April 30, 2008

Believing is Seeing

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tree.jpg       A beloved member of my church, affectionately known as “Kitty,” woke up this last week (some call this death).  Kitty’s body was over 90 years old and she was a bubbling, tiny woman whose smile could light up even the coldest heart.  She will be missed by many, even though she didn’t really go anywhere.  As I listened to various responses about her passing, the past few days, I was, yet again, intrigued by how people think of death.  Most were saying they are certain she is in a wonderful place, now. Why do we still believe we “go” somewhere when we die?

I see all experience in the context of here and now.  Due to that, I can’t understand how we can go to some place that we aren’t there already.  As expressions of Divinity, we are infinite and eternal.  Or so we say.  On the other hand, we certainly don’t act as if that is true, do we?  If we are in the All, there is no “place” outside of that…only the experiencing of something different. 

I think the confusion is our close identity to the body. We need to clarify who we are…what is it and who is it that is observing and narrating your life experience?  There is a “voice in your head” that is the narrator of all you are witnessing.  It seems to be watching and making notations about everything happening to you, doesn’t it?  Right now, it is reading these words. And to really put a different perspective on that…who is it that is observing The Observer?  Consciousness–not the body–is the commentator of your life experience on Earth. Because consciousness is not contained in the human body, death of the body has no effect on it.

When those of us remaining in human awareness no longer see a body, we assume the person has also left. But the consciousness that is the self does not leave the body, at death.  The body leaves consciousness.  Consciousness remains where it has always been.  Here. You see, the person didn’t really die to life, but we died to the experience of that person, because we solely rely on our five senses to recognize reality.  Because we so closely identify with our nervous system, we believe that not seeing, touching, hearing, smelling or tasting the person means they no longer exist! But is that correct?

I like to ask people to do this.  Close your eyes.  Are you still there?  Is the world still there?  Yes.  Even though you can’t see it with your physical eyes, you can imagine what it is like, can’t you?  You have the option, at that point, of creating your world with infinite possibilities!  Before long, you are lost in your imagination, dreaming as if the world in your mind is the real one (so why not make it a pleasant dream?).  So long as you remain in the dream, you believe it is real.  The dreamer and the dream co-exist, but the dreamer forgets where it really is. But what happens when someone or something awakens the dreamer?  The dream stops.  Not the dreamer…the dream. The dreamer didn’t go anywhere…it is the dream that left.

Keep in mind…even though the dreamer has believed the dream was reality, that did nothing to change reality for those not dreaming.  Those who are awake might pass through the room and notice someone asleep, but the dreamer has no effect on their experience, right?  Those not lost in the dream can see the dreamer…but the dreamer can’t see them. In other words, just because you closed your eyes that doesn’t mean the world is gone, does it?  You are simply not seeing it. Yes, you are getting it!  I’m saying that seeing through human vision is seeing with closed eyes!  We are the ones blind to reality.  Those in the consciousness of All see you as they always have. When you woke up, you didn’t go anywhere, you merely opened to a new way of viewing your experience…without human eyesight.  In death, we simply close the human eyes and see from a different perspective…that of connection to All. We didn’t, however, “go” anywhere new. We are already there!

To those who are missing a loved one who has left the experience of being human, I urge you to look again.  That person is not gone to some distant place.  You don’t have to wait for death to find you in order to see them.  That person is here, now.  They keep passing through the room, checking on you.  They are trying to be quiet, so as not to disturb your slumber. Sometimes you might hear them calling your name. You might feel a light touch on your shoulder. Are you ready to wake up now?

Open your eyes.  See?

I AM…Jodi

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April 29, 2008

What were you thinkin’??!!

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Dr. Joe Vitale was on the news a couple of nights ago, talking about brain waves.  He was explaining how thoughts are waves of energy, and that, in the near future, scientists will be able to tune into thought frequencies, as well, to decipher them.  We already do this with television and radio waves, don’t we? Scientists have been studying this in lab situations, and have been successful to some degree.  What does that mean? It means we will be able to read minds!

A doctor who was also interviewed said some animals may already be doing this, but we can’t yet prove it. Cats, in particular, seem to have an uncanny way of knowing things they shouldn’t. Elephants, dolphins and whales have displayed behaviors suggesting they communicate in this manner.

Needless to say, agencies like NASA and the CIA have been studying this idea for years now.  The medical advances of CAT scans stirred new interest in just how much of the brain function can be measured. Some studies already conducted were able to predict a person’s thought with 78% accuracy.  Not bad!

The more I think about mind reading, the more I wonder how this ability would change our world.  The social impact would be huge!!  If students could read the minds of teachers, testing would no longer be effective, would it?  Criminals wouldn’t get away with anything. If new employees could read the minds of co-workers, they wouldn’t have to guess office protocol, they would have immediate access to it.  That would cut back on training time, anyway.  Husbands and wives would have no secrets, and teens couldn’t sneak around or get away with anything. No more lies!  We might dump some of our “friends” once we discovered what they really think of us.  Athletic competition would be a thing of the past, because you would know the next move of your competitor. Politics would dissolve into chaos and our governments would not be able to hide anything from the world.  Secret agents would have a field day! Children could learn faster…but would also be privy to things we might not want them to learn.  Magicians like David Blaine would no longer be so mysterious. Men…you would be in trouble with the thoughts you generally think! LOL  Telephones, radios and television would become extinct, but new machines would take the place of those.

I’m not sure this is a good idea, but I do think it is not only possible, but probable.  We already use a small degree of telepathy, anyway.  In fact, some of our most sincere communication is done non-verbally. What mostly jumps out at me is how judgement and forgiveness would have to work hand-in-hand.  While it is necessary to decipher between what serves and what doesn’t serve, the terms “good” and “bad” would need to be adjusted. All I can say is that it might be time for us to start working on our thoughts!  The day when others know exactly what you are thinking is just around the corner, so while we wait, we can be using this time to train our thoughts to think in a less judgmental manner.

The more I think about thinking, the more I realize what responsibility and power lie within.  We already know thoughts become things, and consciously being more aware of our thoughts creates our reality in ways that serve us better.  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to work on my judgements of others and myself. 

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Yep…me, too!!

I AM…Jodi

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April 28, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

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forest.jpg       Have you ever had a thought or an idea that just nags at you until you finally decide to pay attention?  Yeah…me, too.

In recent months, many of my friends have forwarded messages to me about “co-authoring” books.  I get daily messages from those same people, myself.  Basically, here is how this works.  Well-known or already-published authors ask for other people to submit stories to them.  They get credit for the book, but those who submit stories get a tiny bit of mention or credit.  Some tout you can actually say you “co-authored” a book, but that is really a stretch, I think.  I’ve seen lots of books like this, over the years, but the idea has recently resurfaced as a popular fad, once again.  Seems all the popular writers are now doing this.  It’s not a bad idea…it helps the author get another book published, without having to do all the writing himself/herself, and it helps unknowns to get something published.

Anyway….because this suggestion was coming to me from so many people, I finally woke up and decided this is obviously something I should do.  Why else would I keep getting these messages from so many sources?  It wasn’t my idea of how to get published, but what if it leads to something bigger and better?  Is it possible the Divine Mind within me knows something my ego doesn’t?  So, last week, I submitted a short story to DavidPaul Doyle, the author of The Voice for Love.  I’ve been talking with DavidPaul, off and on, for a few days now, and it seems my story will be included in his book called 101 Everyday People Who Hear God’s Voice.  I don’t yet know when it will be published, but I’m guessing within the year.  I’ll keep you updated.

The reason I share this with you is because I want to emphasize how important it is that we listen to the “still, small voice” that constantly guides and directs us on our path.  Much too often, we ignore what it is saying.  However, it is most important to keep in mind that the voice, within, is God’s voice, urging us to fulfill our purpose in life.  It is for us, not against us.  It never steers us wrong!  If we do follow that guidance, amazing things start to unfold.

How is God speaking to you?  What guidance are you avoiding or ignoring?  You never have to listen–it is always a gentle suggestion, offered, but not dictated.  Funny how we ask for something, but refuse it when it is delivered right to our doorstep.  If it isn’t offered in exactly the way we think it should arrive, we assume it is wrong.  After all, we know best, right?  However, if we follow those inspirations received, we are receiving our daily bread. 

I laugh as this reminds me of the story of the man in the flood who called out for God to save him.  He sits on the roof of his home, now floating down the river, begging God to rescue him from the rising waters.  Not once, but three times, a boat comes by to offer him a ride.  He refuses them all, saying he’ll just wait for God.  He finally dies, and when he gets to Heaven he asks God why he didn’t save him?  God replies, “I sent you three boats!”

I urge you to listen for God’s voice, today.  Pay attention to the gentle nudges and intuitions.  This is the Voice of God, speaking in the best way possible.  You can choose to ignore it, once again, but I wonder what might happen if you actually gave it a chance?  You’ll never know…until you say, “YES!”

Shhhh….listen.  Can you hear it?  It is saying to you, “Come.  This is the way.”  Put aside your preconceived ideas of how it should be.  What if this path is smoother, better, faster or more abundant than anything your ego could have imagined?

Today, I will stop trying to find my own way.  Today, I walk behind the voice calling “Follow me!”  Wanna come along? 

This is The Way.

I AM…Jodi

April 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home

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Being married to a homebuilder has taught me a lot about life…mostly about having patience.  Inevitably, as the homebuilding process nears the final inspection, the owners begin to push for it to happen faster.  They start asking if it is okay to move some of the boxes into the garage…promising they won’t get in the way of the workers.  My husband calmly explains that the boxes will be in the way, and that moving in their most precious possessions while there are countless people working could result in items being broken or stolen.  He assures them it won’t be long until the home is complete, and that waiting for all those final details to be added will result in a much better experience for them.

While I completely understand their excitement, I also know the rush to move in is not really a wise thing.  Those last few days are extremely important, and if the process is cut short, problems and complaints will be just around the corner.  Patience is required on all fronts.  When the process is allowed to culminate in perfect order, the overall result will be everything everyone wanted.  Those final few days hold great rewards for both builder and buyer.  Touch-up painting makes the walls glow with newness.  The final light bulbs illuminate every room.  The installation of each plug and fixture gives the home a polished appearance.  The make-ready cleaning adds sparkle to each window and cabinet. 

My favorite part of the homebuilding process is walking through the house, one last time, before anything has been moved into it.  Seeing the result, sparkling with a virgin-like perfection, gives a feeling of completion.  I take photos of the home, and fill the home with love and blessings for the family who will soon bring life into it.  Now…now, it is time to move in. 

In life, we often do the same thing.  We want to skip some of the slower steps…move the process along.  There are times when it seems like nothing is happening, and we are in a hurry to get to our desired goal.  We are so focused on the end result, we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy the experience of the journey.  The truth is, there are no wasted moments.  Every second holds a promise and a gift.  There is nothing held in a future time that is not available to us now.  Joy, love, beauty, abundance, peace and perfection are no greater tomorrow than they are today. 

I sometimes have to remind myself that all experiencing is in the present…not the past, not the future.  Everything I hope will “someday” be mine already is.  There is nothing in future moments that is not available to me now, because God is not incomplete.  There is only “now” and it is full of blessings.  Hurrying around to make something get here sooner is nothing more than a resistance of experiencing Divinity in this present moment.  Enjoying this moment is not about doing things…it is about being.  Just be in the moment.

One of my favorite quotes from Mary Baker Eddy is as follows:

Wait patiently for divine Love to move upon the waters of mortal mind, and form the perfect concept. Patience must “have her perfect work.”

There is nowhere to go that we have not already been.  There is nothing to experience that has not already been felt.  Tomorrow does not need our help getting here faster.  We cannot add to the cup overflowing.  You will never have more than you already have in this very moment, because you are sitting in the midst of All.

Building a house is a process that requires patience.  Not to worry…you are already home.

I AM…Jodi

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April 24, 2008

Have (God) a (is) great (a) day (verb)!

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Did you know that typically in less than 5 minutes in front of television you
enter an altered state of consciousness (brain wave activity) that is
thought of as a state of hyper-suggestibility?

The quote, above, is from Eldon Taylor’s newsletter.  He is the author of Choices and Illusions.  (If you are in the mood for some amazing and fun things to do, be sure to visit his website!)

I am continually surprised at what people take into their unconscious energy systems.  I’m guessing most of it is done because we are simply ignorant of it.  We cannot imagine that marketing involves complex ideas of suggestion, hypnosis and illusion.  If we were aware of what is being fed into our minds, through the use of media, we would be shocked!  Once you know, you’ll find yourself looking for the underlying, subliminal markers in everything.

Television, magazines, radio, and newspapers are the most common forms of media.  Think about what you’ve taken into your consciousness through these outlets, just in the past 24 hours.  In a society where silence is hard to come by, we are inundated with constant noises and suggestions.  Most of them, we think we are ignoring.  Not so!  Your unconscious mind is taking in ALL of it!  Our nervous system is continuously storing everything our five senses detect…with or without your awareness.  What sort of toxins are you placing into your mind every day?

Taylor explains that watching or participating in any type of violence (watching violent movies, playing games that involve killing, or reading about violence) has a direct effect on your heart coherence.  This can be detected with an EKG.  You can have either a happy heart or a heavy heart.  He says:

What does it take to have a happy heart and why would you want one?
Would you believe that a heavy heart inhibits your immune, endocrine
and autonomic nervous system from optimal performance? Understand,
that means that one’s life is in all likelihood shortened and the quality
of life is lessened. “Life sucks and then you die” is a self-fulfilling
prophecy and reflects the attitude of a heavy heart?

The act of smiling will “trick” your system into thinking better thoughts, and smiling is a great way to give yourself a happy heart.  Go ahead…grin, watch comedies, tell funny jokes, and read the comics.   

Next time you think having that background noise is not affecting you, think again.  Take time to look at what you are absorbing into your own body.  What television shows do you watch, every day?  What types of media do you read?  What songs are you listening to?  I suggest spending much more time in silence…or, at the very least, in a pleasant and cheerful state of being.  Your heart will thank you!

In an age of technology, we are unknowingly being manipulated and controlled in ways far more subtle than we realize. Wake up and pull yourself away from all the noise.  The real news has always been found in the gap between thoughts…the silence.  Starting now, we can choose to disengage from the increasing violence in our world.  In choosing to surround ourselves with love and peace, we bring those things into our world. 

Pass the remote control, please.  Let’s shut this thing off!

I AM…Jodi

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April 23, 2008

Walk on, Through the Storm

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Our world is not always a pleasant place, is it?  We have wars, poverty, drugs, cruelty and crime in every part of the country.  There is no way we can control all of it.  What we can control, however, is our place in it.  My world can be filled with peace, love and joy.

In the energy of opposites, there are many choices.  The negative ones are definitely there, but so are the positive ones.  In every moment of the day, I can choose to experience good.  In my world there are no wars, drugs or crimes, because I am choosing to stay in the vibration of harmony.  If enough people decided to live this way, the scales would tip mass consciousness and the world we share would reflect this way of living.  However, as the tipping point is neared, an increase in lower vibrations will rise, significantly, fervently protesting, with resistance, this new way of being.  Why? 

It helps me to visualize this like a volcano.  In order to release the pressure of resistance, it must first erupt.  The boiling lava spews violently upward and outward, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.  However, in doing so, the lava cools.  Eventually, the ground it once eroded becomes ripe with new growth, resulting in some of the most lush areas of the world.  The most difficult part of this process is accepting that the apparent destruction is a part of the growth process.  We tend to panic and struggle against it, because, after all, this isn’t what we asked for!

Whenever you choose to let go of non-serving ideas and patterns of behavior, you will probably go through a struggle of resistance.  Feel it, but don’t give in to it.  Remember it serves a purpose.  If you try to resist it, you are only feeding it.  You might think you can hold it inside, but your attempt to keep it from happening is a demonstration of your own resistance.  Imagine trying to plug an erupting volcano.  It is a no-win situation.  If you prevent it from erupting through the top, it will explode from the side.  To collapse it, you must first let it expand.  The best thing you can do is to merely observe it, while staying in the present moment.  Don’t project what “might” happen or what “already did” happen.  In the security of present awareness, you are okay.  Stay there.  Feel good about where you are now. 

If you are ready to move to an even higher level, then stay in the feeling of “already done.”  Rather than think of the good that is “on the way,” recognize it as “already here.”  It is.  If you constantly think that good is coming to you, rather than already here, you are placing it just out of reach.  Know it is true, even now.  In the midst of the raging storm, stay calm and centered in understanding you are in control.  Don’t let appearances fool you!

Your world, your choice.  You are in control of all your reactions.  Don’t let outside appearances decide for you.  Choose to return to the garden, even though you might have to walk through the valleys first.  Staying focused on a positive outcome allows you to walk on seemingly hot coals. They can only stop you if you believe they are obstacles.

The words to one particular song work for me.  Maybe they will help you.

R. Rodgers and O. Hammerstein II– You’ll  Never Walk Alone
When you walk through the storm
Hold your head up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
There’s a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of the lark
Walk on, through the wind
Walk on, through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone
You’ll never walk alone
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone
You’ll never walk alone

I AM…Jodi
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April 22, 2008


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What a wonderful blessing it was to see my Try It On Everything family, again!  We really missed Thea, Sam and Dennis, but the remaining seven of us were all reunited for a follow-up to the original movie.  If you have already purchased the DVD, you will receive online access to the 6 month follow-up, and if you haven’t purchased the movie yet, a second edition will soon be released which includes the part we just taped.  It was all done in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, with each one of us talking about how we are doing, and about the various ways learning Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has changed our lives since we first filmed in October of 2007.  You are going to be amazed at how this experience touched and changed us! I don’t want to be the “spoiler,” so I won’t tell you too much about all that.  I can only encourage you to continue following our stories, because we are walking an unfolding  journey that is hard to put into words. The most difficult part of this trip was walking away, yet again, from this group of outstanding people whom I love dearly.  We all know we will be reunited soon…and we all know where and how (we are holding this intention as already done)!

Once again, I was so impressed with the generosity and compassion of Nick Ortner, Jessica Ortner and Nick Polizzi.  A third Ortner sibling, Alex, has now joined in this endeavor, as well, and his bubbling personality only adds to the light this group is shining across the world.  These kids are amazing, and the world is a better place for having them here.  If ever you get discouraged about where the younger generation is headed, you only need meet this group…they will inspire and awe you with their love and grace.  I am so blessed to know them.

I couldn’t fly in any closer than Philadelphia, so I had a three hour drive to Danbury, Connecticut.  That was a treat, however, because it meant Bernadette could ride along.  We had so much fun and great conversation, along the way, but I think we will both be ever grateful for having known Ms. GPS (or Miss Jeeps, as I came to call her).  Following an intuitive nudge, I decided to spring for a GPS system when I rented the car.  Thank goodness I listened!!  When I printed out the driving directions from Philly to Connecticut, there were 30 turns and twists—two pages of directions, along the way.  However, with the navigation system clearly and calmly directing me, I had no problems maneuvering through NYC traffic.  If I miscalculated, and missed a turn, Miss Jeeps serenely alerted me, in her soothing and tranquil manner, gently acknowledging my mistake with the word “recalculating.”  In no time at all, I was back on track.  It was so much more pleasant than having someone yell at you, “You idiot!  You missed the turn!”  Bernadette and I laughed and decided this is how life should be lived.  When we take the wrong exit, rather than just freak out and succumb to anxiety about our mistake, we should calmly and clearly declare, “Recalculating!”  LOL

That word came in real handy about 7:00 on Sunday night.  Rene and Bernadette had said their goodbyes and headed off to NYC.  We reluctantly hugged for the final time.  I told Rene, “I don’t want you to go!” (That may have been the statement that triggered the following events).  Nonetheless, they left for the hour drive back to New York.  Rene graciously agreed to drop Bernadette off at the train station in NYC.  The rest of us were meeting to have dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant in Bethel.  As I grabbed my purse and headed down to the lobby, I suddenly realized Bernadette still had the keys to the rental car!!  “Recalculating!”  I stepped out of the elevator, frantically searching for some solution.  Jon was sitting there, and I explained my dilemma.  He had Rene’s cell phone number, so he called.  Rene was just on the verge of dropping off Bernadette!  He lovingly and gallantly offered to drive BACK to Connecticut to get the keys to me.  Around 10:30 that night, he rounded the corner and handed me the keys.  My knight in shining armor!  LOL He didn’t want to accept money, but I finally stuffed it in his shirt.  He still had to get back to the Bronx, and needed to be downtown to pick up one of his vans by 7:00 the next morning.  He is such a wonderful person, and I whispered to the girls “Whoever is smart enough to marry that guy is going to be the luckiest girl in the world!”  They agreed.  Well…I had my keys, again, and all was well. 

Life is full of beautiful people who care about one another.  If we can stop all the chatter in the head long enough to be still, we have a wonderful opportunity to behold the wonders of our universe.  Can you see the magnificence of creation all around you?

Looking out the window of the airplane, last night, I was able to watch the sun set on the reddish-orange horizon.  From the viewpoint of 30,000 feet in the air, the world looks so tranquil and serene.  If we allow ourselves the opportunity to just be–not do–we allow ourselves to live life as it was meant to be experienced.  Distancing from the egoistic perception of life, we behold the grandeur and perfection of every twist and turn.  From that vantage point, it is so much easier to understand that every path is taking us exactly where we need to be.  Here.  There is no need to panic or berate yourself when you temporarily go astray, for that is nothing more than a reminder to refocus on the present moment.

I am grateful that I had the chance to get to know Miss Jeeps.  She taught me a wonderful lesson.  Whenever I feel I am not walking the right path, I will calmly reply, “Recalculating.”  And then…I can relax into being, once again.

I AM…Jodi

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April 18, 2008


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I’m headed off to Connecticut, later today.  I’ll return with great news and new enthusiasm, on Tuesday.  Can’t wait to be reunited with my TIOE family.

I AM…Jodi

The Second Coming

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In Gary Renard’s Your Immortal Reality,  quotations from The Gospel of Thomas are listed in one chapter.  One of those is particularly interesting to me.  According to Thomas, Jesus said:

“Whoever drinks from my mouth shall become like me.  I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to that person.”  (Gospel of Thomas, Verse 108)

Although some religions translate this literally, believing through communion the blood and body of Christ are taken within their own body, I think there is much more to this idea.  On the other hand, I completely agree!

Very often, when I begin a workshop series in a Christian atmosphere, I start by asking people this:

“If Christ Jesus walked through the door, and was here, in this very room, do you believe you could be healed?”

People’s eyes light up and they shake their heads with enthusiasm.  I then go on to say:

“Well, then, I’ve got great news for you!  Christ Jesus is in this room, so you are healed!”

With that, they look at me like I’m crazy, and have no idea what to think.  Most, of course, aren’t healed.  Never mind that. What on Earth makes me say that anyway?

Christ Jesus was once a living, breathing, human man, right?  He had a physical form…a body.  That means he was made of energy…as are all things in the physical world.  Energy cannot be destroyed.  It transforms, but is never gone, once realized.  In other words, millions and millions of the atoms that once were a part of the body of Jesus (and every other material item) are still here.  They are in you, right now.  They are floating around in our atmosphere, popping in and out of awareness.

I went to a lecture by Gregg Braden last year, and he teased that being together in the room meant that all of us were taking each other home to bed that night.  LOL  It’s true, though.  At this very moment, you are exchanging atoms with everything around you.  You are a different person than you were only moments ago.  Not only are you exchanging atoms with the things in your present awareness, but with everything that has ever been in this universe!  Gives a whole new slant to the idea of oneness, doesn’t it?

Aside from that, however, I think the message of Christ was much deeper.  I think he was talking about beliefs. 

From the moment we are born into this world, we begin to take on the beliefs of others.  We “drink them in.”  In doing that, they become a part of who we are, as well.  I believe Christ was saying in understanding and accepting his truth as your own, we become like him.  In becoming like the Christ, our minds open.  We awaken and see, for the first time, things that were once hidden from us.  With enlightenment, everything is revealed with clarity never before experienced.

Today, you are living in the presence of all the great saints and sages who have come before you.  You have the opportunity to recognize how connected you are to all that is.  Jesus isn’t gone.  He can’t be.  And yet, millions are waiting for his return.  You don’t have to wait for a second physical coming of Jesus, because that presence is revealed in the instant you awaken to the great news it never left.  It’s always been here, but is only revealed when we drink it in.  Believe!  Allow the truth into your experience, and hidden things will be revealed.

Look around you.  Everything you have been waiting for is already here.

I AM…Jodi

April 17, 2008

Harmonic Humming

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I love music!  I’ll admit it…I’m one of those annoying people who can’t seem to stop humming and singing along to every song on the radio.  When I read this morning’s Daily Word lesson, it was about harmony, and that made me think how our lives are very much like music.

This past Sunday, one of the vocalists at my church was singing a beautiful song.  Her pitch was perfect, and her voice is mellow and sweet.  Occasionally, however, two other singers would join in, and when the three of them combined their voices, the song took on a much more vibrant character.  It reminded me of my days in the high school choir.

I was in three different choral groups, and I really enjoyed them all.  However, in our Girl’s Choir, there was one girl who always sat on the front row who endlessly picked on my friend, Cindy, and me.  She would roll her eyes and frown, repeatedly telling us we were singing off-key.  She preferred to sing solo, and was certain she was the best singer in school.  Honestly, I think she hated us!  LOL  Nonetheless, we would reply that we would work harder, and when she turned around, we would giggle.  You see, Cindy and I were in a sextet, together, and we often performed for local social groups.  We knew our voices blended beautifully, and, in fact, it was the other girl who was singing off-key. In any case, there was an apparent discord when our three voices combined.

I think our lives are much like that.  We can choose to go solo.  It may be fine, but making that choice always feels like something is missing.  Soloists live in the spotlight, and might not want to share this space with others.  Coming from this place is very ego based and often judgemental.  When we add harmony, the song takes on more beauty and depth, and when the voices compliment one another, it is truly beautiful.  Sharing the stage with others not only serves all of us, but it also allows us the opportunity to listen for discord. 

When we live our lives in harmony with the Soul’s purpose and direction, the rhythm and melody flow with grace and ease.  When we feel that “sour note” come along, there is no need to harshly judge and condemn.  It is just a signal that something is amiss.  Perhaps we need to sing in a different key…maybe a particular stanza just isn’t in our range.

Living, singing and working in harmony feels good.  The blended vibrations are a perfect match with one another.  I bet Cindy would agree.  All you need is love.

(All together now…)

All you need is love, love.  Love is all you need.

I AM…Jodi