August 30, 2008

EFT Group Sessions to Start in Two Weeks!

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MANIFESTING MIRACLES WITH EFT!! (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

SECOND SATURDAY” SESSIONS (The first session will be held on Saturday, September 13th!) 

Join EFT-CC practitioner and participant in the milestone movie, Try It On Everything, Jodi McDonald, the second Saturday of every month, from 10:00 a.m.-noon, at the New Braunfels Unity Church of Practical Christianity for Borrowing Benefits sessions.  You won’t want to miss this!  All sessions are presented on a love offering basis! 

“You’ll be glad you attended,” says one participant, “because Jodi not only shows you how to let go of the problems and diseases in your life, but she also teaches from her own metaphysical background.  You’ll get much more than your money’s worth and we have a lot of fun, as well.” 

Emotional Freedom Techniques, sometimes called  “Emotional Acupuncture,” is an alternative healing method that locates the emotional cause behind the problem/disease, eradicating it by tapping on various energetic meridian points in the body, while focusing on the issue.  Over 90% of those who use this technique say it works!  What are you waiting for?  JOIN US!! 

What beliefs did you download in your youth that are still causing you problems today?  What are you attracting into your life, based on negative beliefs?  How big is the pain-body Eckhart Tolle speaks of?  What is blocking your good from coming to you? Are you ready to let it go NOW? 

You can email Jodi at for more information.  See you there!!!!

August 29, 2008

Three Times A Lady

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billy-and-jodi.jpg   The human mind cannot distinguish between something that is actually happening in the present moment and something that either is being recalled from the past or is being imagined for the future.  In other words, time is irrelevant.  That is powerful information, isn’t it?  So many people do not know or understand that, so I feel very lucky that I’ve been privy to this knowledge.

Earlier this morning, as I was driving home from my daily trek to take Dayna to school, I flipped the radio station over to an “oldies” channel.  The song playing, “Three Times a Lady,” immediately took me back to a memory of a club where my husband, Billy, and I met and fell in love.  The club was in Wichita Falls, Texas, and was called Chapter 11.  Many, many nights, he and I would slow dance to that song, lost in dreamy, romantic love.  As I heard the song on the radio, I instantly pictured how we looked back then, and I recalled how deep and magical our love for each other was (and still is).   I was only 28-years-old then, and when he held me in his arms and our bodies pressed against one another, it felt as if we merged into one being.  The lights lowered, the DJ’s voice grew soft, and the song filled the atmosphere of the nightclub with wonder.  Our eyes would meet, sparkling with a certain knowing, and he would smile and softly touch my cheek, whispering how much he loved me.  He often called me “Lady,” and in fact, on our first date, that was the one word that reached in and captured my heart.  I answered, “I love you mostest,” as I nuzzled into the warmth of his chest.  Our love story is one most people have a hard time believing, because it was truly a case of love at first sight. 

It was mid-August of 1980 when I saw him for the first time since high school.  You see, we went to the same school, all those years, but he was 3 years older than I, and WAY out of my league!  He was one of the most popular guys in school, and was soooo handsome, every girl in that school dreamed about making him hers.  I didn’t even go there…I knew I would only be lost in a sea of clamoring females who were much more beautiful and experienced than I.  I was very shy and insecure in myself.  I used to watch him with his high school girlfriend–a beautiful, mature teenage girl, and I would think to myself, “She’s so lucky!” I could not have possibly known he would one day be married to me…it seemed unimaginable back then. 

That summer night in 1980, however, 10 years after I graduated from high school, was different.  I was different!  I was finally starting to come into my own.  I was out with my ex-husband, that night, which a lot of people found rather odd, but I was definitely feeling quite single.  My divorce was new…only about a week old.  I had suffered through so many years of pain, in that first marriage, but that was not my focus, any more.  I just wanted to know what it would be like to be madly in love with someone who loved me equally. I thought I would take a chance…go out to see if I could spot “Mr. Right.”  For many years, a group of us had been going to this club, every weekend, to share company and to dance.  I had no plans that weekend, and my ex-husband called to see if I wanted to meet up with him there.  I agreed.

I was spinning around on the dance floor to a fast-paced country song, when it happened.  Billy and some girl I did not know two-stepped right past my ex and I.  The two guys recognized each other and said hello.  I couldn’t help myself.  I stared at Billy as I asked my ex, “Who is that?”  He told me it was Billy, and then I remembered how I used to watch him in high school.  In that instant…just like that…I knew.  I said to myself, “He’s the one I’ve been waiting for!”

As the song ended, Billy found his way over to our table.  There were about 10 of us sitting there, and he asked if he could join us.  He had no date, that night, and was merely dancing with a girl he had met at the bar moments earlier.  Our eyes locked as he spoke to my ex and I.

“Well, it’s great to see you two are together,” he lied.  “I heard you were divorced!”

I quickly spoke up to explain we were divorced, and then I set about on a most devious plan.  I quietly sat next to each person at the table, and asked them to go dance for a while.  I wanted to be alone with Billy.  It took a while, but finally everyone was dancing, except my ex!  I encouraged him to go talk to a girl across the room who seemed interested in him.  I wasn’t fooling him, though…he knew what I was up to.  He called me out, saying, “I know you want to get rid of me so you can talk to Billy.”  I didn’t deny it.  He was hesitant, but he finally left.  Billy saw the opening and came back to join me.  Within minutes, he was asking me out, and promised he would call me during the upcoming week.  One of the most interesting parts of this story is that Billy was on the verge of moving to Colorado when he decided to come to Chapter 11 that night.  He had never been to that particular club before, but was desperately looking for something new.  He just wasn’t sure what it was.

The next few weeks were amazing.  Neither of us dated anyone else, from that day on.  We spent every moment we could find together, wondering why it took so long for us to find each other.  I fell madly in love, and was floating around, dazzled and dazed.  I was so touched by the compassion and the generosity of his heart.  He was not only gorgeous and intelligent, he was strong, supportive, funny and fun.  How did I get so lucky?  He even took my 4-year-old son with us on our second date!  Was this really happening so fast?  Could this love be the real thing?  It took him 3 weeks to admit he also loved me, but I knew it much sooner.  On October 25, 1980, only two months after we met, we were married.  No one thought it would last.  That was nearly 28 years ago.

Hearing that song, this morning, brought back a flood of wonderful memories.  I could feel that bliss again…that magical time when love is fresh and raw.  I fell in love again, as I remembered that skinny little blonde girl who spent 6 hours getting ready for that first date with a man destined to become her husband.  I remembered how she felt that day…excited, scared, and wonderful, all at once. 

I am so blessed and grateful for the love Billy and I have shared.  No one can tell me miracles aren’t real.

If you are looking for a wonderful new partner to share your life with, I suggest you put on an old familiar song that reminds you of being in love.  Let the music whisk you away into memories of loving someone so much, you can’t stand being apart from him/her.  Remember how being in love feels…the intense passion, the longing to share every moment and the inability to keep your hands off each other.  Remember the sparkling eyes, the smell and feel of the one you love, and the way you cannot possibly contain your smile and laughter when he/she walks into the room.  Do you feel that?  Yes…that is how you move mountains and call forth destiny.  The fastest way to find your perfect partner is to be in love with him/her right now.  And if you have your perfect partner, but you have forgotten what it feels like to be in love, just play that special song and let your imagination believe it is all happening right now.  It is.

If you want to win over the girl of your dreams, maybe all you need to do is call her “Lady.”  I fell in love with the words of Lionel Ritchie:

Thanks for the times
That you’ve given me.
The memories are all in my mind.
And now that we’ve come
To the end of our rainbow,
There’s something
I must say out loud.

You’re once, twice,
Three times a lady.
Yes, you’re once twice
Three times a lady,
And I love you.

When we are together,
The moments I cherish,
With every beat of my heart.
To touch you, to hold you,
To feel you, to need you,
There’s nothing to keep us apart.

You’re once, twice,
Three times a lady.
And I love you.
I love you.

Billy…I still love you most mostest!

I AM…Jodi

August 28, 2008

Try It On Everything Companion Book Released!!

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It is with great pleasure that I announce to you the release of the long-awaited book: Try It On Everything: Discover the Power of EFT by Dr. Patricia Carrington.Whether you’re new to EFT or a seasoned expert, I can guarantee that the information in this book will further your understanding of EFT and most importantly, help you to apply it to change your own life.  The book is a beautiful hardcover, 225 pages long.  

To get an idea of what this book covers, here are the chapters:

Part 1: The Story of EFT
Too Good To be True?
It’s All About Energy
Science Faces A Revolution
EFT’s Family Tree
A Quick Look at the Proof

Part 2: Learning EFT
Learning EFT
Basic Steps (the ‘How to’ Chapter)
Uncovering Hidden Aspects in EFT
It’s Good to Have a Choice
EFT for Past, Present and Future

Part 3: Using EFT in Your Life
Try EFT for Fears and Phobias
Try EFT to Enhance Performance
Try EFT to Improve Weight Loss
Try EFT for Physical Conditions and Pain
Try EFT for Just About Everything

Part 4: The EFT Retreat
Bernadette’s Story
Dennis’ Story
Donna’s Story
Jackie’s Story
Jodi’s Story
Jon’s Story
Patricia’s Story
Rene’s Story
Sam’s Story
Thea’s Story

Part 5: What to Expect
The Future of EFT

To celebrate the book’s release, I’ve put together some great combo packs
with the DVD and a very special “secret” combo pack with another MUST
HAVE EFT book (only 500 copies of this combo pack).  

And finally, I feel so confident in the power of this book that for a limited time, I’m going to do something that is unheard in the book industry.  Buy the book today, read the book, and if you’re not completely satisfied with the incredible information in it, return it for a full refund! Go to to order the book NOW!

Wishing you health, success and happiness,

Nick Ortner
Try It On Everything

Visit us at

Boundless Reality

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“We all have the power to make reality.  Why make it inside boundaries when the boundless is so near?”
(Quantum Healing–Deepak Chopra)

Every single day, people step outside the limitations of “normal” to do something miraculous.  People live longer than ever imagined, incurable diseases disappear, the dead come back to life, athletes excel with new records, a normal citizen becomes a millionaire, steps are taken by those who were told they would never walk again, babies are born to mothers who thought they could not conceive and creative inventions propel us into the future with astonishing new products and devices.  It happens all around us, and yet, we do not see.  If we could compile a list of all the miracles that will happen all across our world today, we would be amazed at how many there are.  What once seemed impossible becomes probable.

Because we have programmed limitations into our abilities, we believe we are much less than we really are; and yet, there is evidence, all around, that our boundaries are self-imposed. 

In his book, Quantum Healing, Chopra gives us a few examples of how we become what we see.  Depending on where and how we are introduced and taught about life, we developed different abilities.  I was startled to read the story about the experiment with newborn kittens that demonstrates how quickly we accept our limitations.  He writes:

     Three batches of kittens were placed in carefully controlled environments as they were opening their eyes.  The first was a white box painted with horizontal black stripes; the second was a white box painted with vertical black stripes; the third box was simply left white.

     After being exposed to these conditions during the critical few days when sight develops, the kittens’ brains conformed to them for life.  The animals raised in a world with horizontal stripes could not correctly see anything vertical–they would run into chair legs, whose verticality had little or no reality for them.  The batch from the vertical-stripe box had exactly the opposite problem, being unable to perceive horizontal lines.  The kittens from all-white surroundings had a larger disorientation and could not relate to any objects correctly.

Chopra provides many other such examples, like the Tarahumara Indians who run 25-50 miles a day in high altitudes, without any discomfort (in fact, their heart rates are slower at the end), while eating a meager diet of almost nothing but corn, half of which is consumed in the form of corn beer!  There is another example given in an experiment where a group of mice are given a chemical to stimulate t-cells in the immune system.  While this was done, the mice were also exposed to the smell of camphor.  After a short time, the chemical was no longer given, and the mice were only exposed to the smell of camphor.  Just by smelling the scent of camphor, the t-cell counts of the mice increased.  Most of us have heard of countless such stories involving “the placebo effect.”  And finally, Chopra shares information of a condition known as psychosocial dwarfism.  Children growing up in homes where there is inadequate love sometimes simply do not grow up.  They induce a deficiancy of growth hormone from the pituitary, even though the gland is not dysfunctional.  Once these children are placed in loving environments, the condition spontaneously reverses and they catch up with their peers in size.

Growing up, I remember a story Mary Baker Eddy shared about a man who was tied to a bed, blindfolded.  The doctors around him pretended to slit his wrists, and then carefully dropped warm water on his wrists, mimicking the flow of blood.  Because the patient believed he was bleeding to death, he actually died!  Can you see how imperative it is for us to question what we have accepted as truth?

What all of this proves is that what we are taught and what we accept as truth has tremendous power over what we can or cannot achieve.  As a little girl, I was taught that physical ailments could be healed through prayer, so I was able to heal myself of many illnesses, over the years.  Society told me differently, but the immersion in a supportive atmosphere of evidence to the contrary kept me strong in my belief that it was possible.  However, the more I was exposed to the world of traditional medicine, the less I relied on my spiritual practices.  In time, I found it difficult to return to my former understanding.  It wasn’t until I had suffered through a lot of pain and illness that I picked up where I had started and began to incorporate those early beliefs back into my life.

Today, I understand the value of opening up to all possibilities…even those the general population puts into the “improbable/impossible” category.  I have seen far too much evidence that proves nothing is impossible!  I can see how this is done–by our beliefs!  Fortunately, those can be changed.

The most important understanding we must embrace is that we are Divine Mind.  Although the ego pushes us to believe we are separate from All That Is, it simply is not so.  There are no possibilities outside of all, and we are not just tiny components of this infinite knowledge, we are all of it.  We have access to every answer to every problem.  And, as my mother taught me, growing up, Divine Mind not only knows all the answers, but also knows all the questions.  What is it we cannot understand?

Chopra agrees as he shares this story:

     An English lady was traveling through northern India and was taken to the caves along the Ganges where yogis sat in deep meditation.  She was pleasantly received by one yogi outside his cave.  At the end of the visit, she said, “Perhaps you don’t leave here very often, but I would be happy to show you around London.”

     “Madam,” the yogi calmly replied, “I am London.”

Perhaps you have been living in an environment that spoke to you in words of limitation–can’t, impossible, won’t, shouldn’t.  I invite you, today, to open your eyes to unlimited possibilities.  All things are possible to those who believe. No boundaries…because you are the boundless.

Yes, we can!

I AM…Jodi


August 27, 2008

Wake Up From Illusion!

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sleeping-child.jpg   As the parent of four and grandparent of two, I’ve witnessed quite a few nightmares, in my lifetime.  It’s easy to know when your child or grandchild is having a bad dream, because they will not be able to contain the story within the sleeping mind.  Their tiny bodies will twitch, jerk, toss and turn, and often, they finally moan, cry or yell out in fear.  When this happens, most parents gently touch the child and call out for them to awaken.  This is the perfect analogy for what God Consciousness does in us, but let’s take a look at how we expect God to intervene.

When we have bad experiences in life, we ignore the gentle whisper that beckons us to awaken and recognize it was nothing more than a dream…an illusion.  We collapse to the floor and beg for the nightmare to be adjusted.  We pray and bargain for intervention.  This would be like asking a parent to slip into the child’s nightmare to change the dream.  It isn’t possible, because only the one having the dream is experiencing it as reality.  The dream is the creative illusion of the child, and it is not coming from the Consciousness of the Parent–no loving parent would never wish such suffering on the child so adored!  How odd is it that we want God to fix the dream rather than to awaken us from it?

When we awaken from our nightmares, and see it isn’t reality, we feel relieved.  For a while, we attempt to keep the dream alive, by vividly recalling how awful it was.  Those around us provide comfort in the reminder, “it was just a dream.”  We continue to share the story with others, dramatically describing all the horrible details.  It somehow helps to repeat the story, for a while, most likely, in an attempt to make sense of it or to insure ourselves it didn’t really happen.  However, as the day wears on, the dream is forgotten, and we no longer occupy our minds with the events that weren’t real.  A few days later, the dream is nothing but a memory.  If we were able to let it go, with little residual effect, it no longer disturbs us.  What is it that enabled us to move past the nightmare, releasing its power in our lives?  Awakening!

Once we are awake, we understand the dream was nothing but an illusion.  Our belief in the current experience as reality provides safety.  Because we don’t empower the dream further by acting as if it were truth, it cannot cause us any harm.

The next time life appears to be turning into a nightmare, resist the urge to beg for someone outside yourself for help in changing the illusion.  Instead, get quiet and  become aware of the soft voice calling for you to awaken.  Do not struggle to change the dream, but step outside of it and know it is not Truth.  Be still and know.  Your belief in unity with God Consciousness will be the voice that calls you out of the illusion.  You are safe, eternal, loved.

Every winter, certain trees lose all their leaves, as they fall into a deep sleep through the cold winter months.  Those who do not know better could easily assume they are dead.  However, as the spring warmth returns, a gentle nudge reminds the tree it is time to awaken.  Rejuvenated and rested, the tree emerges with glorious foliage and the sweet scent of flowering.  New branches stretch upward to touch the clouds, and the roots hungrily dive deeper into the moist, dark soil.  Birds fill the limbs with song and children giggle as they scale the branches.  What a pity had the tree not responded to the call to awaken!

Peter O. Erbe writes, in God I Am:

     Happiness is a choice.  There is but one choice:  Reality or illusion.  Reality is happiness and joy.

I see you tossing and turning.  I hear your moans and cries.  I cannot change your dream, so I touch your shoulder, gently, and call to you.

“Sweet child, wake up from the nightmare–the illusion of anything outside of God, the good.  You are safe and loved.” 

Open your eyes, and recognize it was only a dream.  Paradise is calling!

I AM…Jodi

August 26, 2008

Parallel Universes, Say What?

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parallel-2.jpg   Every day, we focus a great deal of our time on problem-solving.  We attempt to anticipate what it is to come, using knowledge gleaned from past similar experiences, and with that, we do our best to avoid a bad outcome.  I wonder how we would react if we knew we were wasting our time.  What if there was nothing we could do to prevent a catastrophe?  Where then would our focus fall?

I was watching a video, earlier today, of a physicist talking about global warming to a group of scientists.  He was describing the inevitability of what lies in our near future, based on the actions we’ve taken in the past.  He stated that it is too late to reverse the damage done.  If we spend trillions of dollars to immediately reduce carbon emissions (which would mean bypassing all the politics involved), the best we can do is to slow down what is to come.  More than likely, however, we will drag our feet on this, and words between nations and denial by non-believers will delay even a beginning to resolution by decades.  In other words, the truth is, it is too late to stop global warming and its effects on our planet.  We made our bed, and now we must lie in it.  He suggested we would be much smarter to invest in ideas on how we are going to survive on an earth impacted by global warming.  In other words, it is too late to focus on the cause, so, at best, we could spend time and money on researching ways to deal with the effects.  There is no need to add our panic and worry to the problem.  Accepting “what is” is the only option.  If only we could go back and make different choices!  But that isn’t possible, is it? 

Scientists have been discussing parallel universes or “many-worlds” theories for quite some time.  This same idea is now being looked into with an even more profound suggestion called string theory.  Basically, this idea suggests that for every choice we’ve made, countless other choices were also made, and those options were played out in universes that split off from the one we recognize.  I know…it sounds unimaginable.  However, an overwhelming percentage of scientists support this theory.  When you really grasp this concept…that not just one choice, but all possible choices…were acted out by you, it quickly becomes mind-boggling.  Every time you went left, you also went right, and straight, and backwards.  When you chose not to use drugs, another you decided you would.  In one universe, you were married, but in another, you weren’t.  Can you see how interesting this is?  What if all possibilities are acted out?  Puts a whole new spin on the the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” doesn’t it? 

So why is it, you might be wondering, that I don’t have knowledge of these other worlds?  It isn’t possible…not yet, anyway.  All possibilities exist in wave form (units of light/energy that are not yet observable).  It is those wave forms that represent every possibility.  However, our focus or observation forces the waves to choose the one we see as reality, and in that instant, it becomes a particle (a solid experience of physical form).  Thus, because we cannot view but one possibility at a time, because our focus is singular, there is no way for science to observe the other worlds where a different choice existed.  The act of observation is what is making us aware of the choice we made and is also the thing that limits us from seeing the other universes.

In current reality, we are playing out a singular option as the only option.  I cannot even imagine how my life would look if I had walked other paths…LOL…even knowing that I did!  Is it best to just know one universal experience at a time?  I think that has been the case, up to now, but I believe we are quickly approaching a time when we will be able to look at all possible outcomes and purposefully choose the one that works best.  The truth is…we already have that ability, but are just now starting to play with it through intention.  Those open to designing life through intentions directed by the Law of Attraction are standing in awe at what is happening in their lives.  They are understanding that control is not random and unmanageable.  They are the ones causing everything to be as it is!

Gary Crowley quotes the poet, Rumi, in his book called From Here to Here, Turning Toward Enlightenment:

I lived on the lip,

of insanity, wanting to know reasons,

knocking on a door. It opens.

I’ve been knocking from the inside!

I believe we are on the verge of discovering just that…we’ve been pushing on the door that opens inward!  What I find so exciting about all this is that science and spirituality are converging to uncover new ways of perceiving.  We’ve had evidence all along, but to experience things differently, we are going to have to start looking with new eyes.  It’s going to shake, rattle and roll those who aren’t already walking this path, but for those of us who are opening up to this new way of thinking, it is astonishing, exciting, and above all else…hopeful.  Our eyes have limited our view of reality long enough.  Visionaries are uncovering treasures of Truth that will require us to incorporate new ways of seeing things.

As mass consciousness shifts into a new age of enlightenment, we will see things much differently.  We will laugh at how simple it was, all along.  And yet, it required us to walk the path to gain entry into this new way of seeing the world.

Says Crowley:

Seeking enlightenment is like searching for a pair of

glasses that are perched on top of your head. All efforts to find the

glasses are seen as ridiculous once one understands the situation.

How humorous it is to discover what was there all along!

What if the only complicated thing about enlightenment

was noticing what had been there all along? How could one not be

amused after all the searching? Perhaps, laughter will result when

you realize that enlightenment has been “perched upon your head”

all this time, patiently waiting to be discovered.

A simple shift of focus…that is all it is.  We have the ability to see things new…to make different choices.  It all starts with one question…

“How are you feeling, today?”

I AM…Jodi

August 25, 2008

Excluding God From All

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light-and-dark.jpg   John 8:12– “I am the light of the world.”

I often speak of how it is impossible to add anything more to all, but in saying that, I also want to point out that nothing can be subtracted from it, either.  There is a rich abundance to the word “all”…eternal and infinite.  While some of us find it easy to include God Consciousness in most everything, we struggle with the occasional exclusion.  We believe God to be in nature, in babies, and in those who live good lives; and yet, when we see those things we call ugly, cruel and hateful, we are certainly not seeing God within that space! How much of life is excluded from All, due to our judgments?  Isn’t seeing anything as apart from God diminishing the infinite nature of All?

We say God is All…everywhere.  We say God is perfection and Love.  We imagine our Creator to be kind, compassionate, beautiful, abundant, and filled with joy.  We also say we are the reflection of God, or the “image and likeness” of our Creator…certainly born of it, sharing the same “genetic” codes.  We cannot be that which our Creator is not.  God, we claim, is ultimate perfection, but we don’t always believe that about ourselves or others.  How can we rectify these apparent conflicts within ourselves?  How can we find light in the dark?

Not only our energetic experience, but also our human beliefs and judgments have added the labels that divide life into pieces–acceptable and unacceptable.  We see a golden-haired toddler squealing with delight at the antics of a playful kitten, and we say, “That is good.”  We see a filthy beggar, kicking his mangy mutt, while uttering foul words to match his offensive smell, and we say, “That is bad.”  It is easy to believe God is within the space of the beautiful child, but we cannot imagine how God is represented in the foul-mouthed man.

The truth is…all mortal appearances are deceiving.  What we think we see is nothing more than illusion…a trick of the eye. Yes, God is in the space of the precious child, but God is also in the space of the offensive man.  To see Truth, you are going to have to look into the light and see the darkness that holds it.  For truly, you cannot experience one without the other.  To be the All, you must first recognize nothingness.

Recently, I was talking with a beautiful woman who was quite upset about the destruction of trees.  While watching a grand oak tree being toppled, she felt deep sadness and was quite certain the tree was suffering.  She sobbed at the memory of the tree being destroyed, obviously locked into deep pain.  When she was able to become calm enough to talk about it, I challenged her belief.  What if the tree isn’t as it appears?  The tree, I explained, is made up of tiny photons of light.  Our eyes have translated those particles into the image of a tree, however.  Ah yes…but the chain saw which appears to be destroying the tree is also nothing more than particles of light…as is the man who is holding it.  If she could see the reality of everything included in this story, it would be nothing more than millions of photons of light–popping in and out of awareness.  And even that…even the photons…are only experienced when there is an Observer to witness them.  Taking away the physical “evidence” of mortality, all that remains is the space between.  Diminished to the nothingness it really is, matter has no form nor truth.  All That Is merely is

Good and bad have no meaning in God Consciousness.  We–humans, being–gave definition to good and bad, through our learned beliefs.  While seeing a tree removed from the earthy soil causes one woman great pain and sorrow, it brings absolute joy to the new homeowner who sees it in a new form.  The tree, you see, wasn’t really destroyed.  Energy cannot be destroyed.  It only transformed from tree to house. Is one good while the other is bad?

We have been so conditioned to place the images we see into categories–absolutely certain we are correct–we have forgotten that doing so modified our belief that God is All.  We cannot serve two masters.  Which will you choose?  Is God eternal and infinite, or is God limited to our ideas of right and wrong?

Stepping out of the darkness into the light and back again into the darkness is nothing more than transformation.  If we want to truly see the light, we must be enlightened.  From that place of understanding, we no longer need transformation.  We have reached transcendence.  We see nothing as everything, and everything as nothing.  Form is born of the Formless.  Yet, trying to find the Formless in form is an elusive chase until observation is felt rather than seen.  Now you see it.  Now you don’t.  Look again…not with human eyes, but with heartfelt Love.  To find Truth, you must transcend truth.

Whether you see yourself or others as imperfect, if you believe that to be so, you are excluding God from All That Is.  Which one will it be?  Is God All?  Now is the time to step back and allow perfection to be represented in every space, everywhere.  This requires nothing more than changing your beliefs.  See God as All–not just a part of it. 

Recognize that mortal eyes will never be able to see the light as perfect, because to be mortal requires the equal and opposite force to be experienced, as well.  You cannot know what light is if you have no darkness to illumine.  Without down, up is meaningless.  Beauty can only be recognized in the contrast of ugliness.  What does it mean to turn right if you have no left?  In choosing to experience being human, we had to welcome duality.  Nonetheless, when the experience seems more than we can bear, we have the option of remembering it is just an illusion.  This being human thing is nothing more than the experiencing of light particles as objects…that’s all.  And when we close our eyes to seeing those light particles as form, we return to the reality of the Formless and reclaim All as God.

Mortal eyes cannot see anything but illusion, and as long as we trust what those eyes see, we will be blind to Truth. 

God is All.  Nothing more…nothing less.

I AM…Jodi

August 22, 2008

The Purpose of Prayer

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prayer.jpg    Prayer.  Such an interesting topic!  I love to ask people what the motive is behind the prayer.  Some people tell me it is to praise God, while others say it is to ask for something.  Prayer is also used for thanksgiving, to affirm Truth, to inform Divine Mind of the goings-on in their lives, to appear pious in public places, and to confess our sins.  Let’s take a look at each of those reasons.

Prayer is sometimes used to praise God.  As humans, being, we feel it is important that we let God know we recognize the goodness of our Creator…the one who is “out there.” Perhaps we have an underlying motive.  We may be secretly hoping that praising God will flatter Him, thus resulting in an outpouring of good into our lives.  When we equate God to humans, we suppose flattery will get us everywhere, so why not see if the breath of praise will enlarge God’s ego and win us favor?  Yet, God does not need to be reminded of All That Is, because Divine Mind cannot forget from whence it came.  Praising God, however, does not win favors.  If it did, those who praised God would have nothing but good in their lives.

And then there is the need to ask God to add things into our lives.  Really?  Is there any way God can give us more than All?  Would God not know our needs?  Perhaps of all the different types of prayer, this one is the most vain, and the one which most identifies God as a mortal.  We are assuming a loving Creator denies us that which reflects Love.  We plead with God as if God were a human being, perpetuating the idea that our Creator is created in the image and likeness of man.  Nothing can be added to a fountain already spilling over, so begging for more perfection will not change nor move God to add more unto our experience.  It is not possible.  God’s work is finished…always has been.  We cannot receive more than All.

Expressing gratitude for what we have in our lives appears, at first glance, to be a wonderful motive for prayer.  However, if we are merely expressing gratitude with words, it serves no real purpose.  Gratitude comes from a feeling place in the heart, and to truly be grateful requires the actions of our lives to match the words we speak.  Often, I see people offering thanksgiving before they eat a meal, but no sooner than the prayer ends, they begin to complain about different aspects of their lives.  Where did the gratitude go?  If we can only be grateful for a part of this experience of life, then we are declaring God to be less than All.  Placing one foot in each world is a difficult balancing act, so until we are completely congruent with the idea of gratitude, it might be best left unspoken.

Affirmations are another form of prayer many now use.  Here, we state Truth and claim it for ourselves.  We agree with goodness, either silently or publically.  But who is needing this confirmation?  Surely not God!  The All-Knowing has no need to be reminded of the good qualities of Love.  This prayer is the only one that does not petition God in any way, because it is spoken to the self.  In that sense, we are still seeing ourselves as outside of God, because if we were One, we know these things without having to speak them.  Merely stating affirmations does us no good.  We can claim God is Love, but if we do not live every aspect of our lives from that Truth, what good did the saying of those words do?

One of the most light-hearted forms of prayer is the one where we converse with God as if He were our best friend.  In this type of prayer, the one praying is merely informing God of the different circumstances of his or her life.  In most cases, a petition for help is thrown into the mix, somewhere along the way, but for the most part, the prayer is a simple conversation with a Diety who behaves more like a good friend than a God.  The most interesting part of this type of prayer, to me, is the assumption that the All-Knowing doesn’t know, and that speaking words into the Divine Ear will influence God to bestow greater good in our lives.

The public prayer is the least satisfying, to me.  What is it that makes us want to pray in public?  A group prayer is one so general I’m not sure any needs are really met.  I can find no reason to publically pray, unless it is to gain the attention of others so they will know how pious we are.  The truest test of the prayer is to witness the effect.  Did stating aloud that we forgive our debtors really cause us to do so?  The most sincere prayers are always unspoken.  They are felt, and speaking these words aloud does nothing to gain God’s ear.  God is not influenced by humans.

And finally…there is the prayer of confession.  If the purpose of prayer is to cancel out sin, the prayer cannot be a good thing.  Used in this way, prayer perpetuates sin, because it invites the petitioner to continue acting outside of Love.  I’ve heard ministers speak of those walking through the pearly gates due to confession of sins and baptism in water, but I knew those people to be great sinners.  They lived their lives blatantly denying God’s beauty and perfection, because they believed they had a free ticket to paradise upon death.  Repentence and confession are the easiest steps to forgiveness, but they are only the beginning.  Reformation is required.  We must “go, and sin no more.” 

So, what then, is my personal method of prayer?  The living of my life.  In every form of traditional prayer I ponder, I recognize it separates me from Source.  I choose to stay in Oneness with All That Is.  In doing so, I have nothing to add, no need to inform, no reason to repent or confess, no desire to converse with an outside Being.  I live my prayer…it is an action.  I align with Consciousness and act as if Heaven was a place called Earth.  I hold tight to my understanding of Source, knowing there is nothing apart from or outside of All.  Everything created came from the same Source.

Whatever method of prayer you use, I trust you will use it to lift your awareness into a higher Consciousness…a realization of the continuity and completeness of All That Is.  The day draws near when all mankind sees with new eyes.  In a blink of an eye, we will recognize the One we are.

“Wherever we are…God IS.”

I AM…Jodi

August 20, 2008

The Law of Least Effort

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j0433196.jpg   Deepak Chopra often speaks of the Law of Least Effort.  He describes it as the intelligence of nature, functioning with effortless ease.  Sigh…sounds so peaceful, doesn’t it?  But is it?

Least Effort is evident in nature.  When we watch flowers bloom, trees grow, and baby birds learning to fly, it appears as if there is no struggle, whatsoever.  It merely happens and is so.  What is it that allows nature to survive, in spite of storms, droughts, fires, prey and other destructive forces?  Acceptance.  It isn’t that nature doesn’t have its challenges; it does.  Nature, however, doesn’t resist change. 

In order for anything to grow or change, it must necessarily go through a period of chaos, first.  An acorn that lands in the nurturing soil cannot become a beautiful oak without first giving up its identity as an acorn.  Within the seed, there is tremendous reorganization going on.  And once the plant emerges, it must push and push against the soil to stretch out its newfound branches to the life-giving sunlight. The same is true with a caterpillar in a cocoon, or a baby chick in its shell.  Before emerging as something else, first there will be chaos.  In our own bodies, each moment, new cells are born, but that first requires an older cell to stretch, pull apart, and divide into two.  Looking closely, we see growth requires the struggle.  Least Effort, however, comes when we don’t resist it…we merely observe or witness it.

The aspect that makes struggle painful is our resistance to change.  When we fight against inevitable growth, we cause ourselves so many problems.  Thank goodness, nature doesn’t do this!  What if your cells suddenly became frightened, and decided they were no longer going to allow division?!  What if they decided change was not safe?  Can you see how important it becomes to accept chaos as a part of the birthing process?

Once we can accept that moving into something new is going to require us to release some of the baggage of the past, we are working with the Law of Least Effort.  Regardless of what appears to be happening around us, we understand it is just a part of a wonderful process called growth.  We become The Observer…sitting in the audience, watching, but not resisting.  We relax and feel safe, because we know what wonders are taking place.  It is nothing but a process, and there is no need to struggle against the struggling.  Let it be.  At the end of the storm, there’s a golden sky!

The next time you witness a stormy situation in your life, see if you can sit in the moment and allow it to be.  As you do, you will see the beautiful outcome when the sun shines again.  Everything around you will appear new and fresh.  Perhaps one oak tree cracked and fell, sacrificing its life.  Yet, out of that sacrifice, new acorns found there way into the warmth of the soil, and emerged as a larger stand of trees.  There is reason to all of it, but it requires our trust. 

If you are struggling against something in your life, I invite you to sit with me for a while to merely watch.  Let go of the need to control and stifle the chaos.  Allow it to be and see what amazing things are born of it.  Your added resistance does nothing to block change.  There is nothing you can do to stop change.  It is a necessary part of growth.  Sit here…watch.  All is well.

Acceptance is our agreement to allow things to be exactly what they are…not what we wish they could be.  Acceptance means we give up the need to one-up Divine Mind with mortal mind.  It requires so little effort when we go with the flow, rather than struggle against it.  When we can allow the intelligence of God to be in control, without us struggling against it, we ride the waves to new shores. 

What a joyous adventure…this thing called life!

I AM…Jodi

August 19, 2008

Natural and Learned Fears

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fear.jpg    I have good news and bad news.

Bad news is that we only have two natural fears when we are born into this world–falling and loud noises–and all the others are learned experiences.

The good news?  That means we can do something about them!

The anxiety, terror, sorrow, and helplessness that accompany fears can be removed with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  I’ve seen it done, time and time again.  It all starts with that first question:  What are you afraid of?

Many people are afraid of public speaking.  If you have watched the movie, Try It On Everything, you saw a great demonstration of overcoming this fear.  Jackie, a fellow participant in the movie, has not only grown comfortable speaking in public, she is now actively working as a speaker in workshops.  And the best part is…she is actually enjoying it!  I, too, grew up with a fear of public speaking.  I was one of those people who you felt really sorry for when you saw them giving a speech in front of a group.  My knees would violently shake, my voice would quiver, my mouth would dry out, my entire body would turn bright red, my stomach would feel nauseous, my heart would pound so dramatically it felt like it was going to explode, my mind would go numb, and my hands would shake so hard I couldn’t hold the paper to read.  Whew…remembering those days from where I am now is eye-opening!  Today, when I speak in public, most people find it hard to believe I was once that terrified of standing in front of an audience, but I was.  How did I get past it?  Yep…EFT.

Phobias of animals are another big one when it comes to fear.  Again, you saw Jackie and Steve handling a snake in the movie, but what you didn’t see was how Thea’s fear was also overcome.  It was a very slow process of tapping, tapping, tapping!  Even though she never actually held the snake, she caught us all off guard when she bent down to kiss the darn thing!  I couldn’t believe she found that kind of courage just by tapping!

And then there was the moment when Jon overcame his fear of rats!  While serving in Viet Nam, Jon explained that rats would come out and feed on the decaying bodies of people left in the fields.  Not only did they eat the bodies of those who had died, but they also began coming into the tents of the soldiers, at night, attempting to feast on them as well.  Jon had a vivid memory of waking up to a rat the size of a house cat, gnawing on his leg!  Just the mention of a rat would send shivers down his spine.  With great care, he was introduced to a rat, during our stay at Clear Point Center, and his family and friends were shocked to see him posing with the rat in hand by the time we left Connecticut.

I, too, had a block due to fear, although mine was a more subtle version.  I always wanted to write a book, but never seemed able to do so.  I continuously sabotaged every attempt…and this had been going on for decades.  At first, I thought I was afraid of failure, but the more I looked into that aspect, the more I realized that wasn’t true for me.  I was afraid of success!  I was good at failing…felt quite cozy there.  I had seen myself as a failure in so many areas of my life.  No, that was not a problem for me.  Success, however, was something I couldn’t accept.  If I became successful, the down side was an issue.  I had always been the one to take care of everyone else, and I had no clue how to do anything for myself.  Giving was fine, but receiving was an issue.  I never felt comfortable accepting the help of others.  Driven by perfectionism and the need to stay safe, I wouldn’t allow myself the option of standing out.  In staying small, I was unseen…safe.  I had always been the responsible one, and who would take care of everyone if I suddenly started to focus on my own success?  With EFT, I finally allowed myself the freedom to live my own life.  I gave myself permission to succeed.

The truth is, we have so many learned fears that keep us from enjoying our lives to the fullest.  We weren’t born with these…we acquired them from other people or from the experiences in our lives.  Unfortunately, many people walk around as if there is nothing they can do about it.  We go through life feeling unworthy and unlovable, stifling our success with our fears.  But now you know….there is a way to end the sabotage.  You have the tools to move towards your dreams.

Go ahead…try it on everything!  What are you afraid of?

I AM…Jodi