where he wouldn’t be.  He wouldn’t be here!”  How gracious of him to admit that! 

What the minister understood was that masters of enlightenment know that all ways are the one way.  Until and unless we can embrace everything and everyone, we have far to go.  We have much work yet to do to gather the flock under the same shepherd.  Locking ourselves inside churches, declaring we are somehow more special than those locked in a neighboring church is not ever going to get us into those pearly gates. 

Heaven, you see, is not restricted with boundaries.  It is wide open and available to all who have eyes to see.  Perhaps, one day, we will throw open the doors of the churches and all wander out into the streets, mingling, until one religion is no longer distinguishable from the other.  Under the canopy of stars that spreads equally above all of us, we will finally understand no one was ever wrong…and no ONE was ever right.  All word is God’s word.  It can be no other way, because infinity is all-inclusive.  It was never God who excluded anyone from Heaven.  We did that. 

Jesus didn’t form a religion named Christianity.  Buddha never created a group called Buddhists.  All spiritual masters find themselves in a place where labels and dogma don’t fit.  If we want to find The Way, we cannot follow in their footsteps.  We have to make our own imprints.

I AM…Jodi

November 18, 2008

Pilates for the Mind

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pilates-2.jpg   In my last Borrowing Benefits class, I handed out a paper to each participant which had a picture of a clock face on it, without any hands.  I asked them to draw hands on the clock, showing it to be 1:00.  I then asked them to color in the space between the two hands (the area between the 12 and 1, i.e., five minutes). 

Throughout the day, I suggested, every time they look at a clock, they remember this picture.  The colored area seen between the two hands (5 minutes) is a representation of how much time most people spend in present moment awareness–in consciousness.  The remainder of the time (the other 55 minutes) symbolizes how much time is spent thinking in either the past or future–in subconsciousness.  Shocking, isn’t it?

Clearly, the subconscious mind is dominant throughout each day.  In fact, it is one million times more powerful than the conscious mind as it processes 40 million bits of information per second, while the conscious mind can only handle 40 bits of data each second.

If we study evolution, we understand that the primal brain (beginning with the brain stem) was the first development in the brain, with the conscious, frontal lobe being an “add-on” in later years.  It should not, then, come as a surprise that the conscious mind is not nearly as powerful as the subconscious one.  It hasn’t been around nearly as long.  Problem is, in the past one hundred years, we have advanced so much, we’re starting to outgrow the primitive brain.  What can we do to strengthen the conscious mind?

In the very near future, we will have technology to do this for us.  Meanwhile, if we want to get a head start, we need to exercise the brain as often as possible.  How?

Many wonderful masters have been teaching us how to do this for centuries.  We must learn to spend more time in the present moment.  Meditation is a great way to do this.  By becoming intently aware of where our thoughts are taking us, we start to automatically spend more time in the now.  In doing so, we are strengthening conscious awareness.  Because our brains have no muscles to exercise, we must do this by building new neuro nets.  Eckhart Tolle is one of the more current teachers of this awareness, but meditation and “beingness” are not new ideas.  With Tolle’s help and the help of many other modern-day metaphysical practitioners, however, more and more people are beginning to understand this principle as popular teachers bring these ideas into the public domain. 

I think back to my childhood, and I’m amazed at how accepted meditation has become since I was a little girl.  Only 50 years ago, this practice was all but forbidden in our western civilization!  Mystics were, just decades ago, classified in our country as satanic worshipers who were doomed to hell.  No, they are not yet fully accepted, but look at how far we’ve come in at least considering that their teachings might have something to offer us.  I believe as science and theology failed to answer some of those timeless questions about who we are, where we came from and where we are going, westerners opened up to at least giving audience to the ideas of the eastern philosophers.  Without a doubt, one of the best things they brought to us is meditation. 

While many people say they don’t have time to meditate, each day, they would not so hastily dismiss this practice if they had any idea what remarkable things happen when we do make time to be quiet and still.  It’s already been proven that meditation increases the IQ!  Meditation is a wonderful way to “grow” conscious awareness.  And if we want to get there faster and more fully (which seems to be the way of our information age), then we need to do more than just guided meditations.  Using today’s technology which stimulates different portions of the brain, through sounds, we find our spiritual development grows leaps and bounds ahead of most people.  These new meditations work with the hypnotic brain wave patterns, literally reprogramming those old outdated ideas that are holding us back.

In the next few years, I believe neuroscience is going to push us well beyond our current limits of what we always thought was possible.  What will it look like?  I don’t think we can even begin to imagine it.  Computer-generated programs will enable us to use the brain in ways we never dreamed possible.  Man and machine will merge.  We will experience life in completely new ways.  Our former beliefs will be found erroneous on a daily basis.  As these machines are further refined, we will step into new dimensions of reality.  New possibilities will reveal themselves and the human being will evolve with the speed of lightning!  Science fiction will struggle to keep up with reality.  Scary?  Not to worry!  It will be a fun ride as we accept that change is inevitable with a Consciousness so remarkable. 

Consciousness always has been and always will be in charge.  However It chooses to experience being, we will be “in” It, because we are It.  Once we take off the blinders that have limited our perception, we will stand in awe of how enormous infinity is.  Imagine looking at the ocean through the lens of a telescope.  Now, put down the telescope and look at how much more it is!  This is the level our awareness will be expanded.  When?  Soon.  Very soon.

Science will never catch up with Consciousness, completely, because the physical is so minuscule in comparison.  Nonetheless, as a means of experiencing Itself, Consciousness will definitely expand what we know as reality!  For now, however, there are things we can do to move ourselves into better-serving experiences. 

Expand your conscious awareness by exercising it.  Practicing the Presence is the new Pilates for the Mind!  Stretch and strengthen.

I AM…Jodi

November 17, 2008

Hot Chocolate and Mind Control

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hot-chocolate.jpg   About 7:30, last night, my husband (Billy) and I were watching a documentary on The History Channel about the brain.  It was very interesting and informative.  My husband was really interested in one part where they were talking about mind control…influencing others through the use of what is now called “remote influencing.”  I laughed and told him I already knew how to do that.  In fact, I did it so often in high school that my friends started asking me if I dabbled in witchcraft.  LOL  Thank goodness I didn’t live in Salem, huh? 

Being the skeptic he is, Billy gave me that “I doubt it” look.  He wasn’t sure if he was convinced this ability was even real.  He was even less convinced that I knew how to use it! 

Minutes later, I casually walked over and handed him a piece of paper, asking him to read it, but not to say anything.  On the paper, I had written, “Dayna will want hot chocolate.”  He agreed to watch to see if I could, indeed, influence her to ask for it, using only my mind.

Dayna was sitting on the couch, fully engulfed in reading a book she had just purchased.  Billy and I continued to watch the documentary.  An hour passed.  Dayna got up and fixed herself some soup and got a glass of tea.  Nothing.  Thirty minutes passed.  She got some juice.  It was nearing 9:30 when she finally finished her book.  She came over and sat on the couch, next to me, and said she was somewhat cold.  About that time, a commercial came on television about some chocolate chip cookies.  I said, “Those look good.”  She answered, “And they would be even better with some hot chocolate.”  With her best sad-eyed look, she asked, “Would you fix me some hot chocolate?” 

Billy was now involved in his computer, so he didn’t hear her request.  I told her I didn’t really want to get up, but if she would ask Billy, I thought he would do it.  It took some encouraging, but she finally asked him.  He had the most shocked look on his face!  He then asked her (as any good skeptic would) if this was something she asked for every night.  She gave him a puzzled look and answered no.  In fact, she hadn’t asked for hot chocolate in months! 

I finally explained to Dayna that I was demonstrating how remote influencing works.  Of course, the first question on both of their minds was, “How did you do that?”  You don’t think I told them, do you? 

The truth is, we are all connected to one another in ways most people are not aware of.  However, those who are coming into this knowledge are learning exactly how powerful that information is.  Our government–our military–has been working with this for years.  Marketing and advertising gurus are absolutely aware of this.  They use it all the time to influence consumers to buy one product over another.  It isn’t new.  The average person, however, is oblivious to most of this.  I think that is about to change.  Certainly, if you are reading this blog, I hope you are now more aware.

There is a field of information that weaves everything in our universe into one energetic blanket of being.  Just because we aren’t aware of that doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting how you act and what you do.  It is.  Think of it like a pebble thrown into a pond.  It might hit on the near left-hand side, but it isn’t long until the far right-hand side is feeling the ripple, as well.

The key to this is figuring out how to manipulate energy through the involvement of this field of entanglement.  Never forget…thoughts are energy!  When a person focuses, with intention, on a particular outcome, everything that resonates with the energy begins to align with it.  One who knows how to direct an intention can use it to influence another by subconsciously causing them to align with it, as well.

While all of this can be very entertaining, it also has great promise in more serious situations.  Of course, there is the negative side…but we aren’t going to go there.  Just know that using this to harm another can result in serious damage to the one trying to influence another.  But think about all the good that can come from this!  Healers can powerfully affect others, with consent, by calling out the health and wholeness resonance in another person.  Wars could be stopped long before they started, and people could be influenced to become the best possible representation of themselves.

So little is known about how the mind works, primarily because science has not, up until now, been willing to work with things that are subjective.  However, they are starting to learn not all things can be measured in an objective way.  New thought and new age thinkers have also been reluctant to reclassify what they have long believed to be mystical and etherical.  What if there truly is a scientific explanation for all this, however?  If we discover miracles are techniques, does that make them any less valuable?  Thus, if we are going to advance technology and science, we are going to have to embrace the “spooky” idea of consciousness.  If we are going to find out the truth about where we came from and where we are going, we are going to have to use the logical, practical side of the brain, along with our spiritual practices.  New science is opening up to metaphysics.  New biology is slowly accepting epigenetics.  Spiritual masters are meeting and talking with scientists and doctors.  These brave pioneers are not only discovering amazing new things, but they are now willing to share this information with us.  Pay attention if you want to be on the leading edge!

Every day, new discoveries are being made.  Things are happening quickly.  Our world is changing faster than ever before.  Yes, some of it is not good news, but let us not get so bogged down in all that we forget the exciting news!  We have the ability to change that which we don’t like!  How?  Think about it!

Would you like a nice, steaming cup of hot chocolate now?  Yummy!!

I AM…Jodi

November 14, 2008

The Story of Nick Vujicic

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nick.jpg   Sometimes it is helpful to put my life into perspective.  All too often, I’ve found myself caught up in “my story,” and in doing that, I forget who I really am. 

Recently, a friend of mine sent me a link from YouTube about an amazing young man named Nick Vujicic.  I was curious, so I checked it out.  Imagine my surprise when I saw a young man with no arms or legs giving an inspirational talk to a group of students.  He demonstrated to them how he learned to get back upright when he had fallen over.  He realized if he was going to be independent, he would have to be able to do this alone.  Using his head (literally and figuratively), he managed to formulate a method to push himself up, without the use of arms and legs.  As he did this, I could see tears falling down the cheeks of the students who witnessed this.  Without a doubt, he touched them.  He must have put their own little issues into perspective, that day.  Suddenly, the gossip about the cheerleader or the test the quarterback just failed had to seem insignificant.  (You can watch Nick speaking at a conference by clicking here.)

Eckhart Tolle talks about identifying with the basket of stories defined as self.  When people ask me to “tell a little about myself,”  I immediately reach into that basket and start to label myself as mother, grandmother, writer, speaker, teacher, etc.  And on particularly bad days, I am the little girl who grew up with a father who didn’t love her or the young woman who discovered her first husband was a pedophile.  I can become so entrenched in the roles, I cannot see myself in any other way.  Oh, the stories I can tell about all the things I’ve put into my basket over the years! But is that how I really want to see myself?  No!

Seeing past the illusion of a personal, physical body requires discipline.  The ego’s pain-body certainly doesn’t want me to recognize anything else but a pathetic, limited human being.  It constantly wants to pull me back into self-pity, where I lose touch with the God Consciousness that observes through me, as me.  Retelling my stories, again and again, absolutely wins attention, doesn’t it?  It keeps me locked into seeing myself as small and victimized.  People look at me with sad eyes and shake their heads as to say, “Poor little you.”  What is it about those words that makes me want more?  Clearly, it is the pain-body, basking in the spotlight.  And then along comes someone like Nick–someone who has every right to feel sorry for himself, but doesn’t. 

Tolle writes:

     For thousands of years, humanity has been increasingly mind-possessed, failing to recognize the possessing entity as “not-self.”  Through complete identification with the mind, a false sense of self–the ego–came into existence.  The density of the ego depends on the degree to which you–the consciousness–are identified with your mind, with thinking.

Sad, but true.  The pain-body loves living as me!  It thrives on my sad tales of woe.  Every time I feed it, it grows bigger and stronger, and its addiction to pain starts to drive my life.  Could I stop this incessant freight train of thoughts barreling into even more pain and suffering?  Of course I could, but the truth is, I don’t want to…my pain-body doesn’t want me to…and, after all, that is who I’ve become, for the most part.  Each negative thought, now nothing more than repetitious tapes of the past replaying, again and again, seems locked into place.  My inability to undo the web of conspiracy my ego has woven causes me to cry out in protest.  Just like a sly fox, the pain-body coils, retreats, and waits in the shadow of my mind. 

This is generally when I wake up.  I begin to remember how much more there is to “all this” than just me and my stories.  I get the attention of my ego and pain-body and tell them I appreciate the role they play, but then I remind them there is much more to me than that.  Reluctantly, they step off the stage, and I call up The Observer from the audience.  What a different perspective!

Who am I?  Am I nothing more than a voice in my head?  Am I just a body that has stories to tell about the heartbreaking experiences it has known during this lifetime?  No, more.  Much more.  I am the one watching the story unfold and I am the one providing The Observer the opportunity to watch.  Once I allow myself the chance to become more than a prisoner locked in mortal illusion, I see everything from a much grander perspective.  As Deepak Chopra recently said in his interview with Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell, I am the one providing a way for the stars to see themselves, for the only way I can see myself is through the mirror of separation.  The “eye” cannot see itself any other way.

Today I practice Being much more than I once did.  I find I am able to notice when the ego is hogging the spotlight.  In those moments, I ask the pain-body to be still.  I step out of the emotional ties I have to that state of mind, and I identify where I have stored them in the classroom I call my subconscious mind.  I ask them to stand up so I can see them more clearly.  I call them by name–sorrow, guilt, anger, greed, lack, regret and fear.  They tend to hide in the back row, slumped into the seat, always hoping I won’t notice.  But I do…for they are the ones constantly disrupting class.  Once I find them, I forgive them, and then ask them to leave.  New ideas replace them, and these thoughts take a seat right next to me where I can always find them.  These new students are known as acceptance, peace, joy, love, abundance, forgiveness, generosity, and gratitude. 

Maybe it’s time to see life in a new way.  It’s time to recognize the bright lights who stand on a hill, serving as beacons of hope to those who have lost the way.  Who are the people in your life who call out the best you can be?

Nick Vujicic…I’d like to call you to the head of the class.  Please, come sit with me.  I call you inspiration.

I AM…Jodi

November 13, 2008

Do You Think Money Grows on Trees?

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“We must understand that money is not supply, but is the result or effect of supply.”
Joel Goldsmith, The Infinite Way–

There was a time when I did not understand this.  I believed that focusing on having more money would bring it into my experience.  Now I see the folly in that idea.  I was working to apply a universal law in reverse–thinking that fixing the effect would influence the cause.  Having more money, it seemed, increased my supply.  No matter how much effort and devotion was poured into the affirmation, “I am so happy and grateful now that I have abundant flows of money,” it never manifested as such.  I knew there was something more.

Goldsmith provides a wonderful example in sharing this story:

“Let us digress for a moment and look at the orange tree which is laden with fruit.  We know that the oranges do not constitute supply because when these have been eaten, or sold, or given away, a new crop starts at once to grow.  The oranges are gone, but the supply remains, because within that tree, there is a law in operation.

…As long as this law is present we will have oranges.  The orange itself cannot produce another orange.  Thus we understand that the law is the supply and oranges are the fruits, the results or the effect of the law.”

In order to grow more money, I had to reestablish my connection with the source…infinite supply.  I asked myself where I would find that source, and, at once, I knew it to be in Consciousness. 

Consciousness, you see, is unlimited.  It is an infinite and eternal representation of abundance.  My awareness of it, however, had been lacking.  I had to reconfigure my vision to place Consciousness as the tree, and money as the fruit.  In doing that, I understood the appearance of lack meant only that new blossoms and buds of fruit are preparing to spring forth.  Supply, itself, was not decreased when the limbs were bare.  Understanding this, I could remove the fear I felt when the tree appeared barren.

My job is to allow Consciousness to express itself without me getting in the way.  It would be egotistical of me to believe the tree needed my interference, wouldn’t it?  After all, it knew how to burst forth from the seed.  It knew when to reach deep into the earth to get water and soil and it knew how to reach for the sky to find warmth and nourishment in the sun’s rays.  It has grown and given birth hundreds of times without my input.  I have nothing to do but accept the gifts offered…the fruits of its labor.

Goldsmith goes on to write:

“Regardless of the state of our finances at any given moment, let us not be concerned or worried because we now know that the law acting in, through, and as our consciousness is at work within us, when we are asleep as well as when we are awake, to provide all those added things.”

In a time when many are working to reattach the fruit to the tree, I sit and wait for the new buds to mature.  It is comforting to know this principle of supply is at work even while I’m sleeping.  It doesn’t need me to “do” anything.  My awareness of it provides me with everything necessary.  God’s Grace is my sufficiency.  Knowing that supply is unlimited, and understanding it doesn’t need my “help” to do what it does naturally, I come from a place of  ease, trust, expectation and gratitude.  In this awareness, there is no need…only gratitude.

How often I’ve struggled in life.  Ego has tricked me into believing mortal mind is controlling reality.  The “little mind” is not capable of such grand design, however.  It is only when I step out of my “self” long enough to remember my connection with Divine Mind that life happens effortlessly.  When I return to the trust and understanding that lurks in the stillness of being, I surrender to that which cannot be named.  In dying to myself, I live in and as God.  I see Principle emerging as supply and supply expressing as abundance.  Oh child of little faith, why did you doubt? 

Never again will I look at the tree as barren.  I will always see it in a cycle of renewal, knowing that the law of supply will express, again and again, in a bountiful harvest.

Look again.  There is more than enough.  Within this fruit, nothing is forbidden.

I AM…Jodi