July 31, 2008

The Nature of Reality

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mother-and-baby.jpg   Although I am no expert in the field of psychology, I would like to talk a bit about what I’ve come to understand about how the pain-body/shadow self causes so much suffering.  Suffering seems to be so much a part of the human condition, it does not serve us to dismiss it.  In fact, the only way we will ever end suffering is to look at it closely.  Oh no…it is not pleasant to face our demons, but you know what?  We all have them.  In fact, I would dare say we have two kinds.

When we are first born into this experience, we have no concept of right and wrong, good and bad.  As newborn babies, we are in the purest form of acceptance.  We are one with everything, and we observe without judging.  A few months after a baby is born, however, the child starts observing its hand.  At that moment, there is a point of separation from the mother.  The baby begins to sense it has a “self.”  While it is sometimes fun to be separated from others, it also causes the baby to become a bit fearful.  Generally, the mother cannot stray too far from the child without the baby crying, and the baby understands that crying is the thing that causes the mother to return.  As time goes on, language is introduced, and the naming of things causes even further separation because it is now even more evident that this thing and that thing are not the same.  As the baby becomes more aware of this separation, he or she may begin to experience a bit of anxiety toward “others.”  The child starts to cling to its parents.  Fear will sometimes cause the toddler to act out, and this behavior will be reprimanded by the parents, which, in turn, births the feeling of anger.  Tantrums are now common.  Good and bad have entered the child’s world.  The curious nature of the child is constantly testing the parents, as he or she begins to play the game of right and wrong, good and bad.  Sometimes actions are rewarded, but other times, they are discouraged or punished.  Depending on the intensity of the emotion attached to the event, the experience can be merely unpleasant or extremely upsetting. This process evolves, throughout early childhood, and by the time the child is six or seven years old, a huge laundry list of upsets are now part of that child’s experience of life.  The good experiences and minor problems tend to pass through the energy field, resolving themselves.  However, the more intense and unpleasant events–those which had strong negative emotions felt with them–remain in the energy field.  As time goes on, more and more events causing that same emotion are stored in that same area, and a block is formed.  Left unaddressed, these blocks lurk in the person’s unconscious awareness, constantly activating and attracting more of the same.  The person is, more than likely, completely unaware of this.  These stored negative memories do not feel good, so one of two things starts to happen.  The person will disassociate from that emotion, projecting it onto people and events around him or her, or he or she will repress that emotion in a an attempt to bury the pain.

What happens to us, as we move through our journey of life, is that these repressed and disassociated negative emotions form what some called a shadow self.  Eckhart Tolle calls it the pain-body.  These are basically the same thing…the unaddressed, negative energy-body of our wounded past.  Don’t mistake this for something merely emotional or subconscious.  It is also physiological.  This can be demonstrated by asking yourself if you have any painful memories from your past.  If you answered that you do (and I cannot imagine anyone who cannot bring up something!), then begin to describe that experience to someone else.   As you do, notice how you are feeling.  Does the memory activate feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, fear, etc.?  Yes!  Now, notice where you are feeling that emotion in your body.  If you feel sad, you will most likely point to your heart, but you may discover you feel it somewhere else, as well.  If you are angry, do you feel that in your solar plexus?  Chest?  Shoulders?  Head?  For every person, it will be different, but just start to become aware that emotions are not only psychological, they are also very much physiological.

When we disassociate from negative emotions, we see them in others.  In fact, we attract those type of people and events into our own experience.  Why?  It is an attempt to reclaim them.  Your shadow will not be denied, but the monster in the closet is really not your enemy!  If we stopped running from it, we would see its only purpose was to tell us something important about ourselves.  However, because we are not willing to see this aspect in ourselves, we have pulled in and added to our blocks.  We feed the monster that stalks us, but we never look at it.   Thus, even though we believe other people are the ones with the problems and it is “they” causing us such problems, it is really us doing it all.  Everything in our experience is being choreographed by ourselves.  What we see in others that disturbs us is what we are not willing to see in ourselves.  Ask yourself what kind of people, events, actions, or experiences bother you.  List them!  Become aware of times in your own past when you acted in a similar way.  If you see many selfish people around you, then see if you have been selfish.  What made you disown being selfish?  Were you told it is shameful to only think of yourself?  Ask yourself the tough questions…why wasn’t it okay for me to be selfish?  Who told me it was wrong?  Did something happen to me, as a child, to make me not want to be selfish?  What was it?  If we don’t do this, we are likely going to suffer physical problems, somewhere down the line.  When the block can no longer be contained, it will explode into your current experience in some form of disease or problem. High blood pressure, heart attacks, migraine headaches, accidents, and so forth are pulled into the experience.

When we repress negative emotions, we push them into deep, dark corners.  We punish ourselves with our own denial.  Ah yes…resistance!  Yes…what we resist, persists!  That shadow or pain-body is not going to be denied, in spite of our attempts to bury our heads in the sand.  Repressed negative emotions tend to “eat at” us.  They often surface as the diseases that attack the self…auto-immune illnesses, cancer, ulcers, etc.  Because we are uncomfortable with these negative aspects, we choose to ignore them.  If we don’t look at them they aren’t real, right?  This might feel better, for a while, but denial is one river that will push you up a creek with no paddle.  This monster is really frightening because we never see it in others.  Where is it?  We hear the ominous music and we are aware something lurks in the shadows, but we hide under the covers and hope it will just go away.  It doesn’t.  We sigh, deeply, and blame ourselves for everything that goes wrong.  We discover this monster is within.  When we repress these memories, we never gain from the experience.  We can, however, finally shine a light into those corners and see the monsters for what they really are.  Opportunities!  We can remember the shame and denial came from a belief that it wasn’t okay to have such feelings.  Who told us that was so?  Were they “right?”  Why don’t we feel comfortable with feeling that emotion?  Did we learn to do only what pleases others, and might that have come from a desire to feel safe and loved?  What will happen if we allow?

Once we confront the pain-body or shadow self, we allow ourselves the chance to catch our breath.  All that running got us nowhere, did it?  That’s because we were running from ourselves.  Our humanness.  But now, we are ready to embrace all aspects of ourselves, knowing the darkness is just a way to see the light.  We are in the experience of being human, but we are never, never apart from that which we are a part of.  Our beliefs…learned beliefs…drew us further and further into the illusion of separation.  We know better now.  We evolved. 

Why is it necessary to look at that which we’ve denied?  Because until we do, it will be held within…attracting more of the same.  It holds us in the past, biting our ankles and gnawing at our feet.  It keeps us from moving forward.  Once we allow ourselves to feel the pain, we are brought back into the now moment.  Here, we are safe and we find ourselves sensing the beauty all around us.  The biting and gnawing ceases to have any power over us.  Now, we can move ahead without underlying distractions pulling us back into the past.  No more whispers from the past call us out from Being.  We see our path with clarity.  We toss out our outdated maps and follow our hearts.  The projection is focused.

We’re surrounded and held within Being. We’ve always been safe.  We’ve always been loved.  All along, we needed only to change the channel.  

The programmed frequency gives us a human experience of good and bad–a horror movie, drama, romance or comedy–but a flick of the remote will instantly change all we once thought was absolute.  We labeled one type good and another bad, and we decided which types we prefer to watch.  Sometimes others had the control, and it was from them we learned what was acceptable and what was not.  We believed them.  We obeyed them and followed their rules as if they were the truth, because we wanted to be loved and accepted.  We wanted to be safe.  All of it was neither good nor bad, however.  It just was and is. 

And then, there are those frequencies that look like nothing but snow.  Could that be the real essence of everything?  Early on, I was taught to quickly move past that channel, because it was nothing.  I now stare at it and wonder if it is everything!  Alas…that might be just another perception, though.  Could there be frequencies I’ve yet experienced and would I know them if I tuned into them?  I sense the need to remain alert and aware. 

And we always have the option of turning it off or looking inside to see the whole thing is nothing but a projection of light into darkness.  Which one is reality? 

They all are.

I AM…Jodi

July 30, 2008

Ask and It is Given

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praying-hands.jpg   All prayer is answered…always!

I remember I wrote that same sentence in my book, God Is I AM, and my stepfather, Claude, as he was editing, brought it to my attention.  He furrowed his brow as he read that, and it obviously made him feel very uncomfortable.  He suggested I might want to change that statement.  I didn’t.

It is written in the Bible “Ask, and it is given” (Matthew 7:7).  The word “sometimes” is not inserted anywhere in that sentence.  Why then, we might wonder, does it feel like we don’t receive the things for which we ask sometimes?  And how come I say it is true that it is always answered?  And what about criminals who pray for something horrible to happen…surely God wouldn’t grant them what they want!??!!

When we ask God/Consciousness for anything, we first have to consider who is doing the asking and who is being asked?  That is the bottom line.  As humans, being, we have separated ourselves from God, and some of us believe we are asking a fatherly figure who answers or ignores us according to some mysterious whim.  We are never told why prayers appear to be unanswered, but most people assume it was “not God’s will” or maybe they just didn’t do something the correct way or perhaps they need to learn a lesson from the withholding of our desired outcome.  All this flies in the face of what we were told by Christ Jesus.  God is Love.  It is God’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom.  God takes care of us as much or more than the lilies of the field or the birds in the sky. Nowhere does it say “except on the first Tuesday of all even-numbered months” or “only if you have blond hair and tithed 10% to the Baptist Church.”  And then…oh my…we have to look at the reality that sometimes very “bad” people get everything they want and more.  Not only is that upsetting, but some of the greatest saints of biblical history who lived kingly lives were not really all that righteous and pious.  What’s up with that, God?  It just doesn’t fit into the black or white categories of good versus evil.  I thought the guy in the white hat is always supposed to win.  Life isn’t fair!

I’ve said this time and again, and I’ll repeat it for good measure.  We are the only ones keeping our good from coming to us and we are the only ones who are allowing it to flow readily through us.  Not God.  God already gave us everything.  God’s work is finished.  (Give that some time to settle in and you will see it has to be true).  Unanswered prayer is nothing more than a belief in the absence of God’s good in our experience.  It’s a human perception, and it cannot be true.  God’s good is everywhere.  Sometimes those “bad” people are the ones who have the least resistance to believing they deserve good.  Their own narcissistic beliefs leave them open to receiving.  Yes…they expect it!  And so guess what happens?  Yes…they get that which they ask for. 

You see, asking God to give us anything is really asking in vain.  God cannot give us more than all.  We are the ones who either allow or reject all we have been given.  For some people, it is easy to take; for others, it is not so.  We harbor feelings of guilt or unworthiness.  By accepting those beliefs, we block good from expressing fully in our lives.

So, we now have to reconsider the purpose of asking for something.  Perhaps the asking is coming from us, but is really asking the self to move into the flow of acceptance.  The one asking is also the one denying or granting, because it is really all the same thing.  Giving and receiving is circular, and it begins and ends in the same place.  If we feel like we didn’t receive that which we asked for, we need not shrug our shoulders and declare that God didn’t want us to have it; rather, we need to look within ourselves to see what beliefs we are holding that are keeping us from experiencing only good.

Perhaps you are working with the Law of Attraction, and you firmly believe you are holding the feeling of already having that which you desire.  If you still have not received it, however, something is amiss, right?  What is it?

It is your conditioned expectations.  It is the energy of your past.  It is your unconscious beliefs.  You might be very adept at holding a particular outcome in the present or as a possibility in the future, but have you forgotten about the ideas you implanted into your subconscious in your earliest days on earth?  You cannot ignore them.  They are what hold you in resistance to receiving.  Perhaps you believe you have moved past the time when you felt you were unworthy of receiving your desires, but did you forget to clear the energy of a long-held tradition of seeing yourself as undeserving?  Does a faint voice echo in the canyons of your mind that declares you do not deserve such happiness?  Whose voice is it?  Who told you this was true?  Test your emotional memory to see if you still feel that ache in your heart or that punch in the solar plexus when you recall those words from your past.  If you do…that energy is not merely a memory from your past, it is very much a part of your  current experience. You carry your past into your today.  You also place it in your future.  Is it any wonder our prayers seem to be unanswered?

I am quite pleased to see so many of today’s spiritual teachers insisting we can no longer ignore our past.  Whether you call it your shadow self, your past, your pain-body, or your cellular memory, it is the same thing.  It is a real energy…a deep-seated part of your experience.  In most cases, merely talking about it will not remove it.  If a strong emotion was felt with it, the past was not just an idea (which is energy in wave form), but it is also physical (energy in particle form). 

Even though we might have formerly believed the experience was nothing more than “a thing of the past,” we now know better.  It is also in the moment of now, lurking in the subtle energy field of our bodies.  And here’s the catch…the more we attempt to ignore or hide this aspect of ourselves, the stronger it gets.  It attracts more of the same.  The energy field enlarges when we ignore or dismiss it.  It pursues us and we cannot outrun it, because it is a part of who we are.  If we want to remove the pain-body, a horrible memory from the past or shadow aspect of ourselves, there is only one thing we can do.  Face it.  Stop running, denying and ignoring it.  Look at it, accept it, and forgive it.  Only then can we step into a state of allowing.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is the best method I’ve ever found for this.  EFT locates the pain-body and confronts it.  It asks us to stop running away…stop denying it.  Once we locate the source, we clear the effects, but also the cause.  We remove the energy of the shadow, and we replace it with better-serving beliefs.  And guess what wonderful things can then happen?  As you clear your present moment through the acceptance of God’s good, you receive all the good you have desired.

Our prayers are answered…always!  Sometimes it is for good…and sometimes it isn’t.  When we allow God’s good into our experience, we receive all we ask for, but it is also true that our resistance to receiving is an answer to our prayer.  Be careful what you ask for!  Either way, we are receiving that which we have asked. 

There is nothing to block you from receiving all that has been given to you except you.  If you are receiving anything less than perfection, it is because a shadow aspect of yourself is asking for something less.  Call it out.  Experience it and forgive it.  Let it go.  Clear that energy from your experience so nothing stands in resistance to the goodness of Love.

Ask and it is given, not because God likes you more today than yesterday, but because you are open to receiving.

I AM…Jodi

July 28, 2008

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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j0438735.jpg   Today’s quote from the Abraham-Hicks Publications (Jerry and Esther Hicks) reads:

I Can Make a Career of Living Happily Every After. . .

A very good career choice would be to gravitate toward those activities and to embrace those desires that harmonize with your core intentions, which are freedom and growth—and joy. Make a “career” of living a happy life rather than trying to find work that will produce enough income that you can do things with your money that will then make you happy. When feeling happy is of paramount importance to you—and what you do “for a living” makes you happy—you have found the best of all combinations.

In perfect synchronicity, Neale Donald Walsch’s “I Believe God Wants You to Know” column chimes in with:

On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know…

...that you can be happy right here, not tomorrow, not

in ten minutes, but now. You can be happy right now.


Byron Katie said that, and she is right. Happiness is

allowing yourself to be okay with what is, rather than

wishing for, and bemoaning, what is not.


Obviously, what is is what is supposed to be, or it

would not be. The rest is just you, arguing with life.

Somewhere along the way you will have to learn to

just Trust Life. (Read that, “Trust God.”) Why not

start today?

Happiness, we can all agree, is something everyone would love to experience 24/7.  But, that is not the way things generally seem to be, is it?  We strive for and work for happiness, but often, it eludes us.  Maybe we should consider why that is.

The words strive and work imply resistance.  They make happiness sound difficult.  Happiness, however, never comes in difficult times.  It comes when we allow ourselves to breeze along in the vibrational flow of Divine Consciousness.  It comes from a place deep within the heart-space, and it feels like it radiates into the field surrounding us.  It feels good! 

Wanting more happiness in our lives suggests it isn’t here.  It is.  It permeates everything, because it is the essence of Love…Consciousness.  It is us who choose to resist having it.  We decide, unconsciously, that we would rather experience negative feelings like sadness.  More than likely, we are choosing resistance because we have determined, objectively, that the world is unkind.  Someone or something “out there” has done something to us.  They don’t want us to be happy.  Others seem to have it, but it is purposefully being kept from us.  Look closer!

We are really the only ones preventing us from feeling good.  Regardless of outward appearances, we always have the option of choosing joy.  No one can keep it away from those who want to experience it.  I’ve known those who are very wealthy who are extremely unhappy, and I’ve seen those in poverty knowing nothing but happiness.  I’ve watched some people decline into depression when they are given an awful health prognosis, and I’ve watched others who embrace the end with unimaginable joy.  The difference is understanding how to be in control…not victimized.  When you look at the world from the subjective viewpoint, you are very much in control of how you feel.  Of course, the more you understand the illusion of mortality, the easier it is to practice this positive nature of being.  Knowing that all we interpret in this world is nothing more than the beliefs we have assigned to it, we can laugh at our own vulnerability.  It is easy to buy into our ideas of right and wrong, good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant, because everything “out there” seems so very real.  We are pretty darn sure we’ve got it all right!  After all, we have plenty of evidence to support our truths.  But there is no certainty in any of this.  What seems so certain today will likely be undone in some tomorrow yet to be.  That is the nature of energetic expression…changing, evolving, redefining itself.

I choose to make happiness my career.  I choose to go with the flow and to experience life as manifested possibilities.  Sometimes I make choices that serve me, but sometimes I don’t.  No matter!  I can choose again.  I see no benefit in living my life in resistance to outward appearances.  I recognize something much grander at work, and I understand I am floating in it. 

Ah yes…life is good!

I AM…Jodi

July 25, 2008

Who’s On Your Team?

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tioe-banner-for-jodi.jpg   One of the most difficult things to do in working with metaphysical healing is to work with a loved one.  Why?  Emotions.  Our connection to those we love so dearly will get in the way.  We will be drawn into their “story,” and the pain-body will emerge the winner.

There have been times in my life when I was so distraught, my mind went blank.  Has that ever happened to you?  During the moments when we are most needed, we sometimes find ourselves whisked away in a whirlpool of panic.  Chaotic thoughts are racing through the mind and it seems like everyone is asking something of us.  Frantically, we try to get into the silence, but it is impossible.  Sometimes, the best I could do during those times is merely utter a single word, “God.”  If you find yourself in this place, you know your emotions are far too involved for you to effectively work for healing.  It’s time to seek help…at least, for the interim.  Once things settle a bit, you can join those already at work.

My mother and father have always been the two people I turn to in times like these.  LOL…seems like everyone turns to them!  Just hearing the calming tone of their voices makes me feel better.  It seems they know exactly what to say.  My mother immediately tells me not to try to take on the task of healing, at that time.  “Let us do this for you,” she says.  In that instant, I literally feel a huge weight lift from my shoulders.

I’m especially blessed because I know of several other places to turn, as well. 

My online healing group is wonderful.  This is a group of people from all across the planet…each one gifted with their own healing techniques.  Anytime one of us asks for support, the response is immediate and powerful.  I love turning here because it is very comforting to know there is always someone in the group working with me, because we live in various time zones.  Around the clock loving energy!  As a group, we have witnessed many miracles, and having these friends working for healing is one of the most comforting things I do.

Also, being raised in Christian Science, I’ve learned how incredible the practitioners in this church are.  Although they do charge a fee, the work they do is stunning!

As a member of the Unity Church, I now find myself calling on Silent Unity, as well.  They can be reached at 1-800-NOW-PRAY.  This is  24-hour prayer support from Unity Village in Missouri.  I strongly encourage you to call on them in times of an emergency.  You will be extremely glad you did.  The healing work they provide is free and is available to everyone, although you will be asked to make a small donation, if you are able.  You can ask for healing online, or you can call and speak to them directly.  In dire emergencies, I highly reccomend you call.  It is the voice on the other end of the phone that will put you at peace.  They will hold your loved one in prayer for 30 days, and I’ve seen remarkable results with their help.  These days, this is one of the first things I do when faced with a crisis.

Of course, my own church family is another source of love and concern.  Everyone in our church is assigned a chaplain, and that person is always ready to carry the torch for you, if needed.  We have prayer chains and many loving friends always standing by to send positive energy to those in need.

It is very important to establish your support system at times when there is no emergency.  I suggest writing down a list of phone numbers and keeping it with you always.  Then, if you suddenly find yourself in that place of panic, you will be able to call on someone else to work with you, until you are able to join them.  Don’t hesitate to ask for help, during these times.  We have all been there, and we understand.  The thing to remember is that your emotions are too involved, and the more you stay in fear, the less effective you will be.  The faster you can move out of fear and into love, the better.  If you understand the Law of Attraction, you know why.  What you feel is what you will attract.

Now that I know how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), I can add this to my support system, as well.  In fact, the best time to use it is when you are feeling emotions very intensely.  If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you need not worry about what to say as you tap.  You are already in the emotion, so just tap!  Don’t get caught up in how “odd” it looks to others who aren’t familiar with it.  This is not the time to worry about those things.  Just do a few rounds of tapping, and you will suddenly find yourself in a much better state of mind.  The tapping, you see, releases all that frenzy, and because you are offering it an outlet, it doesn’t store in the body and cause all those chemicals to pour into the blood stream.  Again, the release of that emotion will prevent you from attracting more of the same. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the tapping points before you find yourself in an emergency situation, and practice it often.  If you do, it will be automatic when needed.

When I was sitting in the emergency room, recently, with my father, he started to get very upset about being admitted for an overnight stay.  Due to a past experience where he did not rest and was in great pain, he panicked at the idea of being there, again.  My mother, father and I tapped on this anxiety he felt, and the fear immediately lessened.  In fact, the next morning when I checked back with him, he said he actually slept very well that night. 

If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know how often I talk about the importance of emotions.  What I’ve found is the emotions we feel are our connection to Divinity.  When we feel positive emotions, we are in acceptance of all God’s good; however, when we feel negative emotions, we are existing in resistance.  We are pushing away the good that is always being offered.  Sometimes, on the surface, we feel we are staying positive.  However, the underlying, subconscious programs are always running in the background, so it is very necessary to address those, as well.  You will know they are there if you can bring up a past experience only to discover it has some type of negative emotion attached to it.  In other words, if you find yourself fearful during an emergency, you have stored negative memories that have not yet been removed from your experience.  The greater the fear, the more you have stored.

Don’t wait until you are in the midst of a full-blown emergency to seek support.  Design your system now and learn to use EFT today.  You will be so glad you did!

And remember…please include me as one of your team members.  I’m here to serve, and it is an honor to help.

I AM…Jodi

July 24, 2008

Who Is The Captain of Your Ship?

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sea-captain.jpg   You are alone, on the bow.  The storm is approaching and the lives of everyone around you are in your hands.  The waves rise to toss the ship as you frantically try to stay afloat.  The struggle intensifies as the cold salt water burns your eyes.  The rain only adds to your ability to see clearly.  The deck is slippery and you fall as the tiny ship is thrown to and fro in the winds.  Despite your frantic actions to save the ship, it crashes into rocks, and water begins to flood the ship.  You are filled with fear.  No matter….you stay focused and determined to stay afloat, yelling commands and clinging to the wheel.  People around you are jumping overboard and insisting you give it up.  No!  You won’t!  You order others to send out an SOS.  You will go down with the ship!!  You cry out in anger to the God who has deserted you, and you curse the stormy seas for having no mercy on you.  In the end, the only word left to pass your lips is, “Why?”

When you are going through difficult times, where do you turn?  Do you discuss the situation with loved ones?  Do you pray to God for help?  Do you go within to see if you have the resources to deal with the difficulty?  Do you freeze in fear or collapse into suffering?  Maybe you get angry and project your fears onto those around you.  Perhaps you go online and communicate with others through groups or individual friendships.  Maybe you decide you’ll work it out on your own.  Whatever action you take in those moments tells you a great deal about where you are in the process of awakening.  Often, it is in those most difficult moments a spontaneous awakening occurs.  When the struggle ceases, you surrender.  It is then you suddenly become aware that everything you once thought was outside your control isn’t. 

It would be much easier if we learned this when we aren’t faced with a crisis, but it is easy to see that is generally not the case.  When our lives spin “out of control,” we frantically push and pull to get things back in order.  We look to others for help.  During the times when we most need to feel in control, we give all our power to others. Rarely do we see the positive side of chaos.  In almost every case, it appears that others hold the answers.  We panic at the thought of doing it on our own.  It seems…feels…impossible.  We need a crutch.  During those struggles, we feel we don’t have the initiative, the means, the stamina or the ability to handle the crisis alone.  We do. 

I had an inspiration, this morning, for a book I want to write.  I won’t give too much away, but as these ideas came flooding into my mind, I realized the value of what this could teach.  I’m sharing only a portion of this idea here, but I wanted to give my readers a head-start on this understanding.

Everything in your life is coming through you.  Happening because of you.  As Dr. Joe Vitale said in the movie, The Secret,“you are the Michelangelo of your life…the David you are sculpting is you!”  Yes, I know you’ve heard that before, but I ask you to really consider how deeply you understand it.  People often tell me God is everywhere, everything.  But when faced with a challenge, they do not believe that for one minute!  Do you really understand what it means to say God is infinite and eternal?  Do you believe that?  If you have answered yes, I tell you now, that “truth” will be challenged by the unconscious saboteur we carry in our shadow self!  Will you still believe that when times are tough?

I say this because when you tell me that God is infinite and eternal, then you must also realize you are saying that everything and everyone, everywhere, is God.  Nothing can be outside of All.  Agreed?  Well then, that includes you!  What does that mean?  It means you are God.  And yet, when a difficult situation arises, how often do you look outside yourself for solutions?  How often to you pray to a God, outside yourself, for help?  Do you feel someone else is privy to something that could help you, but you do not have access to the same things?  Do you feel “they” can give you something you want or need, but it is not in your control?  We all do this, if we honestly admit it. But, the reality is, if God fills all space and the entirety of it is everywhere, always, you DO have access to infinite possibilities.  You, as God, are in complete control.  What then keeps all good from us?  We do!  Our belief in separation from the Source of all is what limits us.  And while we might come to terms with this and begin to practice this when things are calm, I promise you that challenging and difficult moments will have you denying this truth as readily as Judas denied Christ.

If you are currently facing difficult times, I encourage you to remember nothing is outside your control.  You are omnipotent.  Whatever is happening around you is coming through you, and you have the ability to change it through merely changing your beliefs, and thus your feelings.  I ask you to stop and consider if you are living through unconscious beliefs from past memories.  Has the map become the territory?  What are you thinking today?  Where did these ideas originate?  What feelings have you felt since you woke up?  All those things are mapping out your tomorrow.  You are doing that…no one else.  You are in control, but you must acknowledge it…even when it feels like life is happening to you.  It isn’t…no one is doing anything to you but you.  All of your “reality” is happening under your own direction.  You write the script.

Pause.  Breathe.  Understand.  Open your eyes and see…you’ve been the one steering the ship all along.  But the catch is…you are also the one who is creating the storm.  “Peace, be still.”  Command the ship, but also the seas and the storms.  You are God.  Knowing this, you feel tremendous freedom.  You erase all thoughts of being victimized by “life.”  You understand you are the captain of the ship and it can only move in the direction you choose. 

Where to next, Captain?

I AM…Jodi

July 23, 2008

Why I Built It, But They Didn’t Come!

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j0436583.jpg   Working with the Law of Attraction, rather than fighting against it or merely ignoring it, is not as easy as some claim.  It requires more than just faith.  Sometimes we build it, and they don’t come.  We wait and wait and wait….and then, we give up.  I would dare say most of those who made attempts to actively manifest something in their lives have failed.  If that were not the case, we would be hearing more and more about the miracles manifested due to The Secret, right?  It would be all over the news.  True…millions of people have either seen the movie or read the book, and yes, a percentage of them actually followed through and learned how to use the principle to their advantage, but for most people, it was a passing interest.  Why?  More than likely, they ran into a block along the way.

In my book, God Is I AM:  Manifesting Miracles by Redefining God, I spend a great deal of time moving the reader out of faith…into understanding.  In fact, in my 5-step process, this is the first step.  This is the main problem I see with those who have not succeeded with the manifestation process. We are encouraged to ask, believe and receive (and, btw, I changed the order of those steps to ask, receive and believe, because, in truth, you immediately receive that which you ask for), but that believing part is very, very difficult!  You will likely fail until you realize why you should expect to receive…and that unrecognized truth is squarely planted in your unconscious beliefs.  If you attempt to apply the principle without really knowing why it works, I doubt you will succeed to any great extent.  That is also why I spend so much time here, explaining many facets of how you, too, can live a miraculous life.  If you do not understand “why” this works, you will never get “how” it does.  More than likely, you will make an attempt to manifest something, and the moment it is challenged, you will falter.  Frustrated, you will decide this Law of Attraction stuff just isn’t for you.  It doesn’t work.  Really?

I know you’ve heard this, time and again, but it is true that the LoA always works.  It can’t be turned on or off.  It simply is.  However, if you don’t actively direct energy into manifesting exactly what you “believe” you want, you will simply continue to give yourself what your unconscious feelings are asking for.  Just as Eckhart Tolle says, the real secret is staying in the moment, acting as if whatever you want is already yours now.  This moment is the only place you can experience anything, because past and future are nothing but ideas. But when you think about how often you stay in the moment, you can start to understand why it might not be working as quickly as you planned.  What I see is that younger people tend to primarily think thoughts about the future, and older people tend to live in the past.  Rarely do people spend most of their waking moments in the now, and yet, that is the only place anything can be experienced!  To move thoughts into things, you will have to spend a great part of your day in the moment, using your feelings of gratitude to experience whatever it is you want as if you have it now.

Many people do okay, up to this point!  However, it is then all of those opposition factors* arise.  Every long-held belief you hold in your unconscious mind now resurfaces to challenge this new belief.  Sometimes, it appears these factors come from outside of you.  For example, if you are wanting a particular job, perhaps the boss hires someone else.  It appears, to you, the boss is in control.  That is never, ever the case!  That was you creating that experience.  Every day, every person you draw into your experience is merely playing out the role you wrote for them.  In other words, you are the one who scripted the boss’s decision to hire someone else.  Your own personal beliefs challenged this new idea of having the job of your dreams.  Hang on!  Don’t let this frighten you away from your dream.  In the instant you are pulled into negative feelings, the dream disappears; however, if you remain a believer, some miraculous event will change the course of action, and you will get the job.  Remember…the only one who can keep your good from coming to you is you.  Time and time again, I remind my students to stop looking to other people to give them whatever it is they want or need.  All things come from God…not from other people or situations outside your control.   You need never again believe that what you want/need is coming from another person.  I don’t care how much it appears that is true, I tell you it isn’t!

Understanding that you cannot be apart from All That Is, you can start to understand why nothing is impossible.  Nothing.  You have access to every possibility that exists.  What you see in others is also available to you.  If you don’t have every single thing you want/need, look inside and discover what opposition factors you hold.  Do not blame others or assume you have no “say so” in the matter.  You have all power.  You are only a victim of your own beliefs.  Change them!  Why do you resist that which Love is eternally offering?

If you are working with the LoA to manifest a dream, I urge you to hold on to it, no matter what situations arise that appear to say you cannot have that which you want.  Those situations are coming from you!  Look inside to see what beliefs are causing you to resist God’s good.  More than likely, you are holding a past belief that is vibrating in your present experience.  Once you have cleared those blocks (and I highly recommend using EFT for that), the opposition factors will fall away.  You will stand in the flow of acceptance, and you will hit a grand slam! 

Who’s on first?  I AM.

I AM…Jodi
www.godisaverb.com/blog   (* I coined the phrase “opposition factors” to describe the negative beliefs we hold in our unconscious minds.  These might include beliefs of not being worthy, I’m not good enough, I need to be punished, lack, not deserving, nothing good ever happens to me, I’m a failure, I need to suffer/guilt, etc.  All of these factors are the result of early programming, and they operate on a deep–often hidden–level of our experience.  Tolle calls this the “pain body.”)

July 22, 2008

Out Of Darkness Came the Light

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j0438614.jpg   When I speak about the spontaneous awakening I experienced in 2005, people immediately want to know how I did that.  The answer is quite simple.  I didn’t.  It happened without my “trying” to do anything other than what I ordinarily do when I meditate.  Of course, I had practiced meditation for a while (many kinds–guided, heart-based, Holosync, affirmation, quiet mind, etc.), and I was very diligent about including it as a part of my daily routine.  I believe the experience came as I improved my ability to reach a particular state of being, but I have never been able to replicate that process in a way that could be formulated into a 5-step program.  The best I can do is to encourage people to practice meditation or some type of practice that quiets the ego-voice.  Perhaps they will experience the same awareness I did…and maybe they won’t.   I will do the best I can to give you background on what I was doing that day, however, and you can see if you have a similar experience.  When Tolle and the teachers from The Secret talk about coming from a “feeling place,” they are right on target with what I’m saying.

Many times, I’ve meditated deeply, and found myself in a state of euphoria.  This is a very pleasant feeling, and a lot of healing happens while in this state of being.  I speak to many people who understand what I talk about when I describe that euphoric feeling–tears roll down your face and you love everything and everyone.  Your body feels lighter for hours, afterward.  Colors are brighter and matter is less dense.  Sometimes objects look like a mirage…you can see them vibrating as wave forms more than particle forms.  Perhaps you’ve experienced this?  However, this is not what I speak of when I talk about being in The Presence of Pure Consciousness.  Don’t get me wrong…the peace and healing that come from this state of mind are wonderful!  I just want you to be aware that there is a much deeper level.  And, I’m sure there are many other levels I’ve yet experienced, as well.

I learned to get to that place of euphoria much quicker when I stopped using guided meditations.  In the beginning, those were a very necessary part of the training, but it is easy to stop at that point, never realizing how much better it can be.  As time went on, however, I realized all the talking was keeping me in the mind.  True meditation takes you out of the mind and into the heart.  It isn’t about words or visualizations.  It’s about feelings.  Real meditation does not involve speaking.  Those who practice this most profoundly will agree the talking gets in the way.  Even if you play music in the background, while meditating, I encourage you to be sure it is simple (crystal bowls are great).  I would suggest you never play music with singing, if you are meditating.  Also…if you are familiar with the melody, you might find yourself focused on the music, not the experience itself.  I like to use music, simply because it eliminates a lot of background noise.  However, if I am on a nature walk with no human sounds, that also works. To be honest…the quieter, the better.  Sounds tend to pull you back into your thinking self.  The goal of meditation is to get you away from the ego’s chatter so you can experience “being.”

When I speak to my students about meditation, I always have them close their eyes and listen to the sound of my voice as I guide them along a beach, through a forest, on top of a mountain, or in some other beautiful and scenic place.  As they listen, I watch the smiles and peaceful looks settle on their faces.  As soon as I have them there, I stop the music and the talking.  I ask them to open their eyes and start again!  You see, while these types of meditations serve the purpose of relaxing you for a brief time, they do not really provide you with the tools needed to experience The Presence.  If you want to delve into pure Consciousness, you will have to be willing to give up all that thinking and visualizing!  You only want to feel.  You will know you are still in the ego mind when you are meditating if you “feel” yourself coming from the area of the third eye.  The ego mind lives there.

Instead of meditating from the third eye space (between your two eyes, in the front part of the brain), I guide my students to come from the heart.  This may take some practice!  Drunvalo Melchezidek, to me, demonstrates this best.  If you are unable to move from the mind to the heart with ease, then practice his technique of visualizing a small, white ball of light in the mind’s eye.  Move it throughout the body, experiencing yourself in different locations.  (Eckhart Tolle does a similar demonstration where he has us close our eyes and then locate different parts of the body without moving anything.  You “just know” it is there due to the warmth or gravity on it.)  After you get good at experiencing yourself in different areas of the body, you are ready to practice heart-based meditation.  To do that, begin with the mind’s eye located in the third eye space.  Move the ball of light down the throat and into the heart.  Gradually feel the light expanding out from your heart.  Feel intense love as you do this.  As the light grows, so does the love.  I promise, you will get better and better at this, the more you practice it.  This is precisely what I was doing the day I spontaneously found myself in pure Consciousness.

The day I moved into the experience of ego-less Being, I was in an intense euphoric state of Love.  The more I let go of all the thinking, the more I was able to just be in the state of feeling.  What I now understand is that I was in a pure state of allowing.  I had no resistance.  I was just feeling love.  The longer I could stay in the feeling, the quieter my thoughts were.  In time, the only thought coming to me was Love.  Love.  Love.  The gap between the words increased.  Love…….Love…….Love.  I was losing track of the physical world, feeling only my heart-space growing larger and larger.  Love……………………………………..Love…………………………………………………………Love.  Then, instantaneously, all awareness of the body and the world was lost.  The voice stopped completely.  There were no thoughts whatsoever.  That’s when it happened. 

I felt like I blinked and was no more.  (This is where it gets really hard to describe with our limited language).  I was not “a being.”  I “was being.”  It was dark–but I did not see that.  I just knew.  I was aware.  There was nothing to see.  I had no body.  No eyes.  No ears.  There was nothing other than what I was…but I was everything.  I was so vast, I can’t put it into words.  LOL…I tried!  Later on, when trying to explain what happened to others, I just keep saying, “I was HUGE!”  I felt a love so intense, I cannot describe it.  It was past tears, words, expression.  Everything was nothing and nothing was everything.  I could feel only one feeling, and it was Love…no, more than that.  Language can’t describe it.  Throughout this entire experience, there were no thoughts.  Not even one.  The voice in my head ceased to exist.  I had no–absolutely zero–connection to being Jodi, at that point.  It was as if I left her in a completely different world.  I guess I did!  LOL  (Note:  I do keep one part of this experience to myself…because I want to find others who have experienced it first.  One day, I will share it.  It was extraordinary, to say the least.)  I have no idea how long I held The Presence, but I can tell you it wasn’t long enough!  When I came back into this experience, I longed to go back to what/where I’d been.  It was magnificent to be Awareness…Pure Consciousness and nothing else.  Few humans know this state of being, and yet, we all unknowingly long for it.

If you want to live more in awareness, it serves you to seek Consciousness.  Once you’ve experienced it, nothing will be the same.  Being human will be such a minor part of who you are.  You will know the grandeur of your real identity.  You will feel it all around you…always.  You will understand it is All That Is.

Fear?  I don’t think so.  For I AM with you always.

I AM…Jodi

July 21, 2008

The Illusion of Separation

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Quilt-making used to be a common pastime for many women.  I suppose some were made out of necessity, but others were made as unique memorabilia or gifts.  Tiny patches of cloth were saved–often from clothing that was worn during a special occasion–and, in time, they were sewn together to form one beautiful “story.”  Oddly, before the quilt was made, the piles of cloth, generally square in shape,  appeared to be random patterns, textures and colors completely separated from one another.  However, as they were sewn into a quilt, it felt like they blended into a single pattern that was always meant to be.

Yesterday, as I listened to Bill Harris’ last installment in his series on Eckhart Tolle’s  A New Earth, one particular part of his personal interpretation struck me with deep meaning.  He spoke about how we, as humans, tend to put things into categories.  He calls it “The Game of Black or White.”  To sort through all the things we’ve identified as separate from one another, we classify and define them.  This helps us determine whether they are good or bad, right or wrong, necessary or not necessary, plant or animal, up or down, etc.  We never realize how this tendency to separate things causes us great suffering.  As I listened to him speak, I recalled the patchwork quilts of my grandparents, and I saw how every piece depended on the addition of something else–connection to one another.  Apart, the patches were incomplete.  It took the unification of those pieces to form the whole.

I often talk about borders between countries, and Harris touched on this, as well.  When we look at a map or a globe, we see our world split up into distinct units of land and water.  However, if you go to the place where the border should be, you will find nothing there.  The border only exists as an idea we’ve agreed upon.  Isn’t that odd?

The one thing Harris said that blew me away was in the form of a question.  He asked, “What if the skin on our bodies is not there to separate us from everything else?  What if it connects us to it?”  What a mind-boggling concept!!  In the instant he shared that, I could readily see how unified everything really is!  It also become quite clear that where one thing ends and another begins is not so readily identifiable as we believe. 

As children, when we draw a picture of the sun, we draw a circle.  But where exactly does the sun end?  The sun is a flaming ball of fire.  Does it end where the fire stops?  What about the gases around and in it?  Are they, too, part of the sun?  If so, we now have to extend those boundaries.  But should we also recognize the warmth that makes it a sun?  At that point, we must increase the size to include all other planets and space touched by that warmth.  Oh yes, but what of it being a source of light?  The light given by the sun travels just over 186,000 miles per second…to where?  (Just an aside…two scientists now claim they have propelled photons past the speed of light.  Poor Einstein!)  Now, the sun is massive!

He went on to demonstrate how every single thing in our universe relies on something else.  For example, just take your own beingness.  When did your life begin?  Some say at birth, but first there had to be conception.  However, did you even exist prior to that as a thought between your parents?  Or, did you begin when your mother was born with the eggs already existing in her ovaries?  Wait!  She could not have been here had it not been for her parents, right?  As you can see, this can go back to the beginning of mankind…and even further.  Once you’ve opened up the beginning, you can now stretch the existence of your life on earth.  To be here, you must first have ground on which to live.  In that ground, you must have the nutrients and bacteria for plants to grow to feed you.  Bees and insects are needed to pollinate those plants.  You also require water and all the things needed to cause it to evaporate and purify, which connects you then to the atmosphere.  Our atmosphere is contained by the stratosphere around us, and nothing would have life were it not for our sun.  As you can see…this, too, goes on and on.  Everything is dependent on something else! 

In order to begin to live a miraculous life, it is necessary that we understand how all of this is one.  When we wake up long enough to realize the separation is only an idea, we begin to grasp the meaning of unity in ways we never imagined.  In doing so, we start a life-long process of respecting everyone and everything around us.  Our very survival depends on it.  Environmentalists are sometimes mocked for their deep concern for our planet, but we should be applauding and encouraging them!  They understood what many others didn’t.  They recognize how entwined all life is.  Separation is an illusion…an invisible border we’ve agreed upon. 

Today, as you look around at all things around you, I hope you realize how connected you are to all of it.  I trust you will never again look at boundaries as separation ideas.  More and more, we are coming to understand the deeper meaning of the words…we are One.

I AM…Jodi

July 19, 2008

The Death of Our Human Identity

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If you realize that all things change,
there is nothing you will try to hold on to.
If you are not afraid of dying,
there is nothing you cannot achieve.

(74th Verse of the Tao Te Ching)

Those who faithfully read my blog have probably been wondering where I’ve been the past couple of days.  I’ve been with my parents, in and out of the hospital emergency room.  Everything is fine, now, but those two days were challenging, to say the least.  Sharing that experience, however, was eye-opening in many ways.  The three of us, together, realized it is time to make some changes in their living arrangements.  Talking about it will no longer do…action is needed. 

The funny thing is, we fight against making changes in our lives.  We put so much resistance into change, it is exhausting, mentally and physically.  In time, all that resistance explodes into our experience, however, and at that point, we are blatantly aware the resistance is futile.  I dare say, if I walked into any office building and took away all the cell phones, computers and televisions and replaced them with brand new, state-of-the-art technology, all hell would break loose.  Even though the newer editions would be far more productive, the majority of the group would panic at the idea of learning something new.  We do not like our comfort zones stretched. 

The truth is, nothing in the form of energy is static.  Nothing!  Every single thing we see is in constant motion.  If we magnified all the objects we see until they were reduced to photons, we would see so much activity it would blow our minds!  Energy continuously vibrates, and photons disappear and reappear without end.  In fact, the people we were when we started reading this blog are not the same ones reading it now.  While we were focused on this page, billions of photons were flashing in and out of this experience we call life.  Just over two years from now, our entire bodies will be replaced.  We literally die and are born again in every moment of every day.  We take great steps to maintain and preserve our existence as it is, never realizing how impossible the task. 

At some point in our lives–generally later, rather than earlier–we accept that all form (energetic expression) will transform.  Clinging to life, as is, finally becomes pointless.  We accept that this body and all the things around it will, at some point, cease to be what they currently are.  Even though science offers us ways to live eternally in the form of a body, I recognize that within the outward appearance is constant death and rebirth.  It will only be the illusion that appears constant.  Looking closely, we see it is not so.  We may or may not be okay with that idea, but how we respond to that fact makes a tremendous difference in the enjoyment of our time being human.  Once we understand that mortal life is fleeting, we finally begin to seek that which is eternal and unchanging.

No matter what we call the underlying field of unity–God, Creator, Source, Divinity, Consciousness, Allah, Jehovah, Matrix, etc.–there is something that is eternal, infinite and perfect.  Because it cannot be measured in the way traditional energy can, it cannot be defined as such, although many people do continue to claim “everything is energy.”   The Consciousness within all is not energy, however.  It does not have the same traits.  It is formless, eternal, infinite, highly intelligent, peaceful, loving and unchanging.  It is the Awareness of all that is, and it is All That Is.  It has no need to add or subtract anything, because it is perfect–always has been and always will be.  It does not judge things as good or bad, but merely observes everything.  It is here we find blissful acceptance, because in this place, nothing changes.  Nothing dies.

Whenever we find ourselves in a fearful place of change, I suggest we stop struggling against it.  Allow it to be.  Observe it.  Understand it is part of the illusion of mortality.  It is our current experience, and nothing more.  When the thunder strikes and the lightning crashes, we can go inside to the safety of our true “home.”  There, we are safe and secure.  We realize the storm will pass.  Trees may fall–the winds may break the limbs as they bend and whip in resistance, causing some of them to die–but, as observers, we are safe and secure inside.  Regardless of what appears to be happening “out there,” we are unchanged.

Will it ever be possible for us to just be okay with the process of death and dying?  Can we let go of what appears to be and recognize only an illusion changed?  It is always changing.  It is continuously dying, and yet…we are still here, aren’t we?  That is because death is not possible.  Death is a momentary transition into a new awareness–a different reality.  You cannot have death without having birth, because one requires the other to be experienced.  We cannot know light if we have no darkness to illuminate.  We are Consciousness.  There is nothing more to add to eternity.

I love Dr. Wayne Dyer’s idea in his book, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your LifeHe writes:

     During meditation, practice dying while still alive.  That is, leave your body, discard it, and float above the world.  This will help you disconnect yourself from the feeling that your physical shell is who you are.  The more you are the observer rather than the object of what you see, the easier it will be to remove your fear of dying.  Do this for just a few minutes daily.  Remember that you are not this body–you are a piece of the infinite Tao, never changing and never dying.

To that, I can add my personal belief.  We are not just a “piece” of the infinite–we are the whole of it.  It is who we are.

In understanding that change is always going to be a part of finite form, we can relax into the acceptance of allowing it to be so.  All form changes.  It can do nothing else, because it is the illusion of experience as a human, being.  What appears to be solid and permanent form is really nothing more than momentary flashes of light, translated into what we believe to be reality.  When we close our eyes and go into the darkness, however, we see the real light.  We can see with new eyes what was hidden from form.  The formless Being is All That Is.  In this realization, we can cease to fear change.  There is none.

Knowing the truth of our Being, we rest in the safety and warmth of allowing this experience of being human to play out in whatever form it chooses.  We have no need to cling to the past–to resist change.  We are not “of it,” we are only “in it.”

All is well.

I AM…Jodi

July 16, 2008

Nothing is Missing in The Secret

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genie-disney-sunning-sm.jpg   It really bothers me when I get email talking about all the “problems” with the movie, The Secret.  It seems even the most avid original supporters have ended up explaining how the movie failed to get the entire message across.  So many people have jumped on the bandwagon, discussing “The Missing Secret” or “What’s Wrong with The Secret.”  Poppycock!  The movie was a phenomenal success…and everyone knows it!  They are merely trying to profit by using those two magic words…the secret.  I don’t blame them for using the movie as a catalyst for further discussion, but I’m a bit disappointed when the movie isn’t given credit for the monumental changes it made in mass consciousness.  I believe, years from now, we will look back and point to The Secret as the starting point for the shift in humanity’s awakening.

After being filmed for a movie myself, I understand how much of the original taping must be edited out.  It all comes down to time restrictions.  Most movies run either slightly more or slightly less than two hours.  If many characters are included in a movie, the portions focused on each one simply have to be limited.  Editors do the best they can to get the “jist” of what is being said in the fewest amount of words, all while trying to give each person equal screen time, and doing so requires a lot of skill. 

Every time I speak in public forums about my role in Try It On Everything, I have to first give the background on scenes that didn’t make the cut.  While the producers chose to focus on my healing of fibromyalgia, that was only a small piece of the remarkable changes that occurred in me that weekend.  I do not, in any way, fault them for leaving out the many hours they filmed of me and my family talking about various issues in my life.  I understand. 

I remember when I went to watch the premiere of the movie.  Nick Polizzi, editor of the film, immediately apologized to me for having to omit certain sessions where I spoke with deep emotion about some of my past history.  He explained he felt they were “too intense” for the general public.  To be honest, I was kind of glad those moments didn’t make the cut!  In my private session with Rick Wilkes, he worked with me on some of the most challenging times of my life.  A few times, I was sobbing so hard even the camera crew cried along with me.  I’m sure that was the case for every one of the participants, because we had some powerful situations to heal.

Nick Ortner and crew are currently working on a second release of Try It On Everything.  While I don’t know all the changes they’ve made, I do know they have altered the visual and audio aspects of the movie, added special features and interviews, and included our reunion follow-up.  It will be interesting to see if there are portions of the original filming added in, but in any case, I applaud them for doing an amazing job with well over 100 hours of film.

There isn’t anything missing in The Secret, there are only people missing the point of The Secret.  As with everything, people interpret the meanings in various manners, based on their own beliefs and understanding.  Rhonda Byrne did an incredible job of opening the door to a new way of thinking and living, but only those ready to listen can or will hear.  The Law of Attraction will not be altered just because some people don’t understand that it always works, all the time.  They are living the principle daily–with or without their recognition and with or without their understanding.  How do I know?  Well, I consider myself a bit of an “expert” on the movie.  I’ve seen it over 100 times!  Not only that, but I have lived the principle since childhood. 

Movies are one of the most brilliant forms of media mankind has ever created (to date).  They capture experiences to be reviewed and relived countless times by countless people.  Over nine million copies of the book,  The Secret, have been sold, to date.  The book will be available in 36 different languages by the end of this year.  It has been at the top of three different major best-seller lists, and has been a best-seller in every country where it appears.  I don’t know how anyone can say The Secret is missing anything!

I want to encourage my readers to do something that many people don’t do.  Revisit the websites of films like The Secret and Try It On Everything from time to time.  They are constantly adding new things!  If you only go there once, you are really missing out.  In an effort to keep the information fresh and interesting, the producers are constantly adding and changing the original site.  I know, every time I go back to check, I am delighted to see new additions…most of them free.

The Secret exposed the world to the principles of the Law of Attraction.  It did so beautifully!  It captured the world’s attention and changed how millions of people view their role in this life.  It took away the word “victim” and gave us “responsibility.”  It showed us the techniques of manifestation and it awakened a huge population who had been living as though the outside world was in control.  Again and again, I commend Rhonda Byrne for her role in the process of a consciousness shift.  In my book…she will always be a winner! 

The Secret is out…and it is perfect, just they way it is!

I AM…Jodi