October 2, 2013

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How To Restore Happiness, Confidence, Wisdom, Love, Peace and Compassion Through the Practice of Mindfulness

Based on “Buddha’s Brain—The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom”

by Dr. Rick Hanson, with Dr. Richard Mendius

Presented by Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner,

Jodi A. McDonald    www.meta-et.com and www.godisaverb.com

Join Meta-Master Jodi McDonald as she shares the latest research showing how to stimulate and strengthen your mind for more fulfilling relationships, a deeper spiritual life, and a greater sense of power, confidence and worth. The Buddha and other great teachers were born with brains essentially like anyone else—but they rewired their brains in ways that changed their worlds. You can do the same! Neuroscience reveals how the flow of thoughts sculpts the brain, and practicing mindfulness (control of attention in the present moment) is one of the most profound ways to reduce stress, worry, sorrow and anger. Most all fear/worry revolves around the past and the future, but bringing your mind and body into the present moment slows the negative chemical reactions of the brain. In a world where multitasking and over-thinking creates overload and burnout, knowing how to use these ancient Buddhist techniques will enhance your life immediately. During this workshop, you will participate in several fun and enlightening exercises, where you will learn how to master and control thoughts just as the wise sages have done for years! Haven’t you always wanted to have the mind of a monk?

Anything less than a contemplative perspective on life is an almost certain program for unhappiness. ~ Father Thomas Keating ~

WHAT: Jodi McDonald returns with another incredible Meta-ET Manifesting Miracles workshop!! Come join us for an interactive, participatory workshop where you will not only learn about the psychology of change but also HOW TO implement change now!

WHEN:Saturday, October 12, from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

WHERE: Michele Charette’s “The House of Light,” 4111 Travis Country Circle, Austin, Texas 78735.  Learn more at www.lightbodyinfusion.com.

COST:Workshop cost is $25 per person. You can pay online, in advance, with a credit card at www.godisaverb.com/EFT.html under “Workshops” or pay with check/cash at the door. Please RSVP as soon as possible as seating will be limited!

Workshop entry fee includes prizes, refreshments, fun, enlightenment and social interaction. We will conclude with a mindfulness journey down the river of serenity, demonstrating the practical application of this Buddhist technique. You will be on your way to a wiser, happier, more peaceful life. Don’t miss this one-time only event. See you there!

Jodi will be accepting clients for one-hour private Meta-ET sessions on Sunday, October 13, between the hours of 9:00 am until 6:00 pm at The House of Light. Sessions cost $75 each. Please contact Michele Charette at www.lightbodyinfusion.com to schedule your session.  Thanks!    

July 28, 2011

REGISTRATION FORM For Certification Class in October 2011

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New Braunfels, TX., OCTOBER 2011



  •         WHAT: Energy Psych Level I (Foundational) Meta-ET ™ Certification and Energy Psych Level II (Intermediate) Meta-ET ™ Candidacy…TWO LEVELS IN ONE TRAINING SESSION!!!  (Class limited to first 10 to register!!)
  •          WHERE: New Braunfels, TX.  TBA
  •         WHEN: Begins Saturday, October 1, 2011 from 9:00 a. m. –5:00 p.m.  We also meet every Tuesday and Thursday of the month from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Final exams on Saturday, October 29, from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  •          COST: $400.00—or $300 if you register before September 1st!– for Level I Certification and Level II Candidate Training – this is a two-for-one bargain!! You can pay online at www.meta-et.com, or you can mail your check to: Meta-ET ™ Unlimited, P.O. Box 310245, New Braunfels, TX. 78131-0245, ATTN: October 2011 Certification Session.  Payment plans can be arranged.  Ask Jodi about details and discounts for groups/family members.


Please fax completed form to (830)625-7891, scan and email form to jodi@meta-et.com, or mail to above address with payment.  Details will be sent upon receipt of registration. Please contact me to make other payment arrangements.  Full payment must be received by end of class…no exceptions!
















HOW PAID:____________________







Please return completed form and payment no later than September 15, 2011.

REGISTER TODAY for the October Certification Class!

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 “You should march to Washington and DEMAND that a law is passed where everyone learns Meta-ET ™!”

That quote came after a recent Meta-ET ™ session with a once-skeptical client. He proclaimed Meta-ET ™ was a gift to this world…a world desperately searching for hope and help. He stated there was simply nothing else like the work we do, and he felt an urgent need to get the word out as our world shifts into a new age where everything will be all about energy. While I agreed that would be wonderful there is only one problem….we need more Meta-ET ™ practitioners!!

As the founder of Meta-ET ™, I have been working hard to increase awareness of this wonderful life-changing system. Each time I have spoken to a national audience through social networking or radio interviews, business picks up and I am swamped with even more clients. While all this is wonderful, I simply cannot take in many more clients! I need help!! I have huge dreams and plans for the direction of this incredible system, but I am on hold until more people step up to help carry the extra work that will arrive with increased national exposure. I’m ready, willing and able to do my part to get the word out. That has NEVER been an issue! Make no mistake…I am here to serve.

So…I am asking you, today…

Would you be willing to put your talents into helping this world heal? Meta-ET ™ needs you!

There has never in all of human history been a time more in need of those who can provide effective, powerful and proven methods of healing…especially when the client is empowered to do the work himself/herself. If we casually or fearfully stand by and watch our outer world fall into chaos and ego-driven separation policies, we are wasting precious time focusing solely on the problems.

Will YOU be part of the solution?

Our next Meta-ET ™ Certification Class will begin on October 1, 2011. It will continue throughout the month, and will conclude with a certification ceremony on October 29, 2011, graduating more Meta-ET ™ practitioners who are well equipped to serve the world. You can read more about this by visiting our website at www.meta-et.com/schedule.html.

Our certification class is also the BEST way to learn exactly what it is we do when we work with our clients. We hold nothing back….we share it all. If you are merely curious as to how this profound system works, this class is also for you. The more people who know and practice this technique, the better. So if you have heard all the hype around this system and just want to know more about how it works…join us in October and you will soon not only know what it is…you will EXPERIENCE it as well.


If you register for the class between now and September 1st,

we will lower the registration cost by $100.00!!!!


That’s right…register between now and September 1, 2011 and the price lowers

to $300 for Level I Certification and Level II Candidacy!!!


YES, you heard me right…..for $300 you get LEVEL I Certification and

ALL the training for LEVEL II as well. Two Levels for ONE price!!!


We provide easy payment plans for those who cannot afford to pay the entire cost in one check, so please do not hesitate to ask if you are in need of such support. We do all we can to work with anyone who wants to become certified, because we fully stand with all of our practitioners.

NOTE: This is the LAST TIME Level I and II certification will be combined into one class, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Take advantage of this GREAT DEAL by completing the attached registration form today! We ask you to include a $50 non-refundable deposit fee with the form in order to hold your place. Don’t wait! We are only accepting 10 candidates for this class as we believe small, intimate settings work best in training our practitioners.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email me and I’ll be glad to help you. If you know anyone else who might be interested, please feel free to pass this along!

I hope you will join me this October.

Together…we CAN heal the world!


Jodi McDonald, Meta-ET Founder and Master Practitioner


“Where traditional therapy ends…We BEgin!”

Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

Subscribe to Meta Moments at http://meta-et.com/mailman/listinfo/metamoments_meta-et.com

February 9, 2011

Meta-ET Second Saturday is February 12th!

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WHEN: Second Saturday, February 12, 2011
FROM: 1:30 until 5:30 p.m.
WHERE: Landa Park Rec Center, 164 Landa Park Dr.
New Braunfels, TX. 78130  (next to putt-putt course)
COST: $35.00 per person…or bring 3 guests and get in
FREE! Have a child, 12 and under, join you for FREE
after 4:00 p.m.

The children of the world are the best teachers. They know exactly how to live life…with laughter, open hearts, trust and love. Future generations will learn how to heal themselves and others, early on, and they will be able to grow up into healthy, well-adjusted adults. Meta-ET ™ will be on the leading edge, teaching them how to use metaphysical energy psychology to clear out problems, long before they become repetitious patterns of their adult lives.

If you have a child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or if you know a child outside of your family who is struggling with bullying, divorce, low self-esteem, or just the basic worries of childhood, let us teach you how to teach them Meta-ET ™. Imagine a world of leaders—free of the past—leading from the heart. Tomorrow’s generation is on a path to do exactly that. Will you join us? The children need you.

Let us introduce you to “Marsi” and “Murri” our Meta-Mate ™ friends , as you play with us, revisiting your own childhood, seeing through the eyes of innocence. We will teach you our Meta-Magic ™ Song—children sing along as they learn how to tap—and, consequently, how to heal themselves and others. If one of your life goals is working with children, if you want to help some of the children in your own life or if you want to learn a simple, basic way of understanding exactly what we do in our Meta-ET ™ sessions, then you will NOT want to miss this Second Saturday workshop in February! If you work with children already, this is a must attend event!! You are welcome to bring your favorite stuffed animal to play with and you can have a child (12 and under) join you after 4:00 p.m. at no charge.

Join Meta-ET ™ Practitioners, Jodi McDonald and Jaclyn Gorr for FUN, refreshments, prizes and education. Can YOU come out and play? Come on…your inner child hasn’t played for much too long now!

We will see you on the playground!  Call for details…830-629-0060! Visit us at www.meta-et.com to learn more and to pay with credit card today!

December 1, 2010


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FROM 1:30-5:30 P.M.
Landa Park Rec Center
New Braunfels, TX. 78130
COST: $35.00 per person

When something is missing in your life, it usually turns out to be someone. ~Robert Brault
How are the relationships in your life working out? Have you been seeking a new
partner, a more meaningful married life, better and closer friendships or more
joyful family bonds? If so, then this workshop is designed just for you!
Relationships are one of the primary reasons—if not “the” primary
reason we live as separate Beings. When we experience “others,” we
can learn all about ourselves as they mirror back to us our own
beliefs. In seeing those outside ourselves, we have the opportunity to
embrace All That Is in the guise of BEings outside ourselves.
Join Master Meta-ET ™ Practitioner and Founder, Jodi
McDonald, and Honors Meta-ET ™ Practitioner and
Certification Director, Jaclyn Gorr, as we stroll with you
down Lover’s Lane to find the hidden meaning of LOVE
and why it seems to elude so many.
COME ON! Join us for FUN, refreshments,
prizes and education!! Invest in yourSelf and
watch the world mirror it back to you. New and
improved relationships will soon wrap you in the
nurturing arms of love, compassion, companionship and joy!
Contact jaclyn@meta-et.com or jodi@meta-et.com for details.
Visit us at www.meta-et.com to learn more today!

November 8, 2010

Upcoming Meta-ET Workshop on PROSPERITY!!

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      How to Flow with the GO!!



Just in time for the HOLIDAY SEASON…

Join us for a Meta-ET ™ Demonstration of how to participate in the manifestation of MONEY!

WHAT:    Meta-ET ™ MONEY workshop

WHEN:    Sunday, November 21, 2010 from 1:30-5:30 p.m.

WHERE: Landa Park Recreation Center, 164 Landa Park Dr., New Braunfels, TX.

COST:       $35.00

Everyone can use more of the green $tuff, right? Especially during the holidays when our desire to share the wealth with family and loved ones moves us to give!

Some people may feel like they have been sitting at a stop sign, while others are cruising through yellow lights, but we stand in the knowing that all possibilities await in the fast lane of allowance. We simply need to wake up and remember how to connect with The Source of all funding. We warn you in advance…it isn’t really about MONEY at all..but is DEFINITELY all about the color GREEN!

Join Master Meta-ET ™ Practitioner and Founder, Jodi McDonald, and Honors Meta-ET ™ Practitioner and Certification Director, Jaclyn Gorr, as they walk you through the steps that will unfold the path to unlimited prosperity!

COME ON! Join us for FUN, refreshments, prizes and education!! Invest in yourSelf and watch the world mirror it back to you.

The road to PROSPERITY starts HERE!

Visit us at www.meta-et.com to learn more today!

August 28, 2010


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                           CERTIFIED META-ET ™ PRACTITIONER?

· Are you looking for a new business where YOU are in control of your hours, your income and your journey?

· Just want the “how-to” behind one of the most effective methods of removing blocks/healing?

· Would you like to become a member of the FIRST graduating class of up and coming Meta-ET ™ practitioners?

Then, this message is for YOU!!

Join us from October 8-October 17, 2010 in New Braunfels, TX. as we pioneer our way into making Meta-ET ™ a household word! During our certification classes, you will come to understand:

· How to locate deep, inner blocks.

· How to translate the symbols of the outer world into meaningful ways of resolving underlying conflicts that have been sabotaging your growth and acceleration for years.

· How to discover your True Identity

· How to empower yourSelf and others against the challenges life offers.

By the end of the training session, you will not only be able to heal your own issues, but you will become a beacon for thousands of others seeking answers to their prayers. If you have ever thought about starting your own business as a spiritual coach or energy healer…this is the moment! We will never again offer this certification class at this bargain price, so if you are considering becoming certified, NOW is the moment to choose.

Choose for yourself. Choose for the hundreds of people who will heal through your guidance and understanding.

Candidates will be accepted through the end of September only, so don’t delay. Look again…compare our prices…you will soon understand this is the offer of a lifetime! There is simply NOTHING that compares to what Meta-ET ™ offers. And as a Meta-ET ™ practitioner, you will receive first-rate support and promotion from the founder, Jodi McDonald…guaranteed!

WHAT: Energy Psych Level I (Foundational) Meta-ET ™ Certification and Energy Psych Level II (Intermediate) Meta-ET ™ Candidacy…TWO LEVELS IN ONE TRAINING SESSION!!!

WHERE: TBA (New Braunfels, TX.)

WHEN: Friday, October 8 through Sunday, October 17, 2010 (Friday, October 8 from 7:00-9:00 p.m., 9:00-5:00 on both Saturdays/Sundays and 6:30-9:30 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

COST: On sale for inaugural class only!!! Only $300.00 for Level I Certification and Level II Candidate Training – this is a two-for-one bargain!! You can click here to link to a page to pay online, or you can mail your check to: Meta-ET ™ Certification Class, P.O. Box 310245, New Braunfels, TX. 78131-0245

Don’t delay! Register today! As soon as your payment is received, you will be provided with further details on the classes. Handbooks, study guides, welcome packets and agendas will be delivered on Friday night, October 8, at the Welcome Party. If you have further questions, you can email jodi@meta-et.com or jaclyn@meta-et.com. Our new and improved Meta-ET ™ website will be up and running very soon, and we’ll let you know when it is!

*Student candidates will also be required to purchase 3 books/DVDs/CDs and will be responsible for their own meals. Refreshments will be provided along with prizes and rewards. Students are welcome to bring their own snacks/drinks, as well.

May 4, 2010

San Antonio Meta-ET Workshop

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www.godisaverb.com and www.meta-et.com

WHAT: One-day workshop on Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™

 WHEN: Saturday, May 22, from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

 WHERE: Unity Church of San Antonio (www.unityofsa.org)

COST: $35.00 ea. for Early-Bird Registration (through May 16), or $40.00 ea. thereafter. Go to http://www.godisaverb.com/EFT.html to register/pay.  Once you pay, I will send the registration form and more information will follow.

CONTACT: jodi@godisaverb.com or (830)629-0060

(*NOTE: Attending this workshop applies towards 8 hours of credit in becoming a certified Meta-ET ™ practitioner)

When all your prayers, affirmations, meditations and denials have failed, what is left to do? Surrender. Unfortunately, most of the negative experiences we have today are outer world projections of inner beliefs we accumulated in childhood. Overriding those beliefs with conscious intention repeatedly fails because 95-98% of our daily experience is driven by the subconscious mind…where 70% of our self-talk is negative! Metaphysical Emotional Transformation ™ shows you how to transmute limiting beliefs that resist the most effortless manifestation technique given to man…The Law of Allowing. Meta-ET ™ combines metaphysical psychology, quantum physics, meridian tapping and brain wave entrainment techniques to delve into the subconscious mind—opening the mind/heart to the messages of Divine Consciousness. Visit www.meta-et.com to learn more.

REGISTER BY MAY 16TH FOR THE DISCOUNTED PRICE! Don’t miss this enlightening, fun, healing and empowering opportunity to reclaim the joy, health, prosperity and love you were meant to experience! Healing, fun, refreshments, handouts, prizes and much more wait!

April 1, 2010


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SUBTITLE: How To Install An Update to More Effectively Communicate With Your Creator

Has God answered all your prayers? Do you ever wonder why some people receive while others don’t? In the Bible it says “Ask and you will receive,” but few people do. For the love of God, what are we doing wrong?

Hi! I’m Jodi McDonald, author of “An IM From the I AM: How to Install An Update to More Effectively Communicate With Your Creator.”

I would be honored if you choose to vote for me as The Next Top Spiritual Author. My ID # is 30 and you can find my link at the end of this video, as well. Thanks, in advance, for all those who give me your vote of confidence!

Click here to vote: http://www.NextTopAuthor.com/?aid=30

For centuries, people have used the same methods of prayer when communicating with God. We are oh so clever, aren’t we? We plead, we bargain, we offer words of praise to get on God’s good side, we threaten, we affirm and sometimes we try to make God feel guilty about ignoring us. Yikes! Some people say God works in mysterious ways, but is the real mystery in the way we pray? While we are stuck in ancient traditions of talking to a distant God that resides somewhere over the rainbow, new science has revealed God is Being All That Is. God is not only in our backyard, but God IS our backyard and everything in it.

“An IM From the I AM” takes a humorous look at how we pray and offers new ideas on how to more effectively communicate with the Creator. I playfully ask, “Have you ever noticed that formless spirit has no ears?” I suggest that our old prayer programs are in serious need of a 21st century update, and I challenge my readers to observe the outer world as instant messages received from the I AM. “We are surrounded by millions of years of answers to prayer. The problem is…we don’t understand the language.”

“Ask and you will receive is an absolute truth, not just a sometimes wish. Those bold enough to download the update provided in my book will find themselves inspired, empowered and joyful enough to offer a prayer of thanksgiving! But for God’s sake….please don’t forget to reboot!”


Maybe it’s time to relax and not take all this spiritual stuff so seriously! If you are looking for a light-hearted yet informational way to manifest miracles in YOUR life, this book is definitely for you! It’s guaranteed to be the next most Googled title…so please, take just one moment of your day to cast your vote to help me become The Next Top Spiritual Author!

This contest is won by “popularity,” so it is very important to get a large amount of votes.  I would be so honored if you are willing to help me win this contest.  The winner’s story will be published by Hampton Roads, with a large cash prize to help the author market the book.  This is my dream come true.  Do you think you can take just a few minutes to help?  Once you log on, you will simply provide an email address and password, and then you can vote.

You can watch my video presentation and vote here:  http://www.NextTopAuthor.com/?aid=30

VOTE Today! Tell all your friends and family as well. You’ll find me at


Contestant #30! After you have voted, please email me back to let me know.  At the end of the competition, I want to thank each one, individually, and offer you a token of my appreciation.  Also, if you send friends/family/list members to vote, please ask them to do the same.

Please send this link or email to all those you feel can help:


Thanks again….see you on the best seller charts!

God Bless–
Jodi McDonald

March 11, 2010

Movie, Miracles, Manifesting, and More THIS SATURDAY!!!

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  Hosted by: Jodi McDonald 





This Month’s Topic: “Who or What is Living My Life And What Do I Have To Do With It?”


Join us on Saturday, March 13, from 8:30 a.m. until noon (Room 4, downstairs).  I will show the film from 8:30-10:00 a.m. for those who want to attend early.  Don’t be late as the movie will start right at 8:30!  The class will then start at its regular 10:00 a.m. time for those who prefer to attend later.  Bring two friends/family and get a FREE Meta-ET session!!


This movie will take you further down the rabbit hole as quantum physicists and spirit teachers tackle age-old questions about where we came from, where we go when we die, is there a Heaven or hell, is reincarnation possible, what is Consciousness and why do we need to be here.


Guaranteed to make you smile before you walk out the door.  Food, fun, refreshments and prizes served, all on a love offering basis.  Come on…we’re family here.  If you haven’t joined us yet…this is the day to see what you’ve been missing!  Awakened Consciousness is waiting for you!


For directions to the church, go to www.unitynewbraunfels.org. 


Visit me at www.godisaverb.com and www.meta-et.com to learn more! 

I’ll see you on Saturday, March 13th!!