Meta-ET             Metaphyscial Emotional Transformation (TM)Heal Your Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual Blockages!

For a free 15-minute consultation, call me at 830-629-0060, send a note through the CONTACT page or send an email to to determine if Meta-ET (TM) is right for you!

I hold workshops, specialized classes, webinars and Meta-ET Certification Classes, as well. You can visit my other website, to learn more about those. Follow me on Facebook at MetaMaster7. You can also subscribe to Meta-Moments for updates or simply let me know you want to be included on our mailing list by notifying me by email or via our CONTACT page.

If you are unable to achieve the results you want by using meridian tapping on your own or in group settings, individual sessions might be best for you. To schedule an office, online or phone session, please call or write. Consultations must be paid in advance through cash, check or Paypal. Paypal payments will show up as McMiracles Manufacturing.


15 Minute Consultation Session FREE! No Charge
Meta-ET Session $75.00 for one hour


$100.00 for 2+ hours!!


CERTIFICATION CLASS (Deposit and Payment Plan) $100.00
Meta-ET Workshop Registration Fee $25.00 per person

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Metaphysical Emotional Transformation, or Meta-ET, is a system designed by Jodi McDonald that combines the teachings and principles from many types of healing methods (metaphysics, spiritual healing, Law of Attraction, meridian tapping techniques, quantum physics and epigenetics) in order to heal from emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological pain, suffering and disease. Using traditional energetic meridian tapping points, we help clients find the original source of the problem,the resistance to allowing, by asking a series of leading questions that identify when a particular belief caused a disruption in the electrical system of the body, leaving the client feeling disconnected to Source Being. We look at the current reality for clues to the cause, because we understand how our inner beliefs are mirrored in the 3-D world that appears to be around and outside us. We recognize how and why our disconnection beliefs show up as problems and diseases in our bodies, as well. Tapping on the meridian points, while focusing on the issue of disconnection, we release the energy of that block, allowing limiting, non-serving beliefs to fall away. We are then back in the energy of acceptance, and we realign with Divine Source. Because we know that understanding the how and why of the universe is imperative for so many people, we educate and demonstrate this process to others so that they, too, can remember their true identity as the I AM they are. Once reconnected to our Source Being, miracles manifest!